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Florida House Rejects Plan To Expand Health Care For Hundreds Of Thousands

Rick ScottThe Florida House of Representatives voted Friday to reject a state Senate bill that would have expanded Medicaid for thousands, marking a victory for Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Following a heated six-hour debate, the Republican-controlled House voted 72-41 against the measure, which passed in the state Senate earlier this week. The proposal would have used $18 billion in federal funds over a decade to help low-income workers purchase health care plans from private providers. The program would have expanded Medicaid for hundreds of thousands of Floridians.


Reprogramming bacteria DNA may reverse antibiotic resistance

Bacteria DNAA new two-pronged approach to treating antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections developed at Tel Aviv University has been shown in lab tests to kill off strains unaffected by antibiotics while making others more susceptible to the drugs.

Using bacterial viruses called phages, researchers delivered edited DNA to the resistant strains, which kills them off, and eliminates the transfer of resistant genes between strains, resensitizing bacteria to antibiotics.


Stephen Hawking would consider assisted suicide

Stephen HawkingPhysicist and overall science superstar Stephen Hawking said he would consider ending his life through assisted suicide, but only if he had "nothing more to contribute."

"To keep someone alive against their wishes is the ultimate indignity," Hawking told Dara O'Briain during an interview that will air on the BBC, The Guardian reported.

Hawking said he would only consider ending his life if he were becoming a burden on those around him. He added that he doesn't think that day is coming anytime soon.


Study shows many US canned goods still contain cancer-linked BPA

BPA in canned goodsThe world’s largest food companies and brands continue to coat their metal food cans with bisphenol A-based epoxy (BPA) – a chemical known to have links to breast cancer, reproductive problems, heart disease and other illnesses – a study has found.

The study, published on Wednesday, is the first of its kind to conduct in depth research into food companies and their products for consumers.


Welcome to the Red State HIV Epidemic

HIVt wasn’t supposed to happen here. Not in Austin, a one-doctor-and-an-ice-cream-shop town of 4,200 in southeastern Indiana, nestled off Interstate 65 on the road from Indianapolis to Louisville, where dusty storefronts sit vacant and many residents, lacking cars, walk to the local market. Not in rural, impoverished Scott County, which had reported fewer than five new cases of HIV infection each year, and just three cases in the past six years. Not in a state where, of the 500 new cases reported annually, only 3 percent are linked to injection drug use.

But it did. And it could happen in many more backwoods towns just as unprepared as Austin.

As the largest HIV/AIDS outbreak in Indiana’s history roils this Hoosier hamlet, it reflects the changing face of the epidemic in the U.S., as a disease that once primarily afflicted gays and minorities in deep-blue cities rises in rural red states.


Lawsuit alleges fake spinal parts used by doctors and hospitals nationwide

fake spinal parts accusationFifteen surgeons and 17 hospitals nationwide along with more than a dozen other people, are accused of participating in a counterfeit spinal-hardware ring that resulted in patients receiving non-FDA approved implants, according to a civil complaint obtained by America Tonight.

The document, which was filed in February in California on behalf of dozens of insurance companies, was unsealed Thursday and details a massive alleged health care fraud scheme and conspiracy involving the use and billing of fake surgical hardware to hospitals and doctors across the country.


Feds subpoena records from maker of medical scopes

Feds subpeons records from scope makerThe U.S. Justice Department has issued a subpoena seeking information from Olympus on the manufacturing and sales of a specialized medical scope linked to a recent series of deadly superbug outbreak at hospitals across the country.

Olympus is the largest manufacturer of duodenoscopes, which have been linked to infections in scores of patients, typically with an antibiotic-resistant bacteria known as CRE, which has mortality rates of 40% or higher. In a public report issued this month on its latest financial results, the company noted that it had received a subpoena in March from the Justice Department seeking "information relating to duodenoscopes that Olympus manufactures and sells."


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