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Cruz and Kasich join forces to combat Donald Trump

Cruz and KasichRepublican party presidential candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich have agreed to coordinate in a last-ditch effort to deny front runner Donald Trump the party's nomination for US president.

Cruz plans to stop campaigning for the Oregon and New Mexico primaries to help Kasich, while the latter will give Cruz a "clear path" in Indiana.


Obama announces 250 new military personnel for Syria

more troops to SyriaUS President Barack Obama has said he plans to send 250 more troops to Syria, a sharp increase in the number of Americans working with local Syrian forces.

"I've decided to increase US support for local forces fighting ISIL in Syria ... I've approved the deployment of up to 250 US personnel in Syria, including special forces," Obama said, announcing the decision after a meeting in Hanover with German Chancellor Angela Merkel


Britain's Big Business: The Modern Slave Trap

Britain's slave tradeAl Jazeera’s investigative unit has revealed that large companies in Britain may be failing to tackle slavery along their supply chains.

The findings prompted a warning from Britain’s anti-slavery commissioner that companies all over the United Kingdom could unwittingly be using modern-day slaves.

But Kevin Hyland, the UK’s independent anti-slavery commissioner, said that new laws mean that ignorance is no longer an excuse.


60 Minutes: U.S. Rep. was told to raise $18,000 a day so he could get reelected.

Dialing for dollars: 60 MinutesRep. David Jolly says he was told his first job as a newly elected congressman was to raise $18,000 a day so he could get reelected. On Sunday's 60 Minutes, the Florida Republican calls the daily phone calls he and other members of Congress feel pressed to make to donors a "shameful" distraction from work they should be doing for the people who elected them.

Jolly and other frustrated congressmen talk to Norah O'Donnell on 60 Minutes Sunday, April 24 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Two years ago, Jolly won a special election to the seat he occupies, a seat that was up for grabs again only months later. In a strategy session, he says, one member of the Republican Party leadership showed him he had six months to raise $2 million. "And your job, new member of Congress...your first responsibility is to make sure you hit $18,000 a day," he says he was told.


Florida Supreme Court Halts 24-Hour Waiting Period For Women Seeking Abortions

Florida court voids waiting period for abortionsThe Florida Supreme Court put legislation mandating a 24-hour waiting period for abortion on hold on Friday, according to the Tampa Bay Times. It is latest salvo in a legal battle that began after the measure passed last year. The ruling was 5-2 in favor of temporarily stopping the waiting period from going into effect while the court decides if it will hear a case on whether the waiting period is unconstitutional.

The law requires a woman to see a doctor in person an entire day before she gets an abortion. The ACLU and Bread and Roses Women’s Health Center, an abortion clinic based in Gainesville, sued the state last year, claiming that it infringes on privacy rights under the state constitution. This recent ruling is a win for those groups, which were dealt a legal blow in February when a three-judge panel of the First District Court of Appeals ruled to allow the law to go forward.


Austria election: Far-right tops first round of presidential vote

Far right wins round one in Austrian electionAustria's far-right Freedom Party candidate has come top in the first round of presidential elections, preliminary results show.

Norbert Hofer has about 36% of the votes for the mostly ceremonial role - not enough to avoid a run-off in May. He is likely to face independent contender Alexander Van der Bellen, who is polling 20%.

For the first time since World War Two, the candidates from Austria's two main parties did not make it to the run-off.


Dutch journalist arrested in Turkey for criticising Erdoğan

ErdoganA Dutch journalist was blocked from leaving Turkey on Sunday following her arrest on Saturday night for tweets deemed critical of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

“Police at the door. No joke,” wrote Ebru Umar, a well-known atheist and feminist journalist of Turkish origin wrote on her Twitter account.

Umar recently wrote a piece critical of Erdoğan for the Dutch daily Metro, extracts of which she then tweeted, leading to her arrest. After her arrest in the resort town of Kusadasi in western Turkey, where she was on holiday, Dutch officials said, she was brought before a judge.


'Pro-white' rally prompts protests and arrests at Confederate monument

Pro-white rally in GeorgiaGeorgia police arrested at least nine people on Saturday at a “pro-white” rally at one of the south’s largest Confederate monuments, after counter-protesters clashed with the demonstrators and officers in riot gear intervened.

The long-planned “Rock Stone Mountain” rally was supposed to draw thousands to the state park, just before Confederate Memorial Day. In response, progressive activists planned a demonstration of their own to denounce public acts of discrimination. Only one group showed up in numbers.


Cruz crushes Trump in weekend delegate fight

Cruz smashes Trump in delegate grabTed Cruz notched another delegate landslide Saturday, stretching his advantage in a competition that might never occur: the second ballot of a contested Republican National Convention in July.

Cruz won at least 65 of the 94 delegates up for grabs Saturday (and he may have won more, but Kentucky's 25 delegates haven't revealed their leanings). The Texas senator has so thoroughly dominated the fight to send loyalists to the national convention that if front-runner Donald Trump fails to clinch the nomination on the first ballot, Cruz is well-positioned to surpass him — and perhaps even snag the nomination for himself — when delegates are free in subsequent convention rounds to vote for whomever they want.


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