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Ocean discovered on Saturn's moon may be best place to look for alien life

Saturn moveResearchers have discovered a deep saltwater ocean on one of the many small moons that orbit Saturn, leading scientists to conclude it is the most likely place in the solar system for extraterrestrial life to be found.

Gravitational field measurements taken by Nasa's Cassini space probe revealed that a 10km-deep ocean of water, larger than Lake Superior, lurks beneath the icy surface of Enceladus at the moon's south pole.

David Stevenson, a planetary scientist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said the body of water was so large it "may extend halfway or more towards the equator in every direction. It might even extend all the way to the north."


NASA Cuts Ties With Russia's Space Agency — Except on the ISS

NASA cuts ties with RussiaNASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency have worked together for years in space, but that relationship may be radically changing as the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate.

The U.S. will suspend some space-related contact with Russia. However, the countries will continue working together on the International Space Station, where both American and Russian astronauts are currently living together.


After more than a century, a jewel of ocean research targeted for closure

Pivers IslandFor more than a century, federal scientists have worked on Pivers Island near the historic town of Beaufort, N.C., and the beaches of Emerald Isle studying the ocean, and the fish, turtles and dolphins of its sea grass estuaries and rocky reefs.

Surrounded by three university labs, it’s one of a handful of oceanography hubs in the nation and the only government research center between New Jersey and Miami studying Atlantic fish populations.


Distant dwarf planet: Shepherded by object 10 times the size of Earth?

new dwwarf planetA mysterious dwarf planet named Sedna, orbiting the sun far beyond Neptune, has been a loner since its discovery 11 years ago.

Astronomers suspected that the solar system might host more like it. And if there were more, they reasoned, what stories they might tell of the early solar system and of the cosmic nursery that the sun shared with its stellar siblings.

Now, Sedna is a loner no longer.


Creationists want equal airtime on 'Cosmos'

Tyson's CosmosCreationists are demanding that they receive the opportunity for equal airtime on the science television show Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

The show tells the graphic story of the Big Bang as the beginning of the universe and the evolution of the Earth, and has infuriated creationist groups. Despite the fact that there is substantial scientific evidence to prove the Big Bang, evolution, and climate change, creationists believe the show not mentioning the idea of creationism is a dreadful oversight. To that end, creationists are now demanding equal airtime to share their ideas about the formation of the universe.


Scientists offer new 360-degree glimpse of the Milky Way galaxy

new milky way imagesIn creating a zoomable, 360-degree portrait of the Milk Way galaxy, University of Wisconsin scientists have offered new insight into the structure and contents of the spiral star system.

To create the holistic portrait, Wisconsin astronomers pieced together 2 million cosmic images collected by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. The team unveiled their impressive galactic collage today at a TED conference in Vancouver.


Giant 'chicken from hell' dinosaur discovered

chicken from hellA new species of feathered dinosaur, the largest to roam North America, has been identified by paleontologists. Even the most fearsome rooster wouldn't stand a chance in a cock fight with the Anzu wyliei, the "chicken from hell."

Armed with its razor sharp claws and intimidating beak, the Anzu wyliei walked on two legs and stretched some 11 feet in length. The bird could way as much as 500 pounds, paleontologists say.


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