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Nearly 1 in 10 adults around the globe identify as LGBTQ: survey

1 in 10 around globe identify as LGBTQ+

About 9 percent of adults from around the world identify themselves as LGBTQ, according to a global survey released Thursday.

The survey conducted by Ipsos found that 3 percent of those around the world identify themselves as lesbian or gay, 4 percent as bisexual, 0.9 percent as pansexual and 0.9 percent as asexual. The survey noted that those in Generation Z — people born after 1997 — were more than twice as likely to identify as bisexual, pansexual or asexual than millennials and more than four times as likely than those in Generation X and baby boomers.

Across 30 different countries surveyed, those identifying as LGBTQ range from 4 percent in Peru to 15 percent in Brazil. About 9 percent of survey respondents in the United States identified as LGBTQ, a 1 percent drop since 2021.

Spain is the country with the highest share of those saying they are gay or lesbian at 6 percent, and Brazil and the Netherlands were most likely to say they are bisexual at 7 percent, according to the survey. The survey noted that Japan was the least likely country to have respondents identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual.


Guantánamo detainee accuses UK agencies of complicity in his torture

Guantanamo detainee accuses UK of torture

A Guantánamo Bay prisoner tortured by the CIA has accused British intelligence agencies of complicity in his mistreatment in a new case before one of UK’s most secretive courts.

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who is alleged by the US to have plotted al-Qaida’s bombing of an American naval ship, is seeking to persuade the court to consider his complaint against MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

Lawyers for al-Nashiri, 58, argued this week there was an “unavoidable inference” that the intelligence agencies were complicit in his torture, rendition and mistreatment by the CIA.

Al-Nashiri, a Saudi Arabian citizen, was first detained in 2002 as part of the CIA’s post-9/11 secret detention and interrogation programme. He is currently facing the death penalty before a US military commission over his alleged role in the 2000 bombing.


A Trans Couple Went Viral After Being Harassed At Target — And Now They’re Speaking Out

Trans couple harassed in Montana Target

Octavia Jimenez was at Target with her partner, April Dean, on Thursday to pick up some prescriptions when she Jimenez went into the changing room to try on a rainbow-checkered dress.

When she came out, there was an older man in a baseball hat looking at her holding the garment, she said in an interview. He came up close to her and said, “Enjoy it while you can.” a dress that she liked in the Montana store’s Pride section.

At that moment, Jimenez said she felt her sense of danger elevate. She and Dean spoke to a Target employee to ask them for assistance.

That’s when Jimenez started recording. In the video, which has been shared across social media, the man is seen removing clothing from the Pride section and throwing items on the floor as a Target employee asks him to “knock it off.”


A judge halts South Carolina's new abortion law pending state Supreme Court review

 Planned ParenthoodA judge put South Carolina's new law banning most abortions around six weeks of pregnancy on hold Friday until the state Supreme Court can review the measure, giving providers a temporary reprieve in a region that has enacted strict limits on the procedure.

Judge Clifton Newman's ruling that put the state's abortion law back at roughly 20 weeks came about 24 hours after Gov. Henry McMaster signed the bill into law without any notice, which had left dozens of people seeking abortions in limbo and created the potential for a legal abortion becoming illegal as a doctor performed it.

"It's extraordinarily difficult not only for the women themselves, but for their doctors — not just the doctors at Planned Parenthood — but hospitals all across the state who need to understand what to do in an emergency," said Vicki Ringer, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood in South Carolina.


Antisemitism is surging across US. Biden just took a historic step to fight it.

Antisemitism rising in US

The White House strategy introduces a series of crucial steps to push back against this rising tide of hate. The strategy outlines nearly 200 concrete provisions across four pillars that seek to increase awareness of the threat, celebrate Jewish American heritage, improve safety and security for the Jewish community, reverse the normalization of antisemitism and build cross-community solidarity and collaborative action.

The strategy also contains key provisions that we have worked hard to ensure would be included in the plan. In addition to embracing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's Working Definition of Antisemitism, it addresses antisemitism across the political spectrum. It encompasses diversity, equity and inclusion training for federal government personnel. It also takes measures aimed at improving hate crime reporting and promotes Jewish communal security through the nonprofit security grant program.

Given these disturbing trends and recent violent attacks, ADL repeatedly had urged the White House to take action. We proactively assisted in the development of the White House strategy, contributing more than 30 policy recommendations. We also organized grassroots advocates to urge Congress and the Biden administration to develop a unified national strategy to monitor and combat antisemitism.



Target removes LGBTQ Pride month merchandise after threats

Target removes Pride material

Target is pulling some LGBTQ merchandise from stores that it rolled out for Pride Month after confrontations with customers.

“Since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and well-being while at work,” Target said in a statement to USA TODAY. ”Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.”

Items that have drawn negative attention include “tuck friendly” women’s swimsuits that allow trans women who have not had gender-affirming operations to conceal male genitals. Target did not say which items it was removing.



Hamburger Mary's In Orlando Sues To Stop Florida's New Anti-Drag Law

Hamburger Mary's

A Florida burger joint known for its drag shows is asking a federal court to halt enforcement of the new anti-drag bill signed into law by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) last week, alleging that it violates the First Amendment.

Hamburger Mary’s in Orlando has been hosting family-friendly drag shows on Sundays for 15 years, just like it does at other locations around Texas, Colorado, California and other states.

But the restaurant’s owners say that in the wake of the law, it has been forced to tell its Florida customers that children will not be permitted to attend any of the drag shows. The new law bans anyone under 18 from attending “adult live performances.” The state can impose an array of penalties, including fines of $10,000 and the revocation of business licenses.

“The establishment ... simply cannot take the chance that their business or liquor licenses would be suspended for hosting a drag show where children attend,” reads the complaint, filed Monday.


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