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FDA chief issues mea culpa for his plasma treatment claims

FDA chief issues mea cculpa for plasma claim

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn issued a mea culpa late Monday, conceding that he had overstated the benefits of convalescent plasma as a treatment of coronavirus at a news conference last weekend with President Donald Trump.

Hahn had been the subject of intense criticism following his appearance Sunday alongside the president.

“I have been criticized for remarks I made Sunday night about the benefits of convalescent plasma. The criticism is entirely justified,” the commissioner said in a string of tweets. “What I should have said better is that the data show a relative risk reduction not an absolute risk reduction.”


Coronavirus re-infections raise concerns about immunity

Covid reinfectionTwo European patients are confirmed to have been re-infected with the coronavirus, raising concerns about people’s immunity to the virus as the world struggles to tame the pandemic.

The cases, in Belgium and the Netherlands, follow a report this week by researchers in Hong Kong about a man there who had been re-infected with a different strain of the virus four and a half months after being declared recovered - the first such re-infection to be documented.

That has fuelled fears about the effectiveness of potential vaccines against the virus, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people, though experts say there would need to be many more cases of re-infection for these to be justified.


Reuters: Fauci says rushing out a vaccine could jeopardize testing of others

Fauci warns against early, unproved vaccine

Scientists and health experts have expressed concern that President Donald Trump will apply pressure on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to deliver a vaccine before November to boost his chances of re-election.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, declined to comment on the president, but said there are risks in rushing out a vaccine despite the urgent need.

“The one thing that you would not want to see with a vaccine is getting an EUA (emergency use authorization) before you have a signal of efficacy,” Fauci told Reuters in a phone interview.


First Covid-19 reinfection documented in Hong Kong, researchers say

First covid-19 reinfection in Hong KongResearchers in Hong Kong on Monday reported what appears to be the first confirmed case of Covid-19 reinfection, a 33-year-old man who was first infected by SARS-CoV-2 in late March and then, four and a half months later, seemingly contracted the virus again while traveling in Europe.

The case raises questions about the durability of immune protection from the coronavirus. But it was also met with caution by other scientists, who questioned the extent to which the case pointed to broader concerns about reinfection.

There have been scattered reports of cases of Covid-19 reinfection. Those reports, though, have been based on anecdotal evidence and largely attributed to flaws in testing.


3 New Scientific Studies Say, ‘Mask Up!’ COVID-19 Can Spread In Surprising Ways We Didn’t Realize

3 studies conclude: Mask up!!!

Three new scientific studies published this month show that the COVID-19 virus can spread in more ways than we once knew. Research from various parts of the world considered three separate factors in each study: low humidity, public restrooms and airborne dust. The implications from all three of these studies? Mask up!

Low Humidity

A study just published in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases confirms an earlier study conducted in the Greater Sydney, Australia area during the early stages of the pandemic that reported a link between low humidity and community spread of COVID-19. The new research led by Dr. Michael Ward in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science adds to the growing body of evidence that low humidity is a key factor in the spread of the Coronavirus. The scientists estimated that for a 1% decrease in relative humidity, COVID-19 cases increase by 7 to 8%. The same link was not found in other weather patterns such as rainfall, temperature or wind.


U.S. CDC reports 174,645 deaths from coronavirus

US COVID deaths reach 174,645The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Saturday said the number of deaths due to the new coronavirus had risen by 1,155 to 174,645 and reported 5,598,547 cases, an increase of 46,754 cases from its previous count.

The CDC reported its tally of cases of the respiratory illness known as COVID-19, caused by a new coronavirus, as of 4 pm ET on Aug. 21 versus its previous report a day earlier.

The CDC figures do not necessarily reflect cases reported by individual states.

TVNL Comment:  Many states are reporting data directly to the OHS.  As a result, the actual count is surely much highter.  Wake up, America.


Trump says without proof that FDA 'deep state' slowing COVID trials

Trump blames FDA deep state for slowing testingIn a Twitter post, Trump said the deep state “or whoever” at the FDA was making it very difficult for drug companies to enroll people in clinical trials to test vaccines and therapies for the novel coronavirus.

The comment came after Reuters exclusively reported on Thursday that a top FDA official said he would resign if the Trump administration approved a vaccine before it was shown to be safe and effective.

“Obviously, they are hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd. Must focus on speed, and saving lives!” Trump wrote, tagging FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn in the tweet.

TVNL Comment: No, Donald, it was the ogre under your bed.  Geez.


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