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Texas chemical company issues shelter-in-place order after toxic gas leak

Texas chemical company leak

A major chemical company in the Texas city of La Porte issued a shelter-in-place order for nearby residents and workers after a toxic gas leak saw eight people taken to the hospital.

Altivia Chemical said it was working to contain a leak of a gas called phosgene from its plant, as the city’s emergency management agency ordered residents and five neighboring chemical facilities to shelter in place out of caution.


Exhausted air traffic controllers are making more mistakes on the job amid a stretched workforce

Air traffic controllers making many mistakes
For years, ait traffic controllers have seen their ranks diminish, to
the point where 10-hour days and six-day workweeks have become increasingly common among this group tasked with preserving safety in America's skies.
And the strain on controllers has led to a workforce that's become demoralized and exhausted, which in turn has led to controllers becoming increasingly susceptible to making mistakes, according to The New York Times.
The Times examined a series of complaints made to the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency that regulates civil aviation in the United States, where controllers expressed concerns over dire staffing shortages, mental issues among some workers, and buildings that have become inhospitable for workers.

Caught on camera! The world's biggest iceberg, a megaberg, 3 times size of New York City

Iceberg three times size of NYC

Megaberg on the move: Massive iceberg is 'on the move' near Antarctica after sitting still for decades

"It is incredibly lucky that the iceberg’s route out of the Weddell Sea sat directly across our planned path, and that we had the right team aboard to take advantage of this opportunity," said Andrew Meijers, chief scientist on the research ship, in a statement.

"We’re fortunate that navigating A23a hasn’t had an impact on the tight timings for our science mission, and it is amazing to see this huge berg in person – it stretches as far as the eye can see," he said.

A23a made worldwide news last week after it moved out of the Weddell Sea sector into the Southern Ocean. It calved from the Filchner Ice Shelf in 1986, before being grounded on the seabed nearby, the British Antarctic Survey said. A23a will now likely be swept along by the Antarctic circumpolar current into "iceberg alley," putting it on a common iceberg trajectory toward the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia.


DOJ: Former U.S. diplomat was a secret agent for the Cuban government for decades

Manuel Rocha

A former U.S. diplomat and ambassador to Bolivia has been charged with working for more than four decades as a secret agent for the Cuban government, according to the Justice Department.

Manuel Rocha, who was arrested Friday in Miami and appeared in federal court on Monday, is accused of "serving as a covert agent" to support the Republic of Cuba's "clandestine intelligence-gathering mission against the United States," a complaint filed in U.S. District Court states.

Investigators say Rocha, 73, provided the U.S. with false and misleading information "to protect his secret mission"; traveled outside the U.S. to meet with Cuban intelligence operatives; and made false statements to obtain travel documents, a complaint filed on Monday alleges.


Ukraine war: Russia accused of killing unarmed Ukrainian prisoners of war

Russia accused of kiling unarmed POW

Ukraine has launched an investigation after a video emerged purportedly showing Russian troops killing two Ukrainian soldiers who had surrendered.

Ukrainian prosecutors say the footage shows "a group of people in Russian uniforms" shooting the unarmed Ukrainians at close range.

The prosecutors say the killing of prisoners of war is a "gross violation" of the laws and customs of conflict.

The video has not been independently verified. Russia has not commented.

Since Russia launched its full-scale invasion in February 2022, both Kyiv and Moscow have accused each other of violating the Geneva conventions - a set of international humanitarian laws regulating the conduct of armed conflict, and specifically the treatment of POWs.


Israel needs to protect civilians or risk ‘strategic failure’ in Gaza

Sec. of Defense Lloyd AustinDefense Secretary Lloyd Austin offered a stark public warning to Israel on Saturday, saying the government there risks “strategic defeat” in Gaza if it doesn’t do more to protect civilians.

The comments came a day after the breakdown in negotiations over hostage and prisoner releases led to the resumption of the Israel-Hamas war. Austin told an audience at the Reagan National Defense Forum that if Israel doesn’t do everything possible to protect civilians, it might help “drive [Palestinians] into the arms of the enemy,” and would “replace a tactical victory with a strategic defeat.”


The US is scrambling to avoid another foreign policy crisis — this time in Congo

US is scrambling to avoiod war in Congo

A top U.S. intelligence official presented a detailed proposal to the leaders of Congo and Rwanda last week for a pact to reduce fighting in eastern Congo — and promised to help enforce the deal.

The leaders largely signed off on the U.S. plan, which included commitments for Rwanda to pull back its forces and offensive military equipment by Jan. 1 and for Congo to ground its drones, according to a readout of the meetings.

The readout shows that the U.S. is playing a much more active role than previously disclosed in trying to calm tensions in the increasingly volatile region, where conflict between Congolese forces and rebels backed by neighboring Rwanda is threatening to escalate into all-out war between the countries.





Gaza war is deadliest conflict for journalists in over 30 years, press advocates say

60 journalists killed during Gaza war"This might be the last video I post," Ayat Khaddoura, a Palestinian journalist and podcaster, said in a post on Instagram Oct. 13.

It was one of many videos Khaddoura had been sharing with her hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, talking about living under Israeli bombardment and trying to survive with limited water and electricity.

On Nov. 6, in a video she called her "last message to the world," she said: "We used to have big dreams, but now our dream is only to be killed in one piece so people know who we are." A week later, she was dead. An Israeli airstrike on her home in northern Gaza killed her.

The Committee to Protect Journalists says the Israel-Gaza war has "led to the deadliest month for journalists" since it started gathering data in 1992. Of 61 deaths of journalists and media workers CPJ has recorded as of Friday, 54 were Palestinian journalists, four were Israeli and three were Lebanese.


Authorities Announce Arrest Of Man In Killings Of 3 Unhoused People Across LA

Arrest made in killing of three homeless people

A man has been arrested in connection to the killings of three unhoused across the city of Los Angeles, and for an additional break-in and killing in San Dimas, city and county officials announced today.

Authorities identified the man as Jerrid Joseph Powell, a 33-year-old who was arrested earlier this week for the robbery in San Dimas.

The Beverly Hills Police Department detained Powell Wednesday night after his vehicle was stopped for matching the vehicle that was believed to be used in the shootings. Powell was placed under arrest Thursday morning.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said Saturday that police have not identified a motive for the alleged shootings.



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