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Judge: Men exonerated in '75 Ohio case wrongfully imprisoned

Ohio men wrongful imprisonedAn Ohio judge has declared three exonerated men once convicted and sentenced to death in a 1975 Cleveland slaying to have been wrongfully imprisoned, opening the door for them to receive millions of dollars in compensation.

The ruling allows Wiley Bridgeman, Ricky Jackson and Kwame Ajamu (KWAH’ may ah-jah-MU‘) to file cases in the Ohio Court of Claims. The Plain Dealer reports ( ) that under Ohio law, wrongfully imprisoned former inmates can be paid more than $40,000 for each year they were incarcerated.


Minnesota Orchestra will be 1st from US to perform in Cuba

Minnesota orchestraThe Minnesota Orchestra will be the first U.S. orchestra to perform in Cuba, following President Obama’s announced desire to normalize relations with the Caribbean island nation.

CEO and president Kevin Smith told musicians shortly before a Thursday morning concert that the ensemble would play two concerts at the Cubadisco Festival in May. One of the concerts will feature the Beethoven Choral Fantasy with the Cuban National Choir and Cuban pianist Frank Fernandez.


Grandfather visiting Alabama from India stopped by police while taking walk, left partly paralyzed

Grandfather from India left paralyzedA 57-year-old grandfather from India was left paralyzed after an altercation with Madison, Alabama Police who said they had been called to investigate a "suspicious person."

Sureshbhai Patel, who is from India and was visiting his son, was walking in his neighborhood when he was stopped by police who said they had heard reports of a suspicious person looking in people's garages, according to


New York City Buildings Inspectors Charged in Bribe Schemes

NYC building inspectors arrestedMore than a dozen New York City buildings inspectors and clerks have been charged with exploiting their positions as gateways to the city’s booming real estate industry to obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, law enforcement officials announced on Tuesday.

In return for bribes of home mortgage payments, sport utility vehicles and a luxury cruise, among other payments, city buildings inspectors cleared complaints and stop-work orders, expedited inspections and tried to remove tenants under false pretenses, according to records filed on Tuesday in State Supreme Court in Manhattan.


Three Muslim students shot dead near UNC Chapel Hill

Muslim students killedA man has been arrested and charged with fatally shooting three students near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus, local police and school officials said.

While police said the shooting on Tuesday evening appears to have been motivated by a long-running parking dispute among neighbors, family members have characterized the shootings as a “hate crime” and a civil rights group has called for an investigation into possible anti-Muslim bias. All three of the students were Muslims.


Guess How Much Of Uncle Sam's Money Goes To Foreign Aid? Guess Again!

US foreign aid per centHow much of the federal budget goes to foreign aid?

What's your best guess? 10 percent? 20 percent? 1 percent? If you're like most Americans, you probably guessed wrong.

In December, the Kaiser Family Foundation polled 1,505 people. Only 1 in 20 knew the right answer: less than 1 percent of the $4 trillion federal budget goes to foreign aid. The average respondent estimated that 26 percent went toward assisting other countries.


Fewer than half of teachers now covered by unions

less than half of teachers unionizedFor the first time since the rise of teachers unions in the 1980s, the percentage of USA teachers represented by unions in public and private schools has fallen below 50%, suggesting that the demographics of the teaching profession and the shift away from traditional schools are taking a toll on union membership.

In 2014, about 49% of teachers, or about 2.5 million, were covered by unions, down from 50% in 2013 and 53% just a decade ago, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 1984, teachers union coverage was 64%. A teacher in a unionized school district can get some benefits without joining the union.


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