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Poland says missile strike on its land appears to be an accident by Ukraine

Poland missile strike was accidentPoland's president said Wednesday it appears a missile that landed just inside the country's border was from Ukraine in what he called an "unfortunate accident."

"We have no evidence at the moment that it was a rocket launched by Russian forces," President Andrzej Duda said. "However, there are many indications that it was a missile that was used by Ukraine's anti-missile defense."

The United States, NATO and others expressed support for Poland's position, though the investigation was still ongoing.


Senate defeats filibuster on gay marriage bill, paving path for protecting same sex unions

US Senate

Passage of a measure that would protect gay marriage rights nationwide crossed a key threshold Wednesday when the Senate defeated a filibuster and set the stage for final approval shortly.

Senators voted 62-37 to move the Respect for Marriage Act to the Senate for an up-or-down vote in the near future. Sixty votes were needed to overcome the filibuster and send it to the floor.

“Together with broad bipartisan support, the Senate will provide certainty to millions of Americans in loving marriages and enshrine into law the basic protections afforded all Americans while respecting our country's critical principle of religious liberty,” said Arizona Democratic Sen. Krysten Sinema, one of the negotiators for the bill, on the Senate floor prior to Wednesday's vote.

The measure would enshrine marriage equality months after Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas raised the specter of reversing the 2015 landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision recognizing same sex unions.


Murdoch tells Trump he will not back fresh White House bid – report

Murdoch and Trump

Rupert Murdoch has reportedly warned Donald Trump his media empire will not back any attempt to return to the White House, as former supporters turn to the youthful Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

After the Republican party’s disappointing performance in the US midterm elections, in particular the poor showing by candidates backed by Trump, Murdoch’s rightwing media empire appears to be seeking a clean break from the former president’s damaged reputation and perceived waning political power.

Last week, Murdoch’s influential media empire, including right-leaning Fox News, his flagship paper the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post, each rounded on Trump, calling him a loser and a flop responsible for dragging the Republicans into “one political fiasco after another”.


Raphael Warnock sues Georgia over early voting restrictions for runoff

Raphael Warnock sues Georgia

Raphael Warnock’s campaign sued Georgia on Tuesday after the state said it would not offer Saturday early voting for the closely watched runoff in which Warnock is seeking re-election to the US Senate.

The suit challenges the state’s interpretation of a law that would prohibit early voting on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving is also a state holiday in Georgia, originally to commemorate Robert E Lee, the Confederate civil war general. In 2015, state officials dropped Lee’s name and started recognizing the day simply as a “state holiday”.

Lawyers for Warnock’s campaign argued that the voting prohibition only applies to primary and general elections, not runoffs, which have a much shorter voting period. Last year, Georgia Republicans passed a law shortening the runoff period from nine weeks to four. But the shortened runoff period is coming into conflict with the state law that bars early voting around holidays.


One billion young people risk hearing loss from loud music

One billion young people risk hearing loss

More than 1 billion teenagers and young adults may be at risk of hearing loss because of their use of headphones, earphones and earbuds and attendance at loud music venues, a study suggests.

An international team of researchers estimate that 24% of 12- to 34-year-olds are listening to music on personal listening devices at an “unsafe level”. The findings were published in the journal BMJ Global Health.

They called for governments to “urgently” implement safe listening policies.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 430 million people of all ages worldwide currently have disabling hearing loss. Young people are particularly vulnerable because of their use of personal listening devices (PLDs), such as smartphones, headphones and earbuds, and from visiting loud music venues, amid poor regulatory enforcement.


Headstones Vandalized With Swastikas In Illinois Jewish Cemetery

Swastikas in Jewish cemetery in IllinoisSwastikas were found spray-painted on tombstones in a Chicago-area Jewish cemetery on Monday, the same day that similar symbols of hate — including the message “No Mercy For Jews” — were found scrawled along walls in Maryland.

Thirty-nine tombstones were defaced with red spray paint in the Congregation Am Echod Jewish Cemetery in Waukegan, roughly 26 miles north of Chicago, the Waukegan Police Department said.

Of those tombstones, 16 were defiled with large red spray-painted swastikas while the others had non-specific markings, police said in a statement.

“My immediate thought is with my parents and how angry they would be,” Larry Yellen, whose parents are buried in the cemetery, told FOX 32 Chicago. “My father lost at least four aunts in the Holocaust, his family was from Poland. They know more than anyone what a swastika means.”


Trump Running For President Again In 2024 Despite Criminal Probes Into Coup Attempt

Donald Trump files 2024 presidencyDonald Trump, the only U.S. president to have attempted a coup to remain in power and who is now under multiple criminal investigations for it, nevertheless announced Tuesday night that he is running to regain his old job in 2024 — with polls  suggesting he could win the Republican Party nomination again.

“In order to make America great again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” he said 19 minutes into his remarks.

“America’s comeback starts right now,” Trump said as he kicked off his remarks. “We were a great and glorious nation. Now we are a nation in decline. We are a failing nation.”

“We are here tonight to declare that it does not have to be this way,” he said.

Minutes before he started to speak at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Trump filed a statement of candidacy with the FEC.




Australia's southeast remains on flood watch as river levels peak

Wyangala, AustraliaFlood-weary residents across Australia's southeast rushed to fortify their properties with sandbags on Wednesday as water continued to flow from overloaded dams and swollen rivers.

Heavy rain over three days into Monday burst river banks, unmoored houses, submerged bridges and cut off entire towns in the rural southwest regions of New South Wales the worst-affected state, and northeast parts of Victoria.

Emergency crews have rescued hundreds of residents in New South Wales by helicopters and boats, with some clinging to trees and rooftops.

Police said the body of a 60-year-old woman believed to have been missing in flood waters was found on Wednesday while search continued for a missing 85-year-old man.


Unconfirmed report of Russian missiles hitting Polish village sparks worries across NATO

Unconfirmed report of Russian missiles hitting PolandThe United States and Western allies said they were investigating but could not confirm a report on Tuesday that a blast in NATO member Poland resulted from stray Russian missiles, while Russia's defence ministry denied it.

Two people were killed in an explosion in Przewodow, a village in eastern Poland about 6 kilometers (3-1/2 miles) from the border with Ukraine, firefighters said. Media reports said the strike hit a grain-drying facility.

Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are committed to collective defence, so a Russian strike on Poland could risk widening the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which began with Moscow's invasion in February.

A NATO official said the alliance was looking into the report and was closely coordinating with Poland.


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