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Video shows NJ police shot man with hands raised

Man shot holding hands up : videoWith the dashboard camera in their cruiser rolling, police pulled a Jaguar over for running a stop sign on a dark New Jersey night. But things suddenly turned tense when one of the officers warned his partner that he could see a gun in the glove compartment.

Screaming over and over "Don't you fucking move!" and "Show me your hands!" at the man in the passenger seat, the officer reached into the car and appeared to remove a silver handgun.

Then, despite being warned repeatedly not to move, the passenger stepped out of the Jaguar, his hands raised about shoulder level.  The officers opened fire, killing him.


NCAA Says It’s Investigating Academic Fraud at 20 Colleges

NCAA probing collegesUNC, you’re not alone. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is investigating allegations of academic misconduct on 20 campuses, the association’s head of enforcement told The Chronicle on Tuesday.

The cases are at various stages, from preliminary inquiry to awaiting a hearing with the Division I Committee on Infractions, and they involve a variety of missteps, including allegations that players received impermissible assistance from professors, academic advisers, or people outside of an athletic department. Eighteen of the cases are in Division I, one is in Division II, and one is in Division III. The official declined to name any of the colleges.

Last month Jonathan Duncan, the NCAA’s vice president for enforcement, said the association was investigating potential academic violations at 12 to 15 colleges.

In an interview on Tuesday, NCAA officials said they were looking at alleged academic misconduct in 20 athletic programs.

Last year, in response to growing concerns over academic fraud, the NCAA established an academic-integrity group within its enforcement department, naming Katherine Sulentic, a former academic adviser at the University of Colorado at Boulder, as its chair. In the coming months, Mr. Duncan said, he plans to bolster that unit.

Report: U.S. police using radar that allows them to see into homes

police home radarRadar developed to allow the U.S. military to see into homes has spread to police departments, USA Today reported Tuesday.

At least 50 law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, are using the handheld Range-R devices. The newspaper said some began using them more than two years ago with no public notice.


Caught between greed and religion: the battle for Kansas public education

Kansas educationIn a hypothetical Venn diagram, one circle representing extremist Christians and the other fundamentalist capitalists, the lens-shaped overlap contains Sam Brownback, the newly reelected governor of Kansas.

It also includes a broad spectrum of citizens who have supported him: working class members of the Tea party, wealthy members of C Street, a middle class college student who once handed me an essay on zero-sum economics while wearing a T-shirt that read “pro-life, pro-God, pro-gun.”


Fetus Lawyers, Baby Daddies and ‘Legitimate Rape’: America’s Craziest Abortion Bills

Anti abortoin billsLawmaking officially began last week in most states, and it should surprise no one that abortion is again high on the list of priorities for a number of legislatures going into 2015.

Since the 2010 election tipped statehouses Republican, states adopted 231 new abortion restrictions. Last year alone, 15 states enacted 26 new abortion controls, according to the Guttmacher Institute.


Cardiac Surgeon Shot in Boston Hospital

Boston hospital shootingA male cardiac surgeon was critically wounded in a shooting at Brigham And Women’s Hospital on Tuesday morning, a source told WBZ-TV.

A source told WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod that the shooter was a male patient who shot the surgeon, then walked to a second-floor bathroom in the Shapiro Center and shot and killed himself. Police could not immediately confirm that the suspect was dead.


Los Angeles subway to be equipped with Wi-Fi and cell phone service

LA wifi- The Los Angeles subway will soon catch up with rail systems in other major cities by offering Wi-Fi and cell phone service.

The program is just beginning, and it will take two years to complete at a cost of roughly $800,000. The Red Line will receive the equipment first, which is a railway from Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood. The project was approved two years ago but security concerns slowed progress.

Kim Upton, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesperson, said passengers will no longer have to check for missed calls and texts once the project is complete.


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