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Hundreds of thousands of Texas women attempted self-induced abortion – study

self induced abortion attempts by hundreds of thousands of womenBetween 100,000 and 240,000 women in Texas aged 18 to 49 have tried to induce an abortion at home, according to a new study released on Tuesday.

In the first study of its kind, the Texas Policy Evaluation Project (TxPEP), run by the University of Texas, attempted to show the prevalence of self-induced abortions in the state in the wake of legislators’ attempts to limit women’s access to abortions. Last week the supreme court agreed to hear a challenge to one of Texas’s most stringent abortion laws, known as HB2, which has led to the closure of more than half the state’s clinics.


Multiple cups of coffee a day linked to lower risk of death

Multiple cups of coffee good for youFor years, studies have cautiously shown that moderate amounts of coffee can be beneficial for brain and liver health, as well as reduce the risk for several types of cancer.

Researchers have now linked three to five cups of coffee per day to an overall lower risk of death, according to a new review of data on more than 200,000 health professionals.


Researchers find method to force stem cells to become bone cells

stem cells become bone cellsResearchers at the University of North Carolina stumbled upon a method of forcing stem cells to become bone cells, finding a way to help replace bone in people who heal slowly.

Cautioning that turning stem cells into bone cells is not a solution for osteoporosis, the researchers said stem cells could help help bone fractures or hip replacement, especially for older people.


Antibiotics fed to healthy livestock harmful to children

Antibiotics fed to livestockAntibiotics have been added livestock feed for decades, initially used after researchers found in drug trials they caused animals to gain weight, producing more meat to sell consumers.

In addition to their ability to fatten animals, antibiotics now also serve the purpose of limiting the spread of infection among animals as they are being raised. Researchers have found, however, that using the drugs in healthy animals meant for food has reduced their ability to treat infections in humans -- posing a potentially serious health crisis.


Medicaid cuts imperil hospitals that serve the poor

Medicaid cuts hurt poorAt Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, it takes, on average, two hours to see an emergency room doctor, 13 more to be admitted to the hospital and nine after that to get a bed. Five percent of patients — five times the national average — simply leave without being seen at all.

Nurses at public hospitals throughout New York City say they routinely care for 10 to 13 patients at a time. The New York State Nurses Association recommends that workloads for most nurses range from 1 to 4 patients.


HUD proposal would ban smoking in 1M households

HUD ban on smoking in public housingA proposed rule to make U.S. public housing smoke-free could affect nearly 1 million households and require more than 3,100 housing agencies to enforce smoking bans.

Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro and Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy announced the proposal Thursday in Alexandria, Va. It calls for a ban on lit tobacco products in and around all public housing residences.


Scientists breach brain barrier to treat sick patient

brain barrier cellsFor the first time, doctors have breached the human brain's protective layer to deliver cancer-fighting drugs.

The Canadian team used tiny gas-filled bubbles, injected into the bloodstream of a patient, to punch temporary holes in the blood-brain barrier. A beam of focused ultrasound waves applied to the skull made the bubbles vibrate and push their way through, along with chemotherapy drugs.


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