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Israel's Lehava stirs 'anarchy' in Jerusalem

Lahava hate groupFour youths in black T-shirts, bearing a distinctive yellow-flame insignia, approached "A" in July as he got out of a taxi in central Jerusalem to meet friends. They asked him the time. Suspicious of his accent, they confronted him directly: "Are you an Arab?"

"The moment I said, 'yes,' one of them punched me in the eye. The others jumped on me and started hitting me all over my body. There were many people in the area, but no one took any notice or tried to help."


How Indigenous Activists in Norway Got the First Bank to Pull Out of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Norway bank divests of Dakota pipelineOn November 8, 2016, Beaska Niillas, chairman of the Norwegian Sámi Association (NSA) walked into a conference room in Oslo, Norway, with his wife, Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska, who had spent time in Standing Rock. Both are members of the Sámi Parliament and Beaska is a member of the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature. Niillas and Beaska flew over 1,000 miles from their home in Finmark, the homelands of the Indigenous Sámi people and the most northern province of Norway located above the Artic circle.

Niillas set up a meeting with executives at DNB, Norway's largest bank, to demand that they withdraw their investment in the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL).


U.S. Lawsuit Aims to Hold 2 Contractors Accountable for C.I.A. Torture

Suleil Abdullah SalimNearly 15 years after the United States adopted a program to interrogate terrorism suspects using techniques now widely considered to be torture, no one involved in helping craft it has been held legally accountable. Even as President Obama acknowledged that the United States “tortured some folks,” his administration declined to prosecute any government officials.

But now, one lawsuit has gone further than any other in American courts to fix blame. The suit, filed in October 2015 in Federal District Court in Spokane, Wash., by two former detainees in C.I.A. secret prisons and the representative of a third who died in custody, centers on two contractors, psychologists who were hired by the agency to help devise and run the program.


Brutality and Courage at Standing Rock

Standing Rock ruber buletsThe dangerous Dakota Access Pipeline, and the brutal repression unleashed on its behalf, is countered by a greater force.

To me, among a multitude of outstanding positive qualities I was lucky enough to observe continually while camping at Oceti Sakowin camp for one week, the most inspiring aspect of the indigenous-led Water Protectors’ struggle at Standing Rock is courage.


Leaked immigration proposal could affect all foreigners in US

Kris KobachA proposal to change who is considered a “criminal alien,” inadvertently leaked by a leading candidate to be President-elect Donald Trump's secretary of Homeland Security, could drastically change how foreigners in the United States are identified for deportation.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a well-known immigration hard-liner, was photographed Sunday outside a meeting with Trump holding a document titled “Department of Homeland Security Kobach Proposal for First 365 Days.”


Jailed for ending a pregnancy: how prosecutors get inventive on abortion

Jailed for ending a pregnancyNearly 44 years after the supreme court ruled that women in the United States have a right to a legal abortion, self-induced abortions are still a significant phenomenon. As the Guardian reported on Monday, every year, there are potentially thousands of women in the US who attempt to end their pregnancies by themselves. Some even succeed.

Unwittingly or not, these women are operating in murky legal territory. Only seven states have some law that makes it explicitly illegal for a woman to attempt her own abortion, and in most states and at the federal level, the law says nothing at all. But that hasn’t stopped individual prosecutors from going after women who self-induce abortions, or try.


Bulldozers to raze Palestinian village in IsraeBulldozers to raze Palestinian village in Israel

BedouinThe Israeli government has announced plans to demolish Umm al-Hiran, a Bedouin village in the country's southern Negev region that is home to Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The Israel Lands Administration (ILA), a governmental body that administers public land, said it will begin razing the village on Tuesday. At least 30 residents will be displaced.


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