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Israel demolishes homes of Palestinian killers

Israelis demolish Palestinian homesThe Israeli military on Saturday demolished the West Bank homes of four Palestinians who carried out deadly attacks against Israelis.

The military carried out the demolition orders after clearance from the supreme court. It said the three homes in Nablus belonged to attackers who killed an Israeli couple in front of their children in the West Bank on Oct. 1. It said the other home, near Ramallah, belonged to a man who killed an Israeli on his way home from a basketball game.

Israel has renewed a home demolition tactic that it says is a legal and effective tool to deter attacks. Critics say the tactic amounts to collective punishment.


Fracking Goes on Trial for Human Rights Violations

Fracking goes on trialAs convoys of heavy trucks carry fracking equipment into new oil fields in neighborhoods and wildlands around the world, an alliance of human rights organizations is making plans to put the entire practice of hydraulic fracturing on trial. The court is the Permanent People's Tribunal, a descendant of the Vietnam War-era International War Crimes Tribunal. The Peoples' Tribunal is a branch of no government on Earth. It has no power of enforcement. It has no army, no prison, no sheriff.

So what's the point?

The point is that it matters to tell the truth in a public place. It matters to affirm universal standards of right and wrong, to clearly say, "There are things that ethical people do not do to one another and to the Earth."


This is How AK-47s Get to Paris

How weapons get to ParisFrance outlaws most gun ownership and it’s almost impossible to legally acquire a high-powered rifle such as an AK-47, so where did the weapons in the Nov. 13 terror attack—not to mention the bloody January assault by Islamic terrorists on the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo magazine and the 2012 shootings by a militant in Toulouse—come from?

The answer: Eastern Europe, most likely, where the trafficking of deadly small arms is big, shady business. And where local authorities find it difficult to intervene.


Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris attacks, Americans among injured

ISIS claims responsibility for Paris attacksThe Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility Saturday for the coordinated attacks in the French capital, saying IS "soldiers" targeted the "capital of prostitution and obscenity" and warned it was "the first of the storm."

The remarks came in a statement published in Arabic, English and French on social media, according to the Jihadist watchdog organization SITE Intelligence Group. The statement was released on the same Telegram channel used to claim responsibility for the Russian jet crash over the Sinai peninsula two weeks ago, that left 224 people dead.


Japan earthquake with magnitude of 7.0 hits near Kyushu coast

Japan earthqakeA 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the waters off the southwestern coast of Japan, triggering a small tsunami.

The Japan Meteorological Agency stated a 1-foot tsunami was observed on the southern island of Nakanoshima, part of Kagoshima prefecture in Kyushu.  There were no reports of damage or injuries. Tsunami warnings that were issued for Kagoshima and Satsunan islands were lifted, the BBC reported.

The quake hit an area at a depth of about six miles, and the U.S. Geological Survey said the quake occurred about 99 miles southwest of the town of Makurazaki.


Protest of Mormon LGBT policy planned in Salt Lake City

LBGT protest Mormon decisionA day after the Mormon church stood behind its new rules targeting gay members and their children, while issuing clarifications, several hundred people are expected at a rally in Salt Lake City to protest their displeasure with the policy changes.

The attendees will join together in renouncing their membership with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said Brooke Swallow, one of the event organizers. She grew up Mormon but drifted from the faith in her early 20s and formally renounced her membership two years ago.


Kidnapping killer whales: Trade in orcas has moved to Russia, China

Orca killing by China and RussiaDecades before captive orcas started falling sharply out of fashion in the West, U.S. authorities had stopped allowing their capture in the wild. But many say the practice is alive and well — it has simply moved east.

Activists say Russia is the new frontier for catching wild orcas, an industry fueled by the growing demand for the crowd-wowing marine mammals from aquariums and theme parks in Russia and China.


Medicaid cuts imperil hospitals that serve the poor

Medicaid cuts hurt poorAt Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, it takes, on average, two hours to see an emergency room doctor, 13 more to be admitted to the hospital and nine after that to get a bed. Five percent of patients — five times the national average — simply leave without being seen at all.

Nurses at public hospitals throughout New York City say they routinely care for 10 to 13 patients at a time. The New York State Nurses Association recommends that workloads for most nurses range from 1 to 4 patients.


Brazil's slow-motion environmental catastrophe unfolds

Brzil's slow motion environmental catasropheNine people are now confirmed dead, and a further 19 remain unaccounted for as a slow-motion environmental catastrophe continues to unfold following the collapse of two mining dams in Brazil’s mineral-rich state of Minas Gerais.

Eight days after the town of Bento Rodrigues was swept away by 50m cubic metres of toxic mud, a slow-moving tide of toxic iron-ore residue is oozing downriver, polluting the water supply of hundreds of thousands of residents as it makes its way to the ocean.


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