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Alabama Chief Justice To Face Trial For Barring Same-Sex Marriage

Roy MooreA court has decided that Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore will face trial in September for violating judicial ethics after he ordered state judges not to issue same-sex marriage licenses early this year.

The Alabama Court of the Judiciary, which has the final say on complaints against state judges, rejected Moore’s motion to dismiss the charges on Monday, paving the way for a trial, reported.


Black families will need 228 years to attain wealth of white families today, shocking new study finds

Black family needs 229 years to catch up to whitesThe racial wealth gap is so wide it would take black families over two centuries to catch up to white families, a jaw-dropping new study found.

Unless public policy intervenes, black households wouldn’t amass the wealth of today's white households for another 228 years, according to research from the Corporation for Enterprise Development and the Institute for Policy Studies.


American Nazi Party leader sees 'a real opportunity' with a Trump presidency

American Nazi Party backs TrumpThe leader of the American Nazi Party has said the election of Donald Trump as president would present “a real opportunity for people like white nationalists” to start “acting intelligently”, with the aim of building a mainstream political presence similar to that of the Congressional Black Caucus.

“It’s kinda hard to go and call us bigots,” said party chairman Rocky Suhayda, “if we don’t go around and act like a bigot.”


Alex Baer: Why Humans Don't Have Super-Powers

Super powersStop me if you've heard this one before:  Bigwigs pull some strings, and the rest of us hardly ever know what the heck is really going on.  This is how real life works.  It's like looking at a 419-car pileup on the freeway, most days:  Lots of wreckage, and no way to know what really happened, or how to easily untangle the mess.

However, this everyday, hamstrung-pulled reality also contains trainloads of Red Herring Brand fish meal scattered all over the road, for miles around, just in case it might help cover up some of the more telling skid marks, and to help keep anyone from tracing any awkward facts back to any embarrassing sources.


Putin Meets With Erdogan To Renew Ties After Turkey’s Failed Coup

Putin meets with ErdoganRussian President Vladimir Putin told his visiting Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan he hoped Ankara could fully restore order after a failed military coup last month, saying on Tuesday that Moscow always opposed unconstitutional actions.

Erdogan’s trip to Russia comes as Turkey’s relations with Europe and the United States are strained by what Ankara sees as Western concern about how it handled the abortive coup, in which more than 240 people were killed.


Air strikes on Yemen capital resume, civilians killed

Yemen air strikes kill civiliansA Saudi-led military coalition has conducted air strikes on the Yemeni capital Sanaa for the first time in more than three months and locals said that 14 civilians were killed in a factory.

Medics working in the area told the Reuters news agency that the civilians were killed in a strike on a crisp factory in the Nahda district of the capital.

The strikes also forced the suspension of flights into Sanaa International Airport for 72 hours from late on Monday.


Delta Airlines delays spill into second day after computer outage

Delta outages continueMany Delta Airlines flights will be canceled or delayed for a second day as the company's computer system problems continue to be worked out.

On Monday the airline lifted the ground stop with a limited number of departures, but warned customers of "large-scale cancellations." The company also issued travel waiver for customers.


Former GOP EPA heads endorse Clinton: Trump ‘would set the world back decades’

EPADonald Trump would threaten the environmental legacy of presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush, according to two former Environmental Protection Agency chiefs from their administrations.

“Republicans have a long history of support for the environment dating back to Theodore Roosevelt. Donald Trump threatens to destroy that legacy of respect for the environment and protection of public health,” William D. Ruckelshaus and William K. Reilly said in a statement endorsing Hillary Clinton’s campaign Tuesday.


Police will be required to report officer-involved deaths under new US system

Police shootings to be reporterPolice departments will be required to give the US justice department full details of deadly incidents involving their officers each quarter, under a new government system for counting killings by police that was influenced by the Guardian.

Announcing a new program for documenting all “arrest-related deaths”, federal officials said they would actively work to confirm fatal cases seen in media reports and other open sources rather than wait for departments to report them voluntarily.


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