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Mnuchin’s military flights exceed $800K

Mnuchin military flights cost $800,000Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's flights on military aircraft since March have cost $800,000, according to a report from the department's Office Inspector General.

The secretary has made nine requests to use military aircraft since assuming his position in the administration earlier this year, including a request for when he travels to the Middle East in October.

However, the report did not find any instances in which Mnuchin used military aircraft for private travel.


Trump-Russia ‘Golden Shower’ Dossier Is Now Being Investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Christopher Steele dossier being probedAn explosive—and thus far largely unsubstantiated—dossier containing various allegations about President Donald Trump’s links to Russia is now being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to a Reuters report on Wednesday. Compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, the dossier has previously been the subject of inquiries from the FBI.

The news of Mueller’s team assuming control of the dossier came just hours after the Senate intelligence committee said it had “hit a wall” in its own probe into claims put forward in the dossier. Specifically, Chairman Richard Burr said the committee had been frustrated in its efforts to interview Steele and “cannot decide the credibility” of the dossier without discovering its sources and who paid for it. Steele has largely gone into hiding since the contents of the dossier were made public.



Sessions reverses DOJ policy on transgender employee protections: report

Sessions reverses DOJ policy on transgender protections

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reversing course on the Justice Department's policy that a 1964 civil rights law protects transgender individuals from discrimination.

In a memo to U.S. attorneys dated Wednesday and obtained by BuzzFeed, Sessions said that the Justice Department will no longer interpret Title VII of of the Civil Rights Act to mean that the law's protections extend to discrimination based on gender identity.


Federal ‘whistleblower’ quits over reassignment, climate change disagreements with administration

Climate change whistle blower quits over reassignment

A self-styled whistleblower at the Interior Department quit Wednesday after speaking out about what he believed to be his improper reassignment.

In a resignation letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Joel Clement said he objected to his June reassignment out of a climate change role. He also cited "poor leadership" by Zinke, climate change skepticism and wasted tax money.


Tillerson does not deny report that he called Trump a ‘moron’ but insists they are on same page

Tilllerson does not deny calling Trump a moron

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insisted he and President Donald Trump are on the same page on foreign policy, but he did not deny calling the president a “moron,” as NBC News had reported, at a Pentagon meeting in July.

In a previously unscheduled public appearance Wednesday, Tillerson called Trump “smart” and said he had never talked out of resigning because of disagreements with the president.


San Juan mayor lambastes Trump's 'insulting' visit to Puerto Rico

Carmen Yulin Vruz

The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, strongly denounced Donald Trump Tuesday night after the president visited the island, calling him the “miscommunicator in chief” and “insulting.”

“He was insulting to the people of Puerto Rico,” Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz said Tuesday night on MSNBC hours after meeting Trump face-to-face at a briefing with Puerto Rican leaders and the president. Beyond the briefing, Trump also toured damaged areas and helped distribute supplies, flicking paper towels into a crowd with the motion of a jump shot in basketball. All of it, Cruz said, was disingenuous.


Paul Manafort conspired to mislead bankruptcy court, son-in-law charges

Paul Manafort accused by son in law of deceiving bankruptcy court

As federal authorities investigate former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's controversial ties to Russia, his estranged son-in-law is accusing him of conspiring to mislead a federal bankruptcy court about real estate investments.

Jeffrey Yohai made the allegation on Sept. 28, in a case that centers on four troubled California real estate investments that collectively total millions of dollars. Manafort's daughter, Jessica, filed for divorce from Yohai in March.


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