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Bill Gates launches $12M challenge for universal flu vaccine

Bill Gates launches $12m for flu research before next pandemicBillionaire Bill Gates has announced a $12 million Grand Challenge to fund research of universal flu vaccines in preparation for the next flu pandemic.

Gates, who founded Microsoft, announced at the New England Journal of Medicine's annual Shattuck Lecture in Boston that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with Google co-founder Larry Page and his wife, Lucy, will provide the seed money.


200 million eggs recalled over salmonella fears

200 million eggs recalled for fear of salmonellaMore than 200 million eggs are being recalled over fears of salmonella.

Rose Acre Farms of Seymour, Ind., is voluntarily recalling the eggs due to possible contamination with the bacteria.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, 22 illnesses have been reported so far.

The eggs were distributed from the farm in Hyde County, N.C., and reached consumers in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia through retail stores and restaurants.


Arizona House Passes Bill Requiring Women Seeking Abortions To Say Why

Arizona passes bill requiring women requesting abortions to answer why

The Arizona state House of Representatives passed a bill that would require women seeking abortions to fill out an invasive questionnaire that asks the reason for the procedure.

The legislation, passed on Monday, would force women to answer questions, including whether the abortion is elective for economic reasons, if the pregnancy was from a rape or incest, if the woman does not want children at this time, if the abortion is due to fetal or maternal health, and if the patient is having “relationship issues” such as domestic abuse or an extramarital affair.

The bill passed along party lines, 35-22, the Arizona Star reported. A version already has been approved by the state Senate, which now must decide whether to accept House amendments.


Blood test can detect Alzheimer's years before symptoms

Bllod test can detect Alzheimer's years before onsetResearchers in Germany have developed a blood test for Alzheimer's that detects the disease several years before symptoms, including memory loss.

Ruhr University researchers hope the discovery leads to the development of new drugs by picking up pathological amyloid-beta in very early phases of the disease, which is incurable. Their findings were published Friday in EMBO Molecular Medicine.


McKesson accused of skimming profit, harming patients

McKesson accused of mishandling cancer drugOmni Healthcare is suing wholesale drug distributor McKesson Corp. on behalf of the federal government and 30 states for allegedly repackaging cancer drugs from single-use vials at the expense of the government and patients.

McKesson is one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in the country and is accused of violating the False Claims Act. The lawsuit, filed late Tuesday afternoon in New York federal court, alleges McKesson repackaged the "overfill" from vials of Aloxi, Procrit and other oncology drugs into non-sterile syringes and sold them to cancer centers, medical practices and physicians. The providers would then bill the government for the drugs.


CDC finds 'nightmare bacteria' spreading across the country

CDC finds 'nightmare' bacteria

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2017 found more than 200 cases of “nightmare bacteria” that can resist most antibiotics, according to a new report released Tuesday.

The CDC has long warned about antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but the report shows that unusual resistance germs, which are resistant to all or most antibiotics tested and are uncommon or carry special resistance genes, are constantly developing and spreading.


Starbucks coffee in California must have cancer warning, judge says

Starbucks coffee must show cancer warning

A little-known not-for-profit group sued some 90 coffee retailers, including Starbucks, on grounds they were violating a California law requiring companies to warn consumers of chemicals in their products that could cause cancer.

One of those chemicals is acrylamide, a byproduct of roasting coffee beans that is present in high levels in brewed coffee.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle said in a decision dated Wednesday that Starbucks and other companies had failed to show there was no significant risk from a carcinogen produced in the coffee roasting process, court documents showed.


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