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McConnell brushes off question about special treatment from Chao

Mitch McConnell brushes off questions about special treatmentSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) dismissed a question on Tuesday about whether he received preferential treatment by the Transportation Department, which is overseen by his wife Secretary Elaine Chao.

McConnell, asked if he got "any special treatment or consideration" when his office applied for department grants, quipped that he had been “complaining” to Chao about why more projects in Kentucky didn’t get federal money.
“You know, I was complaining to her just last night, 169 projects and Kentucky got only five. I hope we'll do a lot better next year,” McConnell told reporters.


Fox News's Shep Smith tells viewers 'everyone in America' should read Mueller report

Shepared Smith tells viewers that every American should read Meuller Report

Fox News anchor Shep Smith told viewers Tuesday that “everyone in America” should read special counsel Robert Mueller’s report in full.

Speaking on his show Tuesday afternoon, Smith specially pointed out that Mueller’s report did not exonerate President Trump.

“Remember, in his 400-plus page report that everyone in America should read, everyone, Robert Mueller laid out 10 instances of apparent obstruction of justice, criminal obstruction of justice, potentially, by President Trump,” Smith said.

“The special counsel did not exonerate the president," he added.


Jon Stewart rips lawmakers for not showing up to 9/11 responders hearing

Jon StewartFormer late night host and 9/11 first responders advocate Jon Stewart choked up Tuesday while slamming Congress over health care for responders to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

"As I sit here today, I can't help but think, what an incredible metaphor this room is for the entire process that getting health care and benefits for 9/11 first responders has come to," Stewart said during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on reauthorizing the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.
Many lawmakers on the panel did not show up for the hearing, leaving the committee room mostly empty.

Republican Governor Signs Bill Protecting Abortion Rights

Gov. Phil Scott

Vermont’s Republican governor has signed a bill into law that protects a woman’s access to abortion services.

Gov. Phil Scott signed the legislation Monday, saying he has consistently supported a woman’s right to choose.

He says “the legislation affirms what is already allowable in Vermont – protecting reproductive rights and ensuring those decisions remain between a woman and her health care provider.”

The measure is separate from a proposal to amend the state constitution to guarantee a woman’s right to an abortion.


House green-lights lawsuits against William Barr, Don McGahn over ignored subpoenas

William BarrThe House on Tuesday approved a measure authorizing the Judiciary Committee to take Attorney General William Barr to federal court to gain access to former special counsel Robert Mueller's unredacted report and underlying evidence.

The legislation also empowers Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) to begin legal proceedings to force former White House counsel Don McGahn to cooperate with the panel’s probe into whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice.

It’s Democrats’ most aggressive step yet in their ongoing oversight battle with the Trump administration over withheld documents and witnesses — granting sweeping authority to committee chairs to sue the administration in federal court to enforce their subpoenas, including efforts to obtain Trump’s tax returns and haul Mueller’s witnesses to Capitol Hill.


Maine Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Non-Doctors to Perform Abortions

Gov. Janet MillsMaine’s newly elected Democratic governor, Janet Mills, signed a bill Monday granting medical professionals who are not licensed doctors the authority to perform abortion procedures.

In a statement released Monday, Mills argued that the bill, which will allow registered nurses and physician assistants to administer abortion-inducing drugs and perform in-clinic abortions.

Mills said." data-reactid="20">“Allowing qualified and licensed medical professionals to perform abortions will ensure that Maine women, especially those in rural areas, are able to access critical reproductive health care services when and where they need them from qualified providers they know and trust,” Mills said.


Florida gun safety group wins first step for assault weapons ban

Florida gun safety group wins first step for assault weapons ban jpg.- A group of gun control activists said Monday it's collected enough petition signatures in Florida to force a review by the state Supreme Court for a proposed ballot initiative that would ban the sale of assault weapons.

Ban Assault Weapons Now made the announcement at the Orange County Supervisors office. Orlando, the county seat, was the location of the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016, in which the gunman killed 49 people with an assault weapon.

The group, which said it's gathered more than 103,000 signatures for the ballot initiative since February, is made up of survivors from the shootings at Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the Pulse night club. They hope the review will lead to a state constitutional amendment on the 2020 ballot to ban sales of the weapons in Florida.


Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signs chemical castration bill into law

Alabama Governor signs chemical castration billRepublican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill into law that requires anyone convicted of committing a sexual offense against a child under 13 years of age to undergo chemical castration treatment as conditions of parole.

Alabama House Bill 379 states individuals convicted of such acts must undergo chemical castration treatment at least a month prior to being released on parole and will continue the treatment, which is to be administered by the Alabama Department of Public Health at the parolee's expense, "until the court determines the treatment is no longer necessary."

Failing to continue with the treatment for any reason will be considered a parole violation, it said.




Social Security error leaves 250K American seniors with unpaid Medicare

SS error leaves 250K Americans with unpaid Medicare coverageHundreds of thousands of seniors in the United States have been informed by the government they will be billed for five months of unpaid Medicare premiums, which could total more than $1,000 each, due to a "processing error" by the Social Security Administration.

The administration said requests to deduct payments for the premiums from their Social Security checks weren't processed correctly in January and some Medicare Advantage and Part D beneficiaries will now receive bills directly from their plans.


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