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Huge leap to mass produced platelets

Mass produced plateletsScientists have made a significant leap towards mass producing platelets - the part of the blood that forms clots.

The NHS and University of Cambridge team have discovered how to grow the body's platelet factories in the laboratory.  It could provide a new source of platelets to stop heavy bleeding, for example after a car crash.


Zika mystery deepens with evidence of nerve cell infections

Zika virus Top Zika investigators now believe that the birth defect microcephaly and the paralyzing Guillain-Barre syndrome may be just the most obvious maladies caused by the mosquito-borne virus.

Fueling that suspicion are recent discoveries of serious brain and spinal cord infections - including encephalitis, meningitis and myelitis - in people exposed to Zika.


Missouri senate moves to hold Planned Parenthood president in contempt

Missouri goes after Planned Parenthood documentsSenators in Missouri are moving to hold the president of a St Louis-area Planned Parenthood affiliate in contempt of court – under threat of jail time – for refusing to submit private medical documents.

The move comes after the state general assembly’s interim committee on the sanctity of life subpoenaed documents from Mary Kogut, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the St Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, in an investigation into her organization.


FDA proposes limit for arsenic in baby rice cereal

Baby rice cereal arsenic limitsThe government is urging the food industry to reduce the already-tiny amount of arsenic found in baby rice cereals.

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday proposed limiting inorganic arsenic in infant rice cereals to 100 parts per billion, equivalent to recommendations in place in Europe. Inorganic arsenic is the type found in some pesticides.


Seven die amid wave of overdoses from suspected counterfeit painkillers

Fentanyl deathsSeven people have died in Sacramento, California, from what authorities think may be overdoses from counterfeit prescription painkillers containing the powerful opiate fentanyl.

It is the first time that fentanyl, a growing problem on the east coast and in Canada, has surfaced in northern California, according to DEA special agent Casey Rettig.

Opioid abuse has burgeoned into an epidemic in the United States, with Barack Obama this week announcing a new initiative to combat it, after last month promising $1.1bn to the effort. At a recent drug summit, he pointed out that more Americans die each year from opioid abuse than car accidents.


Abortion without the clinic on offer with revolutionary new US program

Abortion without the clinicA groundbreaking new experiment is launching in four states that could make abortion dramatically more accessible by allowing women to obtain abortion-inducing drugs through the mail.

The program, which will be run as a pilot study out of four clinics in New York, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington state, is a first in the US – and one that its architects urgently hope to expand as the country’s abortion clinics close down at historic rates.


Texas Forced This Woman to Deliver a Stillborn Baby

Texas forces still birthDaniel and Taylor Mahaffey were 20 weeks pregnant and desperately wanted their child, but when doctors informed them a complication meant the fetus had no chance of survival, they just wanted their baby’s suffering to end. Yet because of their state’s “fetal pain” law, the married Texans say they were forced to endure a stillbirth and wait as their baby slowly died in utero.

The Mahaffeys had begun decorating the nursery in anticipation for the little boy they planned to name Fox, after one of the Lost Boys in Peter Pan.


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