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UN Report: Israeli Weapons Fueling South Sudan Civil War

Sudanese with Israeli made rifleSouth Sudan has been in the midst of a civil war for the past 18 months, and the United Nations has reported in the past on extensive human rights violations there during the fighting, including the drafting of child-soldiers and the burning of villages.

According to the current report, the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army has been implementing a scorched-earth policy, and has been involved in indiscriminate killing, rape, pillaging, destruction of infrastructure and uprooting of civilians from their homes.


Iranian Human Rights Defenders Coming Out Massively in Support of the Iran Deal

Iranian democracy movement The Obama administration is clearly winning the battle over the Iran deal. Momentum is so strong in its favor that Obama may even be able to prevent a resolution rejecting the deal from coming to a vote in the Senate. Indeed, despite spending $20-40million on ads disparaging the deal, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and its allies have thus far only managed to win over two Democratic lawmakers to its side.

The entire affair is turning into a massive embarrassment for a lobby that previously was believed to be invincible.


Palestinians ordered to pay $10m to terror victims while appealing lawsuit

Palestinians orderd to pay millionsPalestinian authorities found liable in a high-profile lawsuit over Americans killed in terrorist attacks must pay $10m in cash – and an additional $1m monthly payment while the case is on appeal – to secure the hundreds of millions awarded by a jury, a US judge said on Monday.

In ordering the security payment, Manhattan federal Judge George B Daniels said he had given significant thought to a motion filed this month by the US State Department, which intervened in the case via the Department of Justice to argue a high bond could threaten the stability of the region by straining the cash-strapped Palestinians.


France train shooting: Hollande awards Legion d'honneur

France honors heroesThree Americans and a Briton who foiled a suspected terror attack on a train have received France's top honour from President Francois Hollande.

Mr Hollande presented Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Briton Chris Norman with the Legion d'honneur at the Elysee Palace.

Two other unnamed passengers will receive the honour at a later date.


Palmyra's Baalshamin temple 'blown up by IS'

Temple of Baalshamin blown up by ISISIslamic State militants have destroyed Palmyra's ancient temple of Baalshamin, Syrian officials and activists say.

Syria's head of antiquities was quoted as saying the temple was blown up on Sunday. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that it happened one month ago.

IS took control of Palmyra in May, sparking fears the group might demolish the Unesco World Heritage site.  The group has destroyed several ancient sites in Iraq.


Multiple explosions reported at US military facility in Japan

Explosion in JapanThere has been at least one explosion at the Sagamihara General Depot in Sagamihara City, Japan, according to Japanese Broadcasting Corporation Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai.

Reports indicate that there is a base warehouse burning and emergency vehicles are responding.

Latest report: The Pentagon said on Sunday it was aware of reports of an explosion at a U.S. military base in Sagamihara, Japan, but said it could not confirm the blast occurred on the base.

"We're aware of the report, but we don't have confirmation that the explosion occurred on the base," said Pentagon spokesman U.S. Navy Commander Bill Urban.

TVNL Comment:  This is breaking news.  Please check for updates.



U.K and Iran open respective embassies signaling improved relations

Uk - Iran embassy opens The United Kingdom and Iran reopened their respective embassies on Sunday as a coordinated move to signal improving relations following the recently-signed nuclear agreement.

U.K. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond visited Tehran for the opening where he was met by Iranian representatives, including Ajay Sharma, the new U.K. charge d'affaires, representatives from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other diplomatic community members.


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