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Videos of alleged police misconduct went viral. Then what happened?

Videos of 44 incidents of police brutalityReuters reviewed 44 videos that show U.S. police officers using violent force against protesters in recent weeks. Some departments and prosecutors have moved with unusual speed to fire, suspend or charge officers.

WARNING: Graphic images

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University of Cincinnati will remove Marge Schott's name from baseball stadium

Marge Schott name removed fom UC Baseball Hall of Fame

Marge Schott's name will no longer be displayed on the University of Cincinnati's baseball stadium.

Acting on a recommendation by UC President Neville G. Pinto, the Board of Trustees voted Tuesday to remove the name of the late Cincinnati Reds owner from the university's baseball stadium.

"Marge Schott’s record of racism and bigotry stands at stark odds with our University’s core commitment to dignity, equity and inclusion,” said Pinto in a release.

“My recommendation to the board to remove her name is grounded in the firm belief that speaking out against exclusion is as essential as speaking up for inclusion. I hope this action serves as an enduring reminder that we cannot remain silent or indifferent when it comes to prejudice, hate or inequity. More than ever, our world needs us to convert our values into real and lasting action.”


US soldier plotted with neo-Nazi group to attack own unit, indictment says

Neonazis plotted with US soldier to attack his unit

A US Army soldier was plotting with a British occultist neo-Nazi group to attack and kill members of his own military unit, according to a newly unsealed indictment by the Department of Justice.

Ethan Melzer, a 22-year old army private from Louisville, Kentucky, has been charged with conspiring and attempting to murder US nationals, conspiring and attempting to murder military service members, providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists, and conspiring to murder and maim in a foreign country, the DoJ announced on Monday.


Utah epidemiologist warns that state’s ‘only viable option’ is ‘complete shutdown’ if cases continue to surge

Utah facing total shutdown if surge continues

Utah’s state epidemiologist warned other officials that the state could be facing a “complete shutdown” if coronavirus cases continue to rise.

Dr. Angela Dunn wrote Friday to the leaders of the state’s coronavirus response that Utah was in the “acceleration phase” of a covid-19 outbreak in a memo obtained by The Washington Post. As of Monday, Utah has reported 17,906 overall cases since the pandemic began, with 444 new cases reported on Monday. The state has 158 total deaths, with 171 current hospitalizations.

“We are quickly getting to a point where the only viable option to manage spread and deaths will be a complete shutdown,” Dunn wrote. “This might be our last chance for course correction. Contact tracing and testing alone will not control this outbreak.”


Activists halt street protests in South Carolina as some demonstrators become infected

Activist stop street protests in SC after some get infected

South Carolina racial justice activists said they would postpone future demonstrations or move them online after at least 13 people who took part in previous protests tested positive for the coronavirus.

As the number of cases across the country continued to climb ominously Monday, organizers of “I Can’t Breathe” protests in South Carolina urged participants to get tested for the virus.

In a video posted Sunday on Facebook, organizer Lawrence Nathaniel said demonstrators who marched in Columbia, S.C., between May 30 and June 17 had tested positive. He said four organizers were confirmed infected, along with three photographers and six protesters.


NYPD officer suspended after filmed using chokehold on suspect

NYPD officer susspeendedd after filmed using choke holdThe unnamed suspect, who police say was causing a disturbance on the beach and threw something from a trash bin at the officers, appeared to be unconscious in the video. He later woke up and suffered bruises, his attorney told WABC.

Hours after the video was posted on social media, the NYPD announced Afanador's suspension and an internal affairs investigation. They also released body camera footage of the entire incident.

Earlier this month, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that banned chokeholds throughout the state.

A spokeswoman for the Queens District Attorney's Office told ABC News it will not be prosecuting the suspect in the video and will investigate the incident.


Supreme Court gives Trump a win on his steel tariffs

SCOTUS approves steel tariffsThe Supreme Court on Monday decided not to hear a case brought by U.S. steel importers against tariffs that President Donald Trump imposed on steel imports in 2018, effectively ending the legal challenge and leaving the steep duties in place on imports from Europe, China and many other countries.

The decision could embolden Trump to take further tariff actions without worrying that the Supreme Court will strike them down. It puts the onus on Congress to decide whether it wants to rein in Trump's tariff powers. So far, neither the Republican-led Senate nor the Democratic-led House has shown much interest in that.

Although the U.S. Constitution gives Congress jurisdiction over trade, Trump imposed the tariffs under the Section 232 of the 1962 Trade Expansion Act, which gives the president broad powers to restrict imports to protect national security.


Two more Trump staffers test positive for coronavirus after Tulsa rally

Two more members test positive Two staffers who attended President Donald Trump's rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday tested positive for coronavirus, Trump's campaign said Monday.
"After another round of testing for campaign staff in Tulsa, two additional members of the advance team tested positive for the coronavirus.
These staff members attended the rally but were wearing masks during the entire event. Upon the positive tests, the campaign immediately activated established quarantine and contact tracing protocols," Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told CNN in a statement.
The two positive tests, first reported by CNBC, bring the total number of Trump advance team staffers in Tulsa who tested positive for coronavirus to eight.

Antibody levels in recovered COVID-19 patients decline quickly: research

Antibody levels decline rapiclyLevels of an antibody found in recovered COVID-19 patients fell sharply in 2-3 months after infection for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, according to a Chinese study, raising questions about the length of any immunity against the novel coronavirus.

The research, published in Nature Medicine on June 18, highlights the risks of using COVID-19 ‘immunity passports’ and supports the prolonged use of public health interventions such as social distancing and isolating high-risk groups, researchers said.

Health authorities in some countries such as Germany are debating the ethics and practicalities of allowing people who test positive for antibodies to move more freely than others who don’t.


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