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Hillary Clinton won't have to testify about emails for group's lawsuit, judge rules

HillaryFormer U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not have to provide a deposition as part of a lawsuit brought by a conservative judicial group that seeks information about her use of a private email account, a federal judge ruled Friday.

The group, Judicial Watch, was hoping the judge would order Clinton's testimony after filing a request for its Freedom of Information Act suit last month.


Texas halts execution of man who did not kill anyone

Jeffery WoodThe Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has halted an execution planned for next week of a man convicted as an accomplice to a murder he did not commit, a case that raised questions about how the state applies the death penalty.

Jeffery Wood, 43, was scheduled to be executed on August 24 by lethal injection.

He was convicted of taking part in a 1996 convenience-store robbery during which Kriss Keeran, the store clerk, was fatally shot.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio suffers another defeat in profiling case

Joe Arpaio“America’s toughest sheriff” just suffered another defeat at the hands of a federal judge.

U.S. District Court Judge Murray Snow on Friday ordered another judge to rule on whether Joe Arpaio, the Republican sheriff of Arizona’s Maricopa County, and a deputy should be held in criminal contempt of court for repeatedly ignoring court orders to stop racially profiling Latinos.


Toxic Firefighting Foams Won’t Be Used In Air Force Bases Anymore

Toxic firefighting foam will not be usedA toxic firefighting foam that may have tainted drinking water near military sites with cancer-causing chemicals will cease to be used across the country, the U.S. Air Force said Thursday.

The announcement comes as Colorado health officials said this week it’s highly likely toxic chemicals found in three drinking water systems south of Colorado Springs stem from firefighting foam used at a nearby Air Force base, the Associated Press reported.


Looks Like Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Pay Her Interns

Ivank Trump doesn't pay internesIvanka Trump, who markets herself as a champion of working women and learned about business by walking her father’s construction sites, apparently does not pay interns at her namesake fashion and jewelry company in New York City, according to a blog post on that also appeared on her official Twitter page on Thursday.

Yes, that actually says #nomoneynoproblems, and comes from the Twitter account of the daughter of self-proclaimed billionaire and Republican nominee for president Donald Trump.


Police killings of favela residents continue as Games go on in Rio

Police killings of favela residents

While much of the world’s media has focused on US swimmer Ryan Lochte’s fabricated account of an armed robbery, the real victims of Olympic crime in Rio de Janeiro are the city’s poorest residents, caught on the frontline of conflict between the authorities and drug traffickers.

Since the start of the Olympics, local media have reported at least 14 deaths in shootouts between gang members and police or soldiers from the 85,000-member security force deployed for the Games.


Doctors Without Borders Evacuates Teams From Hospitals In North Yemen

DWB leave YemenDoctors Without Borders says it is evacuating its staff from hospitals in northern Yemen after 19 people died when an airstrike hit one of its hospitals on Monday.

"Given the intensity of the current offensive and our loss of confidence in the Saudi-led coalition's ability to prevent such fatal attacks, MSF considers the hospitals in Saada and Hajjah governorates unsafe for both patients and staff," the group — also known as Médecins Sans Frontières, or MSF — says in a statement. It adds that the hospitals will continue operating "with staff from the Ministry of Health and volunteers."


Former Navy SEAL Settles With Authorities Over Bin Laden Raid Book

Bin Ladin Raid bookThe decorated former Navy SEAL who penned a best-selling book about the operation to kill Osama bin Laden has reached a financial settlement with the U.S. Justice Department.

Matthew Bissonnette has agreed to forfeit "all of the proceeds" he received from the book, No Easy Day, which court papers peg at $6.64 million. Bissonnette offered a formal apology for failing to submit the book for review by authorities before it was published.

"I acted on the advice of my former attorney, but I now fully recognize that his advice was wrong," Bissonnette's apology said. "It was a serious error that I urge others not to repeat."



Alex Baer: Life After Trump, Before the Next Terrible Thing

Life after TrumpIt's starting to look as if we may all squeak by and survive Orange Guy's Level One Coronation by the GOP, in spite of the early numbers, in spite of ongoing verbal revelations from Crazy Core Central, in spite of the hypnotic pinwheel glare in an alarming number of matching glares and unblinking stares.

We'll see if we also manage to dodge the candidate's bullet when it comes to assassination innuendos to supporters.  We'll see if we can duck the traitorous recoil of cheerleading Russians to hack his competition.  We'll see if we can manage to remain in favor with the gods after favoring the exclusion of certain worshippers, races, genders...


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