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Demanding recognition, Negev Bedouin march into Jerusalem

Befouin march on jerusalemRepresentatives of the Joint List of Arab political factions presented a plan for government recognition of Bedouin villages in the Negev to the President’s Office on Sunday, as dozens of demonstrators protested outside Reuven Rivlin’s official residence demanding more equitable planning for some 100,000 Arab residents living in 36 villages in Israel’s south.

The demonstrators arrived in Jerusalem following a four-day march from the unrecognized village of Wadi Ni’m in the Negev, a distance of 130 kilometers (80 miles). They argued that the government-commissioned Prawer Plan — a costly five-year scheme prescribing the relocation of tens of thousands of Bedouins from their makeshift communities to recognized villages — is both unjust and incompatible with the residents’ pastoral lifestyle.


Malawi to burn $7.5 million worth of ivory to try and deter further elephant poaching

ivory burnedOne of the world's poorest countries is to have a $7.5 million bonfire this week.

Malawi, a landlocked country in south-eastern Africa, will set fire to a huge stockpile of ivory, reports The Independent. Almost four tons of ivory poached from elephants will be set on fire to try and deter poachers.

The pile is estimated to be worth millions in a country which is extremely poor and in the throes of a corruption scandal, when millions of dollars were removed from government funds.


Arab leaders agree to form joint military force to combat jihadis in region

Arab leaders form joint forceArab leaders have agreed to form a joint military force, the Egyptian president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, announced on Sunday on the second and final day of the Arab League summit.

“The Arab leaders have decided to agree on the principle of a joint Arab military force,” Sisi said.

The decision was primarily aimed at fighting jihadis who have overrun swaths of Iraq and Syria and won a foothold in Libya, the Arab League chief, Nabil al-Arabi, said.


Air Canada plane 'exits' Halifax runway while landing

Air Canada plane exits HalifaxAn Air Canada aeroplane "exited" the runway while landing at Halifax airport, the airline says.  The A320 Airbus was carrying 133 passengers and five crew. A total of 23 were taken to hospital for observation and treatment for minor injuries.

Flight AC624 from Toronto arrived shortly after midnight (04:00 GMT) and reportedly hit a power pylon after landing. There were stormy conditions at the time, with snow on the ground.


Hamas rocket whiz gets 21 years in Israeli jail

Hamas rocket whiz sentencedThe Beersheba District Court on Thursday convicted Hamas engineer Dirar Abu Sissi and sentenced him to 21 years in jail, four years after Israel nabbed the infamous rocket maker.

Abu Sissi, known by the sobriquet the “father of rockets,” was convicted as part of a plea bargain that saw him charged with conspiracy to commit murder, arms manufacture, membership in a terror organization and possession of weapons.


Palestinians Protest Ongoing Demolitions in Negev

Palestinian villageThe housing structures have reportedly been demolished more than 80 times.

The village sheikh, Sayyah Abu Mdeighim, as well as activists and lawyers from the Negev, took part in the march, carrying signs that read: "Stop Demolishing al-Araqib."

Activist Aziz al-Turi told Ma'an News Agnecy that women, children and elderly people also participated in the protest.  He added that other Palestinians should organize similar marches to defend their land against Israeli incursions.


Boko Haram kills 41, prevents hundreds voting in Nigeria

Boko Haram kiklls votersBoko Haram extremists killed 41 people, including a legislator, and scared hundreds of people from polling stations in the northeast, but millions voted across Nigeria Saturday in the most closely contested presidential race in the nation's history.

In electoral violence elsewhere, three people including a soldier were shot and killed in political thuggery in southern Rivers state, and two car bombs exploded at polling stations in the southeast but no one was injured, according to police.


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