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Donald Trump Doesn't Seem To Be Concerned That Vladimir Putin Kills Journalists

TrumpRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday seemed unconcerned that Russian President Vladimir Putin kills journalists who disagree with him.

Trump was pressed on his support for Putin by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on "Morning Joe" Friday. The comments came a day after the Republican presidential hopeful and the Russian president publicly praised each other.


Anti-Isis proposals floated at Republican debate would likely be war crimes

GP{ war crimes strategyCarpet-bombed cities, world war three and internet blockades were among the images conjured up by Republican candidates for president on Tuesday night, as the hopefuls took bellicose rhetoric to new heights over the inconveniences of law and fact.

Senator Ted Cruz struck arguably the most overtly belligerent tone of all the candidates, backtracking only slightly from his promise to “carpet bomb” Islamic State militants wherever they are. On Tuesday, he said he would “carpet bomb where Isis is, not a city, but the location of troops” with “directed” air power.


Sheriff Arpaio revives birther controversy at Trump rally

Arpaio revives birther myuthDonald Trump's first post-debate event on Wednesday in Arizona kicked off with none other than Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who wasted no time in bringing up the birther controversy fueled by Trump himself.

"If you recall, five months ago, I introduced Donald Trump. At that time, I said a few things, we have something in common — the birth certificate investigation, which is still going on," Arpaio told the Mesa, Arizona, audience awaiting Trump, referencing the Republican presidential candidate's push in 2011 to get President Barack Obama to release his long-form birth certificate.


DOJ: Trump’s Early Businesses Blocked Blacks

Trump blocked blacks in early businessWhen an African-American showed up to rent an apartment owned by a young real-estate scion named Donald Trump and his family, the building superintendent did what he claimed he’d been told to do. He allegedly attached a separate sheet of paper to the application, marked with the letter “C.”

“C” for “Colored.”

According to the Department of Justice, that was the crude code that ensured the rental would be denied.


Republican Lawmakers Vocal In Opposition To Climate Deal

GOP ready to shred climate pactPresident Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry hailed the newly passed international climate change agreement as a major achievement that could help turn the tide on global warming, but got a quick reminder that Republicans will fight it all the way.

Obama said the climate agreement made Saturday night by almost 200 nations "can be a turning point for the world" and credited his administration for playing a key role. He and Kerry predicted it would prompt widespread spending on clean energy and help stem carbon pollution blamed for global warming.


Civil rights, religious groups upset over police union Trump endorsement

Police union in NH emdorse TrumpCivil rights and religious groups have slammed the decision by a northeastern police union to endorse controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, whose comments on police brutality and calls to restrict U.S immigration for Muslims have sparked outrage across the political spectrum and among minority constituencies.

Rev. Jason Lydon was part of a group of clergy members who protested the event Thursday during which the New England Police Benevolent Association (NEPBA) announced their endorsement for Trump. Lydon, along with other clergy, kneeled down and prayed, blocking a hallway until police told them that they would be arrested if they continued.


Trump branding removed from Dubai development amid uproar

Trump branding removed in DubaiThe image and name of American presidential hopeful Donald Trump was gone on Friday from much of a Dubai golfing and housing development amid the uproar over his comments about barring Muslims from traveling to the United States.

The disappearance of Trump branding from the multibillion-dollar development in the United Arab Emirates comes amid growing concern over his comments in the Middle East, where he has long sought moneymaking opportunities.


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