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Lawsuit charges Disney with illegally replacing U.S. workers with immigrants

Disney replacing workers with immigrants: lawsuitDisney is being sued by two former employees in a pair of lawsuits that claim the company conspired with outsourcing firms to swap U.S. workers with cheap immigrant workers on temporary visas.

The lawsuits were filed in a Florida federal court by Dena Moore and Leo Perrero, two of 250 Disney tech workers laid off about a year ago.

Both lawsuits seek class-action status and both claim Walt Disney World, and outsourcing companies HCL and Cognizant colluded to get rid of U.S. workers and replace them with temporary immigrant workers on H-1B visas.


Supreme Court won't let North Dakota enforce 'fetal heartbeat' law

SC nixes feal heartbeat banThe Supreme Court on Monday ruled that North Dakota officials cannot enforce a controversial “fetal heartbeat” law that would have banned abortions as early as six weeks.

The justices upheld a lower court’s ruling from July 2015, which struck down the measure. North Dakota’s sole abortion clinic filed the lawsuit challenging the measure shortly after the law was approved in 2013.

North Dakota’s law – one of the strictest in the country – has been closely watched in the courts as many other GOP-led states look to tighten their abortion standards.


Supreme Court gives juvenile killers chance for reduced sentences

Kids in prison for lifeThe Supreme Court on Monday granted hundreds of prisoners who were convicted of murder as juveniles the chance to have their mandatory sentences of life without parole reconsidered.

The decision could give those previously locked away for life the same chance for lesser sentences now given to all such juvenile killers, following the court's 2012 ruling striking down mandatory life sentences for juveniles. It also could make them eligible for parole.


High court upholds government's energy conservation program

SCOTUS upholds gov't energy programThe Supreme Court has upheld a 4-year-old federal program that pays large electric customers to save energy during times of peak demand.

The justices ruled 6-2 on Monday that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had the authority to issue directives aimed at conserving energy and preventing blackouts.


Supreme Court declines death penalty case

SCOTUS rejects death penalty caseThe Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it would not hear a case challenging the constitutionality of the death penalty.  

The appeal was filed on behalf of Shonda Walters, who was sentenced to death in May 2006 for murdering her next door neighbor with a hatchet and stealing his car.

The U.S. Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for the Eastern District upheld the lower court’s death sentence, saying the court found the evidence sufficient to support her conviction for first-degree murder.


The Latest: Alaska hit with aftershock after 6.8 earthquake

6.8 earthquake in AlaskaAn early morning earthquake that rattled Alaska has been followed by a second aftershock in the Cook inlet region.

The Alaska Earthquake Center says preliminary reports put the latest aftershock at a magnitude-4.7.


Battle over voting rights restrictions moves to North Carolina

NC voting rights fightThe latest round in the nationwide battle to defend the historic gains of the civil rights movement opens in a federal courtroom in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Monday where Republican politicians will be accused of blatantly attempting to discourage African Americans from voting.

The local chapter of the NAACP is taking the Republican state governor, Pat McCrory, to court over a new rule that requires citizens who turn up at polling stations either to produce a photo-ID card or give a “reasonable” excuse for lacking one before they can cast a ballot. The NAACP argues that the new law places a burden on voters that is unconstitutional as it overtly discriminates against black citizens who are less likely to have access to such photo identification.


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