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Court Finds Netherlands Liable For 300 Deaths In Srebrenica Massacre

Bosnia assacre familiesA court in the Netherlands ruled today that the country's government was partly liable for the deaths of 300 Bosnian Muslims whom Dutch peacekeepers failed to protect in in 1995.

But The Associated Press notes that the court decision clears the government of liability in the deaths of the thousands of others who were killed in Srebrenica.

"Relatives of the dead welcomed the limited finding of liability, but lamented that it did not go much further," The AP added.

The court did not specify how much compensation the families of the 300 victims should receive.


Netanyahu fires Deputy Defense Minister Danon who was highly critical of Gaza strategy

Danon firedPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu fired Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon (Likud) on Tuesday.

Danon had been highly critical of Netanyahu's security policies, often attacking the prime minister from the Right.

Netanyahu reportedly wrote in his decision to fire Danon, "At a time that the Israeli government and the IDF are at the height of  a military campaign, it cannot be that the deputy defense minister attacks the leadership of the state."

Netanyahu reportedly wrote in his decision to fire Danon, "At a time that the Israeli government and the IDF are at the height of  a military campaign, it cannot be that the deputy defense minister attacks the leadership of the state."


Benghazi suspect Faraj al-Shibli found dead

Faraj al-shibliThe body of Benghazi suspect Faraj al-Shibli was found Monday in the eastern Libyan town of Marj. The circumstances of his death have not yet been disclosed.

According to a CNN report, an unidentified Libyan source said al-Shibli was last seen alive on Saturday or Sunday in the custody of a local militia in Marj.

Al-Shibli had been questioned in 2013 by the FBI in the presence of Libyan authorities about the September 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. Al-Shibli's suspected role in the attack is unclear.


Moscow subway derailment kills 19, injures scores more

Moscow subway deathsNineteen people were killed Tuesday and up to 120 injured when a Moscow underground train derailed between two stations during morning rush hour, the country’s Emergencies Ministry said.

Russia's investigative committee said it was looking into the causes of the accident. It said, however, there was no suspicion of that it was a militant attack, the cause of scores of deaths in Moscow's underground in years past.


UK intelligence agency has tools to manipulate online information, leaked documents show

UK intel toolsThe UK intelligence agency GCHQ has developed sophisticated tools to manipulate online polls, spam targets with SMS messages, track people by impersonating spammers and monitor social media postings, according to newly-published documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The documents – which were published on First Look Media with accompanying analysis from Glenn Greenwald – disclose a range of GCHQ "effects" programs aimed at tracking targets, spreading information, and manipulating online debates and statistics.


Emerging nations plan their own World Bank, IMF

emerging nations Fed up with U.S. dominance of the global financial system, five emerging market powers this week will launch their own versions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa —the so-called BRICS countries — are "seeking "alternatives to the existing world order," said Harold Trinkunas, director of the Latin America Initiative at the Brookings Institution.

At a summit Tuesday through Thursday in Brazil, the five countries will unveil a $100 billion fund to fight financial crises, their version of the IMF. They will also launch a World Bank alternative, a new bank that will make loans for infrastructure projects across the developing world.


Church of England Approves Women Bishops

Church of England accepts women bishopsThe Church of England has finally agreed that women may become bishops, ending 20 years of bitter compromises since women were allowed to become priests in 1994.

The synod had been threatened with parliamentary action if the measure had failed, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, had prepared contingency plans to dissolve it and call fresh elections if the vote had gone the wrong way.

But the crisis was averted by a change of mind, and vote, among lay members. A previous attempt in 2012 failed when 74 lay members voted against, preventing the required two-thirds majority among the laity.


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