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Climate Change May Be Causing Earth’s Poles To Shift

Climate change may shif earth axisThe position of Earth’s axis has dramatically shifted, likely because of melting ice sheets (fueled by climate change) and natural changes in water storage on land, according to a new study in the journal Science Advances.

Erik Ivins, senior research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and co-author of the study published on Friday, told The Huffington Post that the movement of water on Earth’s surface affects the planet’s distribution of mass — and its axis — much like adding weight to a spinning top.


Companies Hide Dangers; Attack Scientists

Comapnies hide scienceBiotech companies point to stacks of industry studies as proof that their genetically engineered foods are safe. But their “proof,” it turns out, is just “Tobacco Science”— research carefully designed to hide dangers. Independent studies, on the other hand, feature GMO-fed animals suffering from organ damage, tumors, endocrine and immune system dysfunction, and premature death.

You Don’t Want to Eat This GMO Corn
A former Monsanto scientist admitted that when his colleagues discovered that their GMO corn damaged the health of rats, they rewrote the study to hide the effects. He raised the question that if a small amount of corn fed over just a few weeks could cause this harm to rats, what would happen to the people of South Africa, for example, who eat corn three times a day over a lifetime?


Oil Giants Spend $115 Million A Year To Oppose Climate Policy

american petroleum instituteMajor fossil fuel companies and trade groups shell out nearly $115 million a year to oppose efforts to reduce carbon emissions, according to a new report from the British research organization Influence Map.

The largest share of the money comes from the American Petroleum Institute, the country’s largest trade organization for oil and gas producers. It reportedly spends $65 million annually in efforts to block climate policy. API is followed by Exxon Mobil, which spends $27 million, and Shell, which spends $22 million a year on anti-climate advocacy.


New cloud study offers dire global warming outlook

cloud study offers dire warningNew research suggests current global warming prediction models aren't accounting for cloud composition.

"Clouds and aerosol particles strongly influence the amount of radiation, and thus heating, that occurs in the atmosphere, yet clouds and aerosol particles are currently the leading cause of uncertainty in climate projections," researchers with the American Association for the Advancement of Science announced in a press release.


California Blackouts Up to 14 Days Long Possible This Summer Because of Aliso Canyon Methane Leak, Officials Say

California blackouts coming due to methane leakA massive methane leak in Southern California was expected to have lasting impacts, but a new announcement by energy officials suggests prolonged blackouts – as long as 14 days – could also be coming as temperatures soar this summer.

State agencies studied the effects of the Aliso Canyon gas storage field's partial shutdown after a natural gas blowout last year that crippled a major energy supply for the region. These officials proposed a plan to prevent power outages but concluded they "will reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of gas shortages this summer that are large enough to cause electricity interruptions for the region's residents and businesses."


Eco-friendly Portland baffled to discover an artisanal industry is polluting its air

Portland glass making industry polluting airInstead of eating the kale she grew in her backyard garden in Portland, Oregon, this spring, Jessica Applegate will submit the leafy green plants for toxic metal testing.

Recent revelations that heavy metals – specifically arsenic, cadmium and chromium – are hovering above the city in toxic hotspots have stunned the eco-conscious city. Along with the news came an unlikely culprit: artisan glass manufacturers.


Hundreds flee wind-whipped wildfires in Oklahoma, Kansas

Wildfires in Kansas and OklahomaHowling winds whipped up several wildfires late Tuesday across Oklahoma and Kansas, destroying homes and forcing hundreds of people to flee the flames.

At least six fires were reported across the state Tuesday, and many are continuing to burn Wednesday, according to Hannah Anderson, a spokeswoman for Oklahoma Forestry Services.


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