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U.S. Plane Shot Victims Fleeing Doctors Without Borders Hospital: Charity

DWB attackA U.S. warplane shot people trying to flee a burning hospital destroyed in airstrikes last month, according to the charity that ran the facility.

"Thirty of our patients and medical staff died [in the bombing]," Doctors Without Borders General Director Christopher Stokes said during a speech in Kabul unveiling a report on the incident. "Some of them lost their limbs and were decapitated in the explosions. Others were shot by the circling gunship while fleeing the burning building."


U.S. women paid less in all industries, every level: report

women get less pay in USWomen in the United States are paid less for equal work than men in all industries and a new report released on Thursday showed the widest discrepancy in wages is between married men and women with children.

Fathers earned the highest overall median salaries at about $67,900, compared to $46,800 for married mothers, and single women with children had the lowest median salary at $38,200.


Fox Lake, Ill., cop's wife, son under investigation in scheme

GliniewiczThe wife and son of a Fox Lake, Ill., police officer who staged his suicide to look like a suspect chase gone wrong are under investigation in connection to a scheme to embezzle thousands of dollars.

Several media outlets, citing unnamed sources, said Melodie and D.J. Gliniewicz played a role in the elaborate ruse to steal some $50,000 from the explorers unit, a youth training program in the Fox Lake Police Department. Text messages between Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, and his wife and son showed them plotting ways out of the embezzlement investigation.


Mexico Supreme Court rules pot use is constitutional right

mexico court rules pot use a rightSmoking marijuana is a basic human right. That extraordinary argument swayed Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday, when it ruled that a federal health law prohibiting cannabis cultivation and personal use violates the constitution — an unprecedented decision that may trigger similar court appeals and pressure the country’s congress to weigh widespread legalization of the drug.

In a landmark interpretation of drug laws widely blamed for violence that has claimed thousands of lives in Mexico, a panel of five judges ruled in favor of a nonprofit marijuana club — the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Autoconsumption, or SMART — which argued that the health law violates the right to the “free development of one’s personality.”


Marco Rubio spent lavishly on a GOP credit card, but some transactions are still secret

Marco RubioIt has become legend in Florida political circles, a missing chapter in Marco Rubio's convoluted financial story: two years of credit card transactions from his time in the state House, when he and other Republican leaders freely spent party money.

Details about the spending, which included repairs for Rubio's family minivan, emerged in his 2010 U.S. Senate race. But voters got only half the story because the candidate refused to disclose additional records.


Frank Bruni: The Catholic Church’s Sins Are Ours

Frank Bruni

It’s fashionable among some conservatives to rail that there’s insufficient respect for religion in America and that religious people are marginalized, even vilified.

That’s bunk. In more places and instances than not, they get special accommodation and the benefit of the doubt. Because they talk of God, they’re assumed to be good. There’s a reluctance to besmirch them, an unwillingness to cross them.

The new movie “Spotlight,” based on real events, illuminates this brilliantly.


In Victory for Public Ed, Colorado Boots Koch-Backed School Board

Colorado school board members oustedIn a resounding blow to the national education "reform" movement, voters in Jefferson County, Colorado on Tuesday overwhelmingly chose to recall three Koch-backed conservative school board members who, among other transgressions, last year suggested censoring U.S. history curriculum to promote patriotism.

Ousted JeffCo board members Julie Williams, Ken Witt, and John Newkirk have been in office for two years. They won seats in 2013 on the five-member board and, as the Washington Post reports, "moved quickly to institute controversial school reforms, including a merit pay system for teachers and an educator evaluation system that used student test scores." They also championed charter schools and voucher programs.


Snowden surveillance revelations drive UK and US policy in opposite directions

SnowdenWhile in the US modest attempts have been made to curb the NSA’s powers in the wake of the Edward Snowden surveillance revelations, the UK is going the other way.

The British government on Wednesday published draft legislation on surveillance, its response to the documents disclosed by Snowden to the Guardian two and a half years ago revealing the scale of snooping by the NSA and its British sister agency, GCHQ.


Bernie Sanders launches new climate plan to curb US fossil fuel extraction

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders launched a new climate campaign on Wednesday, aimed at fighting global warming by banning new coal, oil and gas mining on public land.

The Keep it in the Ground Act co-sponsored by the senator and Democratic presidential candidate aims at plugging one of the big gaps in Barack Obama’s climate change plan: his administration’s continued sanction of fossil fuel extraction on the government’s lands and waters.


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