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New Zika warning from health leaders: Consider delaying pregnancy

Zikia warning by WHOThe world’s top health leaders have issued sweeping guidelines urging women to consider delaying pregnancy if they live in one of the nearly 50 countries affected by the Zika virus.

In its strongest warning yet about the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said couples of reproductive age in the affected countries should be “correctly informed and oriented to consider delaying pregnancy.”


Study: New material kills E. coli bacteria in 30 seconds

New material kills e coliResearchers in Singapore have created a new antimicrobial material capable of neutralizing E. coli bacteria in 30 seconds. They detailed their feat in a paper published last week in the nanomaterials journal Small.

The research arrives just a week after U.S. health officials announced the presence of a "superbug" bacteria strain -- found in the urine of a Pennsylvania women -- resistant to the "last resort" antibiotic colistin.


Mediterranean diet may help stop breast cancer coming back, study says

Mediterranean diet may prevent recurrence of breast cancerEating a Mediterranean diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and olive oil, may help prevent breast cancer returning, according to a study presented at a major international cancer conference.

Lifestyle – whether people are physically active or not – and being overweight are known risk factors for breast cancer, but there is increasing interest in whether particular eating habits play a part in its occurrence and recurrence.


Study: One-quarter of cancer patients can't afford treatment

One fourth of cancer patients can't afford treatmentA significant number of cancer patients report they cannot afford treatment, a problem researchers in a recent study fear will become worse as the costs of new cancer treatments continue to increase.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina report more than one-quarter of cancer patients can't afford to pay for their treatment, and nearly one in five can't afford their prescriptions, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.


After wave of anti-abortion laws, US sees signs of women taking drastic measures

Abortion laws forcing women to take drastic measures“I came across your instructions on the abortion pill and decided to use it for an at home abortion after finding pills online. I took the pills 2.5 weeks ago and am still cramping and bleeding sometimes mildly sometimes heavily, please I would like some advice on what I can do to help me heal faster.”

Peg Johnston estimates that her abortion clinic receives an email such as this once every month. This one, which arrived 11 May, reads the same as so many of the others. “You can often hear that desperation when you talk to them,” Johnston said. “Women who are pregnant and don’t want to be are desperate. They will do pretty much anything.”


FDA nudges companies to reduce sodium in processed food by a third

FDA asks for salt reductionIn an effort to reduce high blood pressure rates that kill 1,000 Americans each day, the Food and Drug Administration released draft voluntary guidelines Wednesday aimed at nudging companies to cut the amount of sodium in restaurant food and processed products by one-third over the next decade.

Nine in 10 Americans consume too much sodium, taking in an average of 3,400 milligrams a day, or 50% more than recommended — a fact that helps explain why one in three Americans has high blood pressure. Only half of adults with high blood pressure have it under control, according to the FDA.


No Talking, No Drugs—Spec-Ops Vets Pioneer Quiet PTSD Therapy

PTSD therapyYou feel a little foolish, but you never have to say a word—about remembering your own blood pooling warm around you, with its iron smell, the reek of a thousand matches invading your nose, or the surge of pain, then panic at not being able to move.

That’s what I remembered from 10 years ago, when a car bomb ripped through an army foot patrol, my CBS News television camera team, and me.


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