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Donald Trump refuses to apologize for 'absolutely fine' attack on John McCain

Donald TrumpDonald Trump on Sunday stood by incendiary remarks in which he mocked Senator John McCain over his capture during the Vietnam war, refusing to bow to a chorus of criticism from Republicans and insisting he has no plans to pull out of the party’s presidential nomination contest.

The outspoken business mogul, who leads a crowded field of Republican presidential contenders in several recent polls, sparked widespread condemnation on Saturday after declaring in Iowa that McCain, who was tortured during more than five years as a prisoner of war, was “not a war hero”.


Awaiting bulldozers, South Hebron residents appeal for Western help

Awaiting bulldozers in HebronThroughout the nineties, the IDF carried out small-scale demolitions in Susya, claiming all residential structures on the agricultural land were built illegally. But in July 2001, the entire village was destroyed a day after the murder of Yair Har Sinai, a shepherd from the nearby Jewish settlement of Susya. The village was promptly restored but today, 14 years later, the Nawaj’ahs fear another forced deportation.

Last week, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Yoav Mordechai, tried to convince the Nawaj’ahs to accept residential land outside the nearby city of Yatta, while continuing to own their agricultural land in Susya. But citing numerous precedents of land takeovers by settlers in the area, residents of Susya are refusing to budge.


Perry: No Openly Gay Scoutmasters

PerryDuring a segment on Sunday's "Meet the Press," Rick Perry told Chuck Todd that the Boy Scouts would be "better off" if they didn't have openly gay scoutmasters.

The Boy Scouts are set to change their policy on gay scoutleaders and Todd asked if Perry stood by a previous opinion on sexual orientation in the organization. "Openly active gays, particular advocates, present a problem. Because gay activism is central to their lives. It would unavoidably be a topic of conversation within a scout troop.


Britain’s Royal Nazi Cover-Up

Britain's pro Nazi cover upQueen Elizabeth has every right to expect that Bad Uncle Edward, who died in 1972, would remain dead and quiet. But now his ghost blunders back into the light to disturb the golden twilight of her reign.

This wretched man, the Duke of Windsor, and before that King Edward VIII and Prince of Wales, has left a curse on the House of Windsor. There he is, grinning, as he tutors Elizabeth, aged 7 or 8, and her little sister Margaret in giving the Nazi “Heil Hitler” salute, in the film clip released (to much dismay) by Rupert Murdoch’s London tabloid, The Sun.


Japan's Mitsubishi to apologize for World War II American POW labor

Apology from MitsubishiThe Mitsubishi corporation will apologize on Sunday for submitting U.S. prisoners of war to forced labor in its mines during World War II.

The apology will be expressed at a ceremony at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles by company executives. The gesture will be delivered to former POW James Murphy, 94, and the relatives of other former prisoners.


Pentagon chief Carter not offering new arms deal to Israel

Ash CarterIn the face of Israeli outrage over the Iran nuclear accord, the Pentagon is moving quickly to reinforce arguably the strongest part of the U.S.-Israeli relationship: military cooperation.

But officials say Washington has no plans to offer new weaponry as compensation for the Iran deal.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter left for Tel Aviv on Sunday to push ahead with talks on ways the U.S. can further improve Israel's security — not just with Iranian threats in mind, but an array of other challenges, including cyberdefense and maritime security.


KKK, Black Panther Group Clash Over Confederate Flag Outside South Carolina Capitol

KKK and Black Panthers in CharlestonA sea of Confederate flags held by screaming Klu Klux Klan members fluttered in front of the South Carolina Statehouse Saturday, just as a counter rally featuring African flags on the other side of the Capitol wrapped up.

The Loyal White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, based in North Carolina, vowed to protest the removal of the Confederate flag from the Statehouse last week — and made good on that promise.


If Guns Make Us Safer, Why Not Let Them Into the U.S. Capitol?

US CapitolIt’s a curious feature of American life that when four innocents are killed by a gunman in Chattanooga, or when a young white supremacist opens fire inside a historic AME Church in Charleston, we talk about loosening gun safety laws.

In the aftermath of this week’s murders, Donald Trump managed the near-impossible—sounding like a mainstream Republican politician—when he argued, “Get rid of gun free zones. The four great marines who were just shot never had a chance.” He is hardly alone in proposing this solution to the epidemic of gun violence. “These terrible tragedies seem to occur in gun-free zones,” said Rand Paul in January. “The Second Amendment “serves as a fundamental check on government tyranny,” Ted Cruz has said.


Hundreds injured in Johannesburg train collision

South Africa train collisionHundreds of people including children have been injured after two trains collided during peak hour in the South African city of Johannesburg, police have said.

Nana Radebe, spokeswoman for Johannesburg Emergency Services, said 326 people were rushed to nearby hospitals with minor to serious injuries on Friday. No fatalities were reported.


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