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Pakistan helicopter crash kills foreign diplomats

pakistani helicopter crashA Pakistani military helicopter carrying foreign diplomats in the mountainous region of Gilgit-Baltistan has crashed, killing at least seven people, the military said.

The dead included two pilots, a crew member, Norwegian Ambassador Leif Larsen, Philippines Ambassador Domingo Lucenario Jr and the wives of the Malaysian and Indonesian ambassadors to Pakistan.


Cameron's Conservatives win big in surprise UK election

UK electionThe Conservative Party swept to power Friday in Britain's parliamentary elections, winning an unexpected majority that returns Prime Minister David Cameron to 10 Downing Street in a stronger position than before.

In announcing his majority Conservative government, Cameron signaled a conciliatory tone, paying tribute to his former coalition partner, Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg, and the opposition Labour Party's Ed Miliband. Both resigned as leaders of their parties Friday after disappointing election results.


Military whistleblowers have long wait for justice – if it comes

Military whistleblowers still wait for justiceChristine Russell, a Navy Reserve lieutenant, sums up her experience as a whistleblower as six years of frustrating inaction by the military.

“There was a lot of stalling,” said Russell, who now lives in San Diego but filed her complaint when she was stationed in Kuwait in 2009. “Admirals retired and transferred during all of the delays.”

A newly released congressional watchdog report demonstrates that the problem is not isolated to Russell’s case.


Former Bush Official With Ties To CIA Torture Program Now Advises Obama Interrogators

CIA torture programA government psychologist who helped craft policies central to the CIA’s torture program is now advising an FBI-led interrogation project, according to a series of emails revealed in a new independent report.

The High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group is the Obama administration’s response to the now-defunct CIA effort. Its members are dispatched to question terror suspects. Dr. Susan Brandon leads the HIG’s research committee, which studies and recommends the most effective methods of noncoercive interrogation.


Far out, man: 13.1bn-year-old galaxy is most distant yet seen by humans

13bn year old galaxyA team of astronomers has measured a galaxy farther than any other ever seen by human beings, reporting this week that the ancient star system offers a glimpse of what the universe was like not all that long after the beginning of time.

Astronomers from Yale University and the University of California Santa Cruz announced in the Astrophysical Journal that they had identified a galaxy that formed about 13.1bn years ago, making it the earliest measured galaxy known in the 13.8bn-year history of the universe since the big bang.


NYC pizzeria, was center of Italian mafia cocaine trafficking ring

Queens pizzeria drug centerItalian and U.S. agents broke up a major cocaine trafficking network run out of a New York City pizzeria, detaining 13 Italians with links to organised crime on Thursday, police said.

Italy's elite SCO police and FBI agents captured the men as they slept in their homes in the southern Italian region of Calabria and held them on charges of conspiracy to run an international drug trafficking ring, police added.


Senate votes overwhelmingly to pass Iran nuclear bill

Mitch McMcConnellThe US Senate on Thursday advanced legislation that would allow Congress to review a nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, clearing a major hurdle after weeks of Republican infighting threatened the bill’s passage.

Senators overwhelmingly voted 98-1 in favor of the bill, with only Tom Cotton against its passage. Under the compromise, Congress would have 30 days to both review any nuclear accord with Iran and pass a resolution of disapproval. In the event that lawmakers passed such a resolution, Barack Obama would be unable to lift some of the congressional sanctions on Tehran.


Omar Khadr, once a Guantanamo inmate, freed on bail in Canada

OmAr KhadrOmar Khadr, a Canadian who was once the youngest prisoner held on terror charges at Guantanamo Bay, will be released on bail from an Alberta prison on Thursday while he appeals a murder conviction by a U.S. military tribunal.

A judge in an Alberta court ruled that Khadr, who was captured in Afghanistan when he was 15 and pleaded guilty to killing a U.S. soldier, can be released on bail, denying an appeal by the Canadian government to keep him in custody.


Key witness in Michael Brown shooting arrested

Dorian JohnsonThe man walking with Michael Brown when he was fatally shot by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer, was arrested Wednesday, accused of interfering in an arrest and discarding suspected narcotics.

Dorian Johnson has not been charged, but was with a group of people suspected of having weapons. He is accused of approaching an officer to stop an arrest. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Johnson was arrested for resisting arrest.


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