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New York AG to investigate whether ExxonMobil climate research misled public

Eric SchneidermannThe subpoena sent to Exxon on Wednesday night by New York AG Eric Schneiderman invokes both the Martin Act — a unique statute that gives the Empire State authority to police alleged financial crimes — and his state's strong consumer protection law, according to his office. Schneiderman is also leading a coalition of states supporting EPA's climate regulations for power plants.

The subpoena follows a growing outcry among climate activists sparked by investigations from InsideClimate News and the Los Angeles Times into Exxon's decade-long internal research into the links between global warming and human burning of fossil fuels.


Blame Western companies for Southeast Asia’s toxic haze

palm oil causing pollutionI arrived in Singapore two weeks ago, landing in a cloud of haze. For the last two months, my business school classmates in Southeast Asia’s leading financial center have not seen the blue sky and have been warned not to spend time outside, as the haze can get so heavy that breathing becomes dangerous. When they do go outside, they wear masks.

The same haze hangs over Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and an ever-growing swath of the region — and it has been happening annually. This year, it has reached record levels of pollution because of El Niño and the resulting delay in the rainy season.


TransCanada asks Obama to suspend review of Keystone XL pipeline

TranscanadaThe company seeking to build the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline is asking the Obama administration to pause the process for reviewing its permit.

TransCanada Corp., which until recently repeatedly pressured President Obama to take action on the permit after seven years of delay, cited Nebraska officials’ review of Keystone’s route in asking for the pause from the State Department Monday.


Rare cyclone heads toward Arabia, may dump year's worth of rain

cyclone heading towards ArabiaCyclone Chapala is taking aim at the Arabian Peninsula and is forecast to strengthen into a Category 5 storm today, with winds of up to 166 mph. It should approach Oman and Yemen at Category 2 or 3 strength late Sunday or early Monday.

A cyclone is the same type of storm as a hurricane or typhoon. They're known as cyclones in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.


United Nations says pledges to limit emissions don't go far enough

UN: emissions pledges don't go far enoughPlans submitted by 146 countries to cap greenhouse gas emissions do not go far enough to keep global temperatures from exceeding the danger threshold, the United Nations said.

Pledges, submitted by all developed nations and three-quarters of developing countries, deliver "sizable" emission reductions and slow emissions growth in the coming decade, but they will not be sufficient to reverse by 2030 the upward trend of global emissions, the UN's climate change secretariat said in a report released in advance of a global climate summit.


Greenland Is Melting Away

Greenland melting awayThe midnight sun still gleamed at 1 a.m. across the brilliant expanse of the Greenland ice sheet. Brandon Overstreet, a doctoral candidate in hydrology at the University of Wyoming, picked his way across the frozen landscape, clipped his climbing harness to an anchor in the ice and crept toward the edge of a river that rushed downstream toward an enormous sinkhole.

If he fell in, “the death rate is 100 percent,” said Mr. Overstreet’s friend and fellow researcher, Lincoln Pitcher.


Persian Gulf could be too hot for humans by 2100

Persian Gulf too hot to live by 2100Global warming could create peaks of humid heat in the Persian Gulf beyond human tolerance by century's end, according to a study published on Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

If greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, heatwaves occurring on average once every 10 or 20 years would, by 2100, exceed the capacity of a young, healthy person to maintain a normal body temperature, the study found.


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