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Longtime Trump CFO Weisselberg gets 5 months in jail in tax fraud case

Trump CFO sentenced to 5 months at Reikers

Nearly five months at a dilapidated New York City island jail notorious for its frigidly cold cells and violent inmates are what await Allen Weisselberg, once the chief financial officer at former President Donald Trump’s corporate empire and now a convicted tax cheat.

On Tuesday in Manhattan criminal court, a state judge sentenced the wealthy 75-year-old to five months at Rikers, noting he was inclined to give Weisselberg an even stiffer sentence. He cited the way Weisselberg abused his position of authority at the Trump Organization to cook the books—and give his wife a no-show job just to let her qualify for taxpayer retirement benefits.

“It was driven purely by greed. Pure and simple. The entire case was driven by greed,” Justice Juan Merchan said. “At a time when so many Americans work so hard in the hopes of they’ll one day benefit from Social Security, your client found a way to give his wife a $6,000 payroll payment so that she could contribute to Social Security so that she could one day receive the benefits to which she was not entitled.”


New York Daily News Says Donald Trump's Tax Returns Prove 2 Things

Trump tax returns

A New York Daily News editorial said Donald Trump’s recently released tax returns show the former president was “not so rich or smart” as he brags.

The returns, made public by the House Ways and Means Committee at the end of December after Trump’s yearslong fight to keep them secret, show Trump claimed large losses before and throughout his time in office.

Trump is just “a bad businessman who racked up huge losses,” said the editorial, published Monday.

“He’s not such a rich man,” the editorial said. “His adjusted gross income was negative, mostly from a Net Operating Loss carryover of $105,157,825. He had to pay the IRS $707,123. No wonder the fraud didn’t want Americans to see.”


Classified documents found from Biden’s time as VP, White House cooperating with DOJ

Biden turns over documents

The White House is working with the Justice Department as it reviews classified documents from when President Biden served as vice president that were found in a private office last fall.

Attorneys for Biden discovered the documents in November and notified the National Archives, Richard Sauber, special counsel to Biden, said in a statement. The Archives took possession of the materials the following morning and has since referred the matter to the Justice Department for further investigation.


End of Jan. 6 panel opens new chapter for Department of Justice

Dept. of Justice

The close of the Jan. 6 committee marks a new chapter in the review of the deadly Capitol riot, with the fact-finding mission of the panel — and their plea for accountability — now resting largely with the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The select committee’s investigation, which effectively ended with the culmination of the last Congress, has left a trove of leads for the Justice Department to explore.

Its report highlighted investigative loose ends, while the panel left thousands of exhibits of raw evidence posted publicly.


Corporations Slyly Funding Election Deniers All Over Again

Corporations fund election deniers again

After publicly patting themselves on the backs for cutting off financial support to election deniers in the wake of the storming of the Capitol two years ago, many corporations and corporate lobbying groups are again pumping money into politicians who tried to subvert democracy, according to new reports.

Major companies “turned the spigot back on” and donated millions of dollars to election deniers using their political action committees, Mother Jones reported on Thursday.

More than half of the 70 major corporation-affiliated political action committees that vowed to pause or reconsider donations to lawmakers in the wake of the Capitol riot failed to stick to their promises, Politico reported Friday.


Protesters gather in Queens for a second rally against Rep. George Santos

Protesters demand Santos' resignation

The throng, gathered by special interest groups Courage for America and Unrig Our Economy, chanted slogans and listened to addresses by community leaders and activists, including Assemblymember Ed Braunstein (D-Queens).

“When George Santos was elected, early on, I had every intention of trying to work with him,” Braunstein told the assembled rally. “I told him, we’re from different parties, but let’s work together for the common good of our constituents. But that was before we found out that he was a pathological liar. That was before he became a national laughingstock. Right now, there’s no way I can work with this guy.”

Santos, who represents a small fraction of Queens and parts of Long Island, has faced an onslaught of criticism after falsehoods he made on the campaign trail about his personal life and resume were unearthed by news outlets during recent weeks, even months.

McCarthy concessions to win Speakership raise eyebrows

Kevin McCarthyRep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was forced to give in to a series of demands from detractors to win the support necessary to win the Speaker’s gavel after a historic week of failed ballots.

While most GOP lawmakers are downplaying the significance of McCarthy’s concessions, the changes — which are designed to empower rank-and-file members at the expense of his own leadership authority — are also raising concerns that they could cripple the governing functions of the lower chamber.

One change in particular — which empowers a single lawmaker to launch the process of ousting the Speaker — is giving heartburn to lawmakers in both parties, who fear a hard-line group of conservatives will use it repeatedly to browbeat McCarthy into keeping crucial must-pass bills off the floor.


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