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Thousands in Japan protest nuclear power, conditions at Fukushima

Japan anti nuclear protestThousands of people in Tokyo have rallied against nuclear power as the government and utilities prepare to restart reactors in southern Japan.

More than 5,000 protesters gathered at Hibiya Park in Tokyo on Saturday to pressure the government not to restart the country's nuclear power stations.

"Japan is prone to earthquakes. We have to seriously think about whether nuclear power is a good idea for Japan," said protester Masatoshi Harada. "This is an opportunity for Japan to drop nuclear power."


Missing Malaysia plane: Malaysia requests countries' help

Missing plane searchSome 25 countries are now involved in a vast search operation for the missing airliner that disappeared over a week ago, Malaysian officials say.

The search area - from central Asia to the southern Indian Ocean - takes in large tracts of land and sea.  An already complex search operation has become even more difficult, Malaysia's transport minister says.

Crew, passengers and ground staff are being investigated after it was confirmed the jet was commandeered.


Walled off: Twelve years of Israel's separation barrier

Israel's wallThe West Bank “separation barrier” or “security fence” or “apartheid wall” or “anti-terrorist fence,” depending on whom you ask, is the largest infrastructure project in Israel's history. Twelve years old this April, it costs Israel an annual average of $260 million for maintenance.

Since 2005, Activestills, a collective of Israeli, Palestinian and international photographers, has been documenting the evolution of this structure and its impact on the lives of those it is designed to keep out of Israel. In the process, Activestills has created a compelling visual record of a physical structure that has come to exemplify the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Bin Laden raid: Doctor's sentence cut by 10 years

Shakil AfridA jail sentence handed down to the doctor alleged to have helped the US track down Osama Bin Laden in 2011 has been reduced by 10 years by a Pakistani court.

Shakil Afridi is accused by Pakistan of running a fake vaccination programme to help confirm Bin Laden's presence in the northern town of Abbottabad.  His original 33-year term on an unrelated charge was widely seen as punishment for his alleged role.

Bin Laden was killed in a US raid.


Missing jet was diverted deliberately: Malaysian PM

Missing jet newsA missing Malaysian airliner was likely to have been deliberately steered to a course that could have taken it anywhere from central Asia to the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysia's prime minister said on Saturday.

Minutes after Malaysian leader Najib Razak outlined investigators' latest findings about flight MH370, police began searching the house of the aircraft's 53-year-old captain for any evidence that he could have been involved in foul play.


Fukushima nuclear workers rally against plant operator over low pay, dangerous conditions

FukushimaFukushima nuclear plant workers rallied outside the headquarters of operator Tokyo Electric Power on Friday, complaining they were forced to work for meagre pay in dangerous conditions.

The group of about 100 demonstrators shouted and pumped their fists in the air as they railed against being cheated by contractors hired to find recruits to clean up the shattered site and surrounding area.


Radar data suggests missing Malaysia plane deliberately flown way off course - sources

Search for planeMilitary radar data suggests a Malaysia Airlines jetliner missing for nearly a week was deliberately flown hundreds of miles off course, heightening suspicions of foul play among investigators, sources told Reuters on Friday.

Analysis of the Malaysia data suggests the plane, with 239 people on board, diverted from its intended northeast route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and flew west instead, using airline flight corridors normally employed for routes to the Middle East and Europe, said sources familiar with investigations into the Boeing 777's disappearance.


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