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Rental cars, hearing aids, insurers: Here’s a list of companies that have reacted to the gun debate

More companies join gun debate

More than two weeks after a gunman killed 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the number of companies cutting ties with the National Rifle Association, or changing its policies on firearm sales, does not appear to be slowing.

While lawmakers are often seen to wield the heftiest influence when it comes to tightening restrictions on guns, companies including retailers, insurers, and tech firms have also come under scrutiny for links to the gun industry and NRA. To some consumers, many of whom rallied around the viral hashtag .BoycottNRA, those ties show a complicity with the status quo as America reckons with its latest mass shooting.


Kroger to raise age limit on gun sales to 21

Kroger supermarket raises gun sales age to 21

Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the U.S., announced Thursday it will raise the age requirement for firearm purchases to 21 years old, the third major retailer to tighten such regulations in response to the deadly school shooting in Florida.

The Ohio-based company, which sells guns through its Fred Meyer chain at 43 stores across four Western states, cited the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, as part of its rationale in announcing the move.


These Groups Make the NRA Look Like a Bastion of Moderation—And They Could Determine the Current Gun Debate

These groups make the NRA look moderate

In the days after 17 students and educators were gunned down in the halls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the group Gun Owners for America did what it often does in such macabre moments: It refused to give an inch.

When President Donald Trump announced that he was issuing an executive memorandum outlawing the use of bump stocks—the device that allows a semi-automatic weapon to fire as if it were a fully automatic one—GOA decried it as “a gross infringement of Second Amendment rights.” When Trump threw his support behind a bill that would strengthen state reporting requirements to the federal database of gun purchases, GOA put out a fact-sheet that called it a “fool’s errand.”


Justice Dept. sues Houston over harassment of female firefighters

Justice Dept. sues Houston over harassment of female fire fightersThe U.S. Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the city of Houston, saying its fire department discriminated against two female firefighters and retaliated after their complaints.

According to the suit, firefighters Jane Draycott and Paula Keyes were subjected to a hostile work environment at Houston Fire Department Station 54.

The complaint was filed Wednesday in the Southern District of Texas. It says male firefighters at the station engaged in various forms of harassment -- including urinating on walls, floors and sinks of the women's bathroom and dormitory. It says they also disconnected the cold water to scald the women when they showered and deactivated speakers in their dorm so they couldn't hear emergency calls.



Walmart says it will raise age restriction to 21 for gun purchases, remove items resembling assault-style rifles from website

Walmart raises age of gun sales to 21

Walmart announced Wednesday that it is raising its age restriction to 21 for firearm and ammunition purchases.

The company said in its statement that it made the decision in light of recent events and will try to implement this change "as quickly as possible."

Walmart also pointed out that in 2015 it ended sales of certain sporting rifles like the AR-15. The company also said it doesn't sell accessories like bump stocks or high-capacity magazines.


Dick's Sporting Goods Ends Sale Of Assault-Style Rifles, Citing Florida Shooting

Dixk's will not sell assault weapons or to anyone under 21Following the mass shooting at a Florida high school, one of the nation's largest sporting goods stores announced Wednesday that it will enact tougher gun sale restrictions — including no longer selling assault-style rifles.

Saying "thoughts and prayers are not enough," Dick's Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack announced several gun sale restrictions at its over 600 nationwide chains.

The chain will stop selling assault-style rifles, end the sale of firearms to buyers under 21 (up from federal minimum age of 18), stop selling high-capacity magazines and continue to never sell controversial bump stocks, the company said.


Guns are allowed at the Florida Strawberry Festival. Beer, bottled water and pets are not.

FL Strawberry Festival allows guns, bans beer and petsYou can’t buy a beer at the Florida Strawberry Festival. You can’t bring a bottle of water or a dog that’s not a service animal.

You can, however, sit in the front row of a Reba McEntire concert with a Smith & Wesson holstered to your chest.

You can ride the Space Roller with a handgun. You can meet the Strawberry Queen with a handgun. You can stand atop the festival’s new $5.5 million concert amphitheater and look down on the stage, midway or basketball courts at neighboring Tomlin Middle School, all with a concealed carry permit and a gun you brought from home.


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