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Taliban overruns district in Afghanistan's Baghlan

Taliban overruns Afghan districtTaliban fighters have captured a key district in Afghanistan's northern province of Baghlan after days of fighting, Afghan officials say.

The fighters launched a coordinated attack on Dahana-e-Ghori on Friday that led to heavy fighting in the area until the Taliban took control of the district on Monday.

Amir Gul Hussainkhil, deputy police chief of Baghlan, said Dahana-e-Ghori district was under siege for days and the Taliban managed to seize it because dozens of Afghan forces made "a tactical retreat".


How state regulations can prevent man-made earthquakes

man made earthquakesOklahomans aren't just imagining it. The state has experienced 100 fewer earthquakes thus far this year than it had by August, 2015.

Geologists tentatively attribute this decrease in tremors to increased regulations on the fracking and oil extraction industries, whose wastewater disposal practices have wreaked seismic havoc in Oklahoma and other states. Still, experts caution, it's too early to tell if the quake swarms have been permanently quelled.


Climate Change Is Turning The Water Around Us Into A Threat

climate change affects waterwaysWe grasp the connection now between our changing climate and the quantity of water around us. Scientists say that climate change means both more frequent and severe droughts and a heightened risk of flooding.

What about the quality of our water? Crises as disparate as Florida’s “guacamole-thick” algal blooms and the record number of cases of Legionnaires’ disease are linked to the effects of climate change on water safety ― or so a paper published last month in the journal Nature argues.


Climate Change Could Release Cold War-Era Radioactive Waste In Greenland

Greenland icecapsClimate change could release radioactive waste stored in an abandoned Cold War-era U.S. military camp deep under Greenland’s ice caps if a thaw continues to spread in coming decades, scientists said on Friday.

Camp Century was built in northwest Greenland in 1959 as part of U.S. research into the feasibility of nuclear missile launch sites in the Arctic, the University of Zurich said in a statement.


Flooding, mudslide warnings after Tropical Storm Earl passes Belize, Guatemala, Mexico

Storm in caribbeanTropical Storm Earl, which has already caused damage in Belize, is prompting hundreds of people to seek shelter as emergency officials warn of possible flooding and mudslides Friday.

Earl became a hurricane Wednesday afternoon but weakened back into a tropical storm early Thursday, dropping to 40 mph winds. The storm system made landfall in Belize at about 2 a.m. on Thursday.


500 families evacuated from Montana wildfire

500 familie evacuated from Montana wildfiresFive hundred families in Montana have been urged to evacuate due to a fast-moving wildfire that has now spread to 3,505 acres.

The wildfire -- dubbed the Roaring Lion Fire -- started Sunday afternoon about 5 miles southwest of Hamilton, according to the U.S. Forest Service. and is about 60 miles south of Missoula. It grew to at least a half square mile and is heading up Roaring Lion Road in the Bitterroot National Forest and down the canyon, officials said.


Anthrax outbreak triggered by climate change sickens dozens in Arctic Circle

Arctic Cirle anthraxA 12-year-old boy in the far north of Russia has died in an outbreak of anthrax that experts believe was triggered when unusually warm weather caused the release of the bacteria.

The boy was one of 72 nomadic herders, including 41 children, hospitalised in the town of Salekhard in the Arctic Circle, after reindeer began dying en masse from anthrax.

Five adults and two other children have been diagnosed with the disease, which is known as “Siberian plague” in Russian and was last seen in the region in 1941.


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