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Woman Stands in Way of Crews Working on Gas Pipeline Near Nuclear Power Plant

pipeline protest near Indian PointA Westchester woman says she’s standing up for her community by standing in the way of construction crews extending a natural gas pipeline near Indian Point nuclear power plant.

Nancy Vann refused to leave her property Friday, stymieing efforts by crews to clear-cut an area of land near the Indian Point, where an energy company wants to place a gas pipeline. About six protesters with signs joined her Friday, as crews cut down large trees.


Hasna Aït Boulahcen was not the St-Denis suicide bomber

woman was not s.t denise bomberThe French TV station iTele is reporting that an unidentified man – not a woman – was the suicide bomber who blew himself up on Wednesday during a violent police shoot-out in St-Denis, write Kim Willsher (@kimwillsher1) and Luke Harding (@lukeharding1968):

It was previously believed that Hasna Aït Boulahcen – a 26-year-old French national whose passport was found in a handbag in what remained of the apartment raided on Tuesday – had blown herself up by detonating a suicide vest. She was killed during the battle with police but wasn’t the suicide bomber, the TV station reported.


Doctors from 44 countries call on Ireland to relax abortion laws

Doctors ask Ireland toe ase abortion restrictionsHundreds of doctors from 44 countries including some of Ireland’s most prominent physicians have called on the Republic’s government to decriminalise abortion.

The 838 doctors and medical practitioners have joined an Amnesty International campaign to lift the threat of a 14-year jail sentence for providing or assisting in the provision of an abortion in Ireland.


Over 20 reported dead in Mali hotel siege, hostage crisis ‘over’

Mali hostage crisis endsMore than 20 people have reportedly been killed as armed gunman stormed a luxury hotel in Bamako, Mali on Friday morning. The attackers held 170 people hostage in Radisson Blu hotel, while it is reported that there are no more civilians in the hotel.

The CEO of Rezidor, the company that owns the Radisson, has released a statement.

"I want to express my deep personal concern for all of the guests and employees affected by the terrible events which are happening today at the Radisson Blu Bamako Hotel in Mali," Wolfgang M. Neumann said.


Inside the Money Laundering Scheme That Citi Overlooked for Years

Citi money laundering schemeWhen Antonio Peña Arguelles opened an account in 2005 at Citigroup’s Banamex USA, the know-your-customer documents said he had a small business breeding cattle and white-tailed deer, ranch-raised for their stately antlers. About $50 a month would come into the account, according to the documents.

A week later, Peña Arguelles wired in $7.09 million from an account in Mexico, allegedly drug money from Los Zetas, a violent cartel founded by former Mexican soldiers, documents in his money-laundering case in Texas say. In all, Peña Arguelles shuttled $59.4 million through the account, according to a confidential report by banking regulators that berated Banamex USA in 2013 for its failure to comply with anti-money-laundering rules.


Raytheon moves forward with Multi-Object Kill Vehicle program

Raytheon kill vehicleRaytheon completed the first Program Planning Review with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency for its Multi-Object Kill Vehicle concept, advancing the program.

The completion marks a milestone for the program's Concept Development Phase, designed to ensure the company is meeting the Missile Defense Agency's expectations. The Concept Review takes place in December.


No drilling in the Atlantic, regional parties say

No drilling in AtlanticCity officials and business leaders visited Washington, D.C., to pressure the White House to keep Atlantic basins off limits to energy explorers.

The U.S. Interior Department in February released a draft proposal for 2017-22 for access to federal waters. Ten leases are planned for the Gulf of Mexico, three for offshore Alaska and one, a debut, for waters in the Atlantic.


Israeli spy Pollard released from US prison

Pollard releasedIsraeli spy Jonathan Pollard, having served a 30-year jail sentence in the United States, was released from a North Carolina prison on Friday.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the release of Pollard, a former U.S. navy intelligence officer convicted of turning over classified information to Israel.

“After three long and difficult decades Jonathan is at last reunited with his family,” said Netanyahu, who had long pressed for Pollard's release.


Right-to-die fight takes shape in New York

Right to die lawSara Myers can’t speak for long because she runs out of breath; she is scared to eat because she could choke. After five years with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), she is ready to die.

Seated in a wheelchair in her spacious apartment in midtown Manhattan, she says with composure, “I don’t want to stay alive any longer than necessary with this disease.  My body is a torture chamber.”


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