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Migrants crisis: Up to 3,000 people being rescued near Libya coast

Migrant rescue augaust 2015Italy's coastguard says a major operation is under way to rescue up to 3,000 migrants off the coast of Libya.

The coastguard received SOS calls from 18 vessels - four boats and 14 rubber dinghies, Italy's state news agency Ansa said.

Seven boats are involved in the rescue, having already helped many others in trouble this weekend.  The route from Libya to Italy is one of the busiest for migrants trying to enter Europe.


Stun grenades again fired at refugees on Greece-Macedonia border

Macedonia immigrants fired onPolice and soldiers deployed along Macedonia's southern border with Greece fired stun grenades on Saturday at a growing crowd of refugees and migrants, many of them fleeing Middle East conflicts in attempt to reach Western Europe.

A crowd of people — who had apparently tried to rush past police through the border into Macedonia — could be seen fleeing into nearby fields as security forces fired to drive them back.


Unarmed US marines foil attack by Moroccan gunman on high speed train from Amsterdam to Paris

Terror on traingroup of unarmed US Marines on board a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris foiled a terrorist attack after a gunman opened fire with an assault rifle, wounding three people.

The 26-year-old Moroccan national, who was known to security services, came out of the toilet brandishing the gun and opened fire. Fortunately, two US Marines were nearby and overpowered him before he could massacre passengers.

The suspected terrorist had at least nine full magazines of ammunition holding almost 300 rounds. He was also carrying a knife.


Islamic State destroys 5th-century Syrian monastery

Isis destroys ancient monastaryIslamic State has demolished an ancient monastery in central Syria, according to a priest and activists.

The extremist group posted photos on social media showing bulldozers destroying the Saint Eliane monastery near the town of Qaryatain, which Isis captured this month.

A Christian clergyman, who spoke on Friday on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, said Isis militants also wrecked a an Assyrian Catholic church inside the monastery that dates to the first Christian centuries.


The Game-Changing Iran Report That Bibi Fears

The Game-Changing Iran Report That Wasn’tIsrael’s military intelligence corps has given Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a surprising report assessing the opportunities and threats that the Iran nuclear deal poses for Israel.

What’s startling about the report is not its substance, which is mostly a predictable mix of standard arguments presented for and against the deal: No nukes for 10 years, which gives Israel time to develop new countermeasures, but then a quick path to a nuke after a decade; an accelerated regional arms race, plus new legitimacy for pariah Iran, but also (surprisingly) a reduced likelihood of Iran attacking Israel. The upsides aren’t perfect. The downsides aren’t unmanageable.


IAEA says report Iran to inspect own military site is 'misrepresentation'

IAEAThe U.N. nuclear watchdog chief on Thursday rejected as "a misrepresentation" suggestions Iran would inspect its own Parchin military site on the agency's behalf, an issue that could help make or break Tehran's nuclear deal with big powers.

Without International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmation that Iran is keeping promises enshrined in the landmark July 14 nuclear accord, Tehran will not be granted much-needed relief from international economic sanctions.


In British Columbia, indigenous group blocks pipeline development

canada pipeline stoppedIn a remote mountain pass connecting the Pacific Coast to the interior of British Columbia, a region brimming with wild berries and populated by grouse and grizzly bears, felled and painted trees have been laid across a logging road to form an enormous message. Directed at air traffic, it reads “No pipelines! No entry!” The warning marks off land where the government of Canada and a First Nations clan hold irreconcilable views of what should happen to a 435-square-mile area each claims as its own.

Starting in 2009, the government of Canada began to issue permits for a pipeline corridor to link British Columbia’s fracking fields and Alberta’s tar sands with export facilities and tankers on the Pacific coast. Seeking to become a global energy superpower, Canada staked its economic future and legislative agenda on the rapid expansion of its resource and fossil fuel sectors, envisioning pipelines as the arteries of trillion-dollar hydraulically fractured gas and bitumen industries.


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