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To say I am outraged is putting it mildly.. What portion of the bill do I question. All of it. $38,210.91 for a four day stay is slightly excessive to say the least.. First you have her down for three and one half days of oxygen at $1200 dollars a day. She claims she was on oxygen for only two days. You have her down for 110 doses of medication over a four day period ranging from $219.10 a dose to $144.49 a dose to $61.50 a dose to $41.02 a dose to $36.25 a dose all in all 110 doses of medication in four days.


Corrupt Practices Accelerating the Decline of American Journalism

We have people posturing as journalists on TVNo matter how much this week's Pulitzer Prize triumphalism hides it, the fact remains that journalism these days is "a disaster," as Ted Koppel said recently. And unfortunately, retrospection dominates the news industry's self-analysis. Like dazed tornado victims, most media experts focus on what happened and why, oh lord, why?


Ex-CIA head erased torture tapes

CIA Director Porter GossThe former CIA Director Porter Goss has given the go-ahead for the destruction of tapes depicting brutal interrogation of two terrorist suspects.

According to CIA's internal e-mails, in 2005, then Director of the agency's clandestine service Jose Rodriguez ordered the destruction of almost-a-hundred of torture tapes — a move "approved" by the Goss.


Health insurers make big bucks from Big Macs

French FriesBut a new study has found that $1.88 billion from this industry is backing the top five publicly traded fast food chains. Excessive consumption of this sort of food has been repeatedly linked to a host of health problems, including obesity and diabetes.


Feds indict ex-Blackwater president

Gary Jackson, former Blackwater presidentThe former president of Blackwater Worldwide was charged Friday with using straw purchases to stockpile automatic weapons at the security firm and filing false documents to cover up gifts given to the King of Jordan.

The federal indictment charges Gary Jackson, 52, who left the company last year in a management shakeup, along with four other former workers.


Destruction of videotapes documented in CIA e-mail

White House counsel, Harriet MiersInternal CIA e-mails show the former agency head, Porter Goss, agreed with a top aide's 2005 decision to destroy videotapes of the harsh interrogation of a terror suspect, a controversial action that remains the focus of an FBI investigation.


Fluoride: Worse than We Thought

The CDC report then acknowledges new studies which indicate that the effects are "topical" rather than "systemic." "However, laboratory and epidemiologic research suggests that fluoride prevents dental caries predominately after eruption of the tooth into the mouth, and its actions primarily are topical for both adults and children."


Earth's missing heat could haunt us later: report

Missing heat could haunt usThe rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere means far more energy is coming into Earth's climate system than is going out, but half of that energy is missing and could eventually reappear as another sign of climate change, scientists said on Thursday.


Obama orders hospitals to grant same-sex couples visitation rights

Obama orders hospitals to grant same-sex couples visitation rightsPresident Obama on Thursday signed a memorandum requiring hospitals to allow gays and lesbians to have non-family visitors and to grant their partners medical power of attorney.

The president ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to prohibit discrimination in hospital visitation. The memo is scheduled to be made public Friday morning, according to an administration official and another source familiar with the White House decision.


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