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Rex Tillerson has a shaky show before skeptical senators
Rex Tillerson had terse exchanges Wednesday with Republican Marco Rubio and other key senators during his confirmation hearing for the role of... Read more...
Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him
Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have... Read more...
Mercedes recalls about 48K SUVs to fix air bag sensor
Mercedes-Benz is recalling nearly 48,000 SUVs in the U.S. to fix a sensor problem that could stop the front passenger air bag from inflating in a... Read more...
'Scientology': Ex-member says he fought to go to twin's funeral
For the sixth episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, the A&E series returned to Clearwater, Fla., which The King of Queens’... Read more...
Titanic Sinking Theory Claims A Massive Fire Led To The Ocean Liner's Demise
The tragic story of the Titanic still fascinates many people more than a century after its doomed maiden voyage.But one Irish journalist thinks the... Read more...
Afghanistan funds abusive militias as US military 'ignores' situation, officials say
The US military and the CIA are turning a blind eye as Afghanistan’s spy agency spends foreign donor money on militias which are committing human... Read more...
Iraqi troops retreat after Mosul hospital battle
Iraqi troops who seized a hospital deep inside Mosul believed to be used as an Islamic State military base have retreated after a fierce... Read more...
Iraq: Scores killed in petrol station Hilla attack
At least 80 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a massive suicide truck bomb blast at a petrol station south of Iraq's capital Baghdad,... Read more...
All hospitals in eastern Aleppo out of action after bombardments: officials
All hospitals in Syria's besieged rebel-held eastern Aleppo are out of service after days of heavy air strikes, its health directorate and the World... Read more...
Children's hospital in Aleppo hit in airstrikes
Jet fighters and helicopters bombing east Aleppo hit a children’s hospital and a blood bank on Wednesday, as medics and patients sheltered in the... Read more...
Oxfam: Eight men are as rich as half the world
The gap between the super-rich and the poorest half of the world's population is starker than previously thought, with just eight men, including Bill... Read more...
Amazon says it will create 100,000 full-time jobs in U.S. by 2018
Amazon will create 100,000 full-time jobs in the United States with full benefits over the next 18 months, the tech giant announced in a statement... Read more...
Jobless claims fall to near 43-year low
The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell to near a 43 year-low last week, pointing to further tightening in the labor... Read more...
Macy's cutting 6,200 jobs, closing 68 stores
After seeing sales drop during the holidays, Macy's said Wednesday it has either closed or will shutter 68 stores and cut an additional 6,200... Read more...
Ford cancels Mexico plant; plans to add around 700 jobs in Michigan
Ford is reportedly canceling its plans to build a new facility in Mexico, according to CNNInstead, Ford said it plans to invest $700 million in... Read more...
Jill Stein demands 'accurate and just' recount outside Trump Tower
On the heels of a legal victory in Michigan over the weekend, the Green party presidential nominee, Jill Stein, continued her campaign to recount... Read more...
Shades Of 2000? Clinton Surpasses Trump In Popular Vote Tally
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finds herself on the wrong end of an electoral split, moving ahead in the popular vote but losing... Read more...
You Only Believe the Official 9/11 Story Because You Don't Know the Official 9/11 Story
I don't believe the official story of 9/11 because I know the official story of 9/11!During the past 15 years I have not met a single individual who,... Read more...
U.S. suspicion of Saudi ties to 9/11 outlined in declassified 2002 intelligence report
More than two dozen top secret investigative pages that contributed to the government's official 9/11 report were finally released Friday, following... Read more...
Congress releases long-awaited document on possible Saudi role in 9/11
The House Intelligence Committee has made public most of a long-classified section of a 2002 congressional inquiry into 9/11 attacks that discusses... Read more...
Trump’s Commerce Pick Fired Undocumented Household Worker Before Confirmation Hearing
President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for commerce secretary admitted at his Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday that he recently fired a household... Read more...
FBI, 5 Other Agencies Probing Possible Kremlin Cash to Trump
The FBI and five other law enforcement and intelligence agencies have collaborated for months in an investigation into Russian attempts to influence... Read more...
Trump's OMB nominee failed to pay $15k in taxes for nanny
Rep. Mick Mulvaney, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Office of Management and Budget, disclosed in congressional documents that he... Read more...
‘Apprentice’ contestant Summer Zervos sues Donald Trump for defamation
Former "Apprentice" contestant Summer Zervos sued Donald Trump for defamation Tuesday, charging that he smeared her as a liar to save his hopes for... Read more...
Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump From the Shadows
Erik Prince, America’s most notorious mercenary, is lurking in the shadows of the incoming Trump administration. A former senior U.S. official who... Read more...
HHS nominee's stock buys raise ethical questions: report
President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services purchased shares in a medical device manufacturer and then... Read more...
Breaking: Total Abortion Ban Debuts in Congress
Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on Thursday introduced the first federal “heartbeat bill” modeled on a failed Ohio attempt to end legal abortion as early... Read more...
Trump unleashes Twitter attack against Congressman John Lewis
Donald Trump tore into civil rights legend John Lewis for questioning the legitimacy of the Republican billionaire's White House victory,... Read more...
Dems 'outraged' with Comey after House briefing
A number of House Democrats left Friday's confidential briefing on Russian hacking fuming over the actions of FBI Director James Comey and convinced... Read more...
Florida Rep. John Rutherford collapses in Capitol
Rep. John Rutherford, R-Jacksonville, collapsed during voting Wednesday night and was removed from the Capitol on a stretcher, according to reports.... Read more...
George HW Bush and wife in hospital
Former US President George HW Bush and his wife Barbara Bush have been admitted to a hospital in Houston, Texas, according to a spokesman.The 41st... Read more...
DOJ accuses JPMorgan Chase of mortgage discrimination
The federal government is accusing JPMorgan Chase & Co. of discriminating against "thousands" of minority borrowers by charging them higher rates... Read more...
Gene Cernan, Last Man To Walk On The Moon, Dies At 82
The last person to leave footprints on the moon has died. NASA reported that Gene Cernan died Monday at the age of 82, surrounded by his family.Gene... Read more...
Ringling Bros. Circus To End 146-Run
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will stage the final performances of "The Greatest Show on Earth" in May, ending a 146-year run.The... Read more...
Federal housing agency: Houston housing policies violate Civil Rights Act
Houston's procedures for approving a key form of low-income housing perpetuate segregation and violate the Civil Rights Act, the U.S. Department of... Read more...
European Court says Russia wrongly banned US adoptions
Europe's human rights court ruled on Tuesday that Russia must pay damages and legal costs to Americans who were barred from adopting Russian... Read more...
Oman accepts 10 Guantanamo Bay detainees at U.S. request
Oman accepted a request from the United States to take in 10 inmates from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility "in consideration to their... Read more...
Human Rights Watch lists Trump as threat to human rights
Human Rights Watch is listing President-elect Donald Trump as a threat to human rights, calling his campaign a “vivid illustration of the politics... Read more...
Rights group slams Egypt's record in 2016
Egypt has banned public criticism of the government, Human Rights Watch said Thursday, with hundreds of people disappearing at the hands of security... Read more...
U.S. To Transfer 4 Guantanamo Bay Detainees To Saudi Arabia
The United States will transfer four detainees to Saudi Arabia from the Guantanamo Bay military prison in the next 24 hours, U.S. officials said on... Read more...
Alex Baer: The New Abnormal
We pretty much imagined life would change the minute we had seen Orange-Head's numbers tallying on the Electoral College board.  Not long after, we... Read more...
Alex Baer: SHUT.IT.DOWN.
There's keeping an open and hopeful mindset, and there's ignoring the bus and truck which have leapt the curb and are coming straight at you.Last... Read more...
Alex Baer: Day Four: Pandora's Clubhouse
Thanks for coming by later in the day today than we've been meeting lately.  I'm sure that you, like me, just wanted to linger under the warm... Read more...
Alex Baer: Day Three: 'Very Unfair'
Yes, I know:  I keep waking up in TrumpWorld, too.  The thought clicks into place about two seconds after my eyes open and consciousness dawns. ... Read more...
Alex Baer: Day Two: Triage Tango
Another election.  Another Veterans Day.  Another round of triage.  Yes, it's a new day.  Welcome to Group.Might be nice to start out this... Read more...
18 Million People Could Lose Insurance In First Year After Partial Obamacare Repeal
A partial repeal of Obamacare could leave 18 million people who have insurance today with no coverage one year later, according to an analysis by the... Read more...
Obamacare Rallies Around the Country
Supporters of the Affordable Care Act gathered to protest the health care law’s repeal in rallies across the country on Sunday.The demonstrations... Read more...
Bo Jackson opens up about football's CTE risk
Most scientists believe that CTE, a progressive degenerative brain disease, is associated with repeated blows to the head, such as those suffered... Read more...
Desmond Tutu Joins Advocates To Call For Right To Assisted Death
Desmond Tutu, South Africa's former Anglican archbishop and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, recently celebrated his 85th birthday with an interesting... Read more...
Scientists identify new human organ, the mesentery
A doctor in Ireland classifies the mesentery, a membrane that connects the intestine to the abdomen, as a continuous structure and a separate... Read more...
The last time the Earth was this warm was 125,000 years ago
The planet sizzled to its third straight record warm year in 2016, and human activity is to blame, federal scientists announced Wednesday.The last... Read more...
Cold weather kills 180,000 alpacas in Peru
Recent cold weather in the Ayacucho region of central-southern Peru is being blamed for the deaths of up to 180,000 alpacas.These usually hardy... Read more...
What could be the 'worst ice storm in 10 years' begins in central U.S.
What could be the worst ice storm in 10 years has begun in the central U.S., one that forecasters say will unload freezing rain on a 1,000-mile swath... Read more...
Study: U.S. water affordability crisis on the horizon
Water is relatively cheap when it comes to food and housing, which is why it is sometimes ignored in discussions about public assistance for... Read more...
U.S. Puts Bumblebee On The Endangered Species List For 1st Time
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has designated the rusty patched bumblebee an endangered species — the first such designation for a bumblebee... Read more...
USGS: Largest oil deposit ever found in U.S. discovered in Texas
The U.S. Geological Survey recently discovered the largest continuous oil and gas deposit ever found in the United States, officials said Tuesday.The... Read more...
Nuclear reactor at Indian Point plant in N.Y. shut down again after leak found
One of two reactor units at a nuclear power plant near New York City has been taken offline for the second time in four months after leakage was... Read more...
Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone
Portugal kept its lights on with renewable energy alone for four consecutive days last week in a clean energy milestone revealed by data analysis of... Read more...
Big Banks Aided Firm At Center Of International Bribery Scandal
No business can operate without bankers — not even the bribery business.British financial giant HSBC and American bailout kingpin Citibank... Read more...
U.S. Oil Industry Giant Paid Millions To A Company At The Center Of Huge Corruption Scandal
The American engineering and construction firm KBR hired Unaoil — an obscure Monaco-based company now involved in a massive international bribery... Read more...
Edward Snowden's leave to remain in Russia extended for three years
Edward Snowden’s leave to remain in Russia has been extended for three years, his lawyer has said, as a Russian official said the whistleblower... Read more...
Iran warns Trump about trying to undo nuke deal
Iran's foreign minister says U.S. President-elect Donald Trump "will be surprised" if he tries to renegotiate the hard-won nuclear deal reached by... Read more...
4 quakes shake Italy, isolating towns blanketed under snow
Four strong earthquakes on Wednesday shook the same region of central Italy that suffered deadly temblors last year, sending quake-rattled residents... Read more...
Ukraine files case against Russia at UN's highest court
Ukraine has filed a case against Russia at the United Nations' highest court, accusing Moscow of illegally annexing Crimea and illicitly funding... Read more...
Trump threatens German carmakers with 35 percent U.S. import tariff
U.S President-elect Donald Trump warned German car companies he would impose a border tax of 35 percent on vehicles imported to the U.S. market, a... Read more...
Turkey deports New York Times journalist
Turkey has deported a correspondent with The New York Times as he tried to enter the country through Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, according to the... Read more...
CNN to Trump admin: Acosta has our complete support
CNN is supporting senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta after he forcefully tried to ask President-elect Donald Trump a question at his news... Read more...
Fox News Secretly Settled Bill O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Case: Report
Fox News settled a sexual harassment case involving anchor Bill O’Reilly in the days following Roger Ailes’ departure from the network last... Read more...
Prolific Author And Jazz Writer Nat Hentoff Dies At 91
Nat Hentoff, the author of dozens of books and decades of columns, has died at 91.  His son Nick Hentoff confirmed his father's death on Twitter... Read more...
Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox News for NBC
Megyn Kelly, one of America’s most prominent news anchors, will join NBC News, it was announced today by Andrew Lack, Chairman of the NBCUniversal... Read more...
Obama commutes sentence of Manning, pardons Cartwright
President Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the Army private accused of leaking classified military secrets to Wikileaks, the White... Read more...
US navy fired 'warning shots' at Iranian patrol boats
A US navy destroyer has fired multiple warning shots at Iranian patrol boats near the entrance of the Gulf, according to US defence officials.Iran's... Read more...
New Army regulations allow for turbans, beards and religious garb
The U.S. Army announced a new policy that permits religious exemptions for uniform regulations, allowing for beards, turbans, hijabs and other signs... Read more...
3 Women Make History As The Marines’ First Female Infantrymen
Three women have made strides to become the first female members of a Marine Corps infantry unit, and along the way have changed the military branch... Read more...
The Gabby: Navy to commission USS Gabrielle Giffords
A naval program that has become a target for critics is preparing to commission a new vessel named after a well-known shooting survivor.The USS... Read more...
New moth species named for Donald Trump's hair
Scientists have named a newly discovered species of moth after Donald Trump.  Researchers named the moth after the President-elect because the new... Read more...
Scientists In Last-Minute Scramble To Save Environmental Data Before Trump Takes Over
Scientists across the nation are in a frantic push to save as much environmental data as possible before a feared government information purge... Read more...
Mysterious fast radio bursts originate from distant dwarf galaxy
We may not know exactly what they are, but we now know where one of them came from.For the first time, astronomers have pinpointed the home galaxy of... Read more...
Anti-surveillance clothing aims to hide wearers from facial recognition
The use of facial recognition software for commercial purposes is becoming more common, but, as Amazon scans faces in its physical shop and Facebook... Read more...
Vera Rubin, Astronomer Who Discovered The First Direct Evidence Of Dark Matter, Dead At 88
Vera Rubin, a U.S. astronomer who pioneered work on invisible dark matter in the universe and who some colleagues felt was overlooked for a Nobel... Read more...
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641 Reporter reflects: 'Their grief is my last remembrance of Iraq' Reggie
642 US mulls unusual tactic as Blackwater charges loom Reggie
643 Why does President Bush keep lying, even now, about Saddam Hussein's 'refusal' to let weapons inspectors in? Jesse Richard
644 Bush: 'I was unprepared for war' Jesse Richard
645 Press and "Psy Ops" to merge at NATO Afghan HQ: sources Reggie
646 Obliterating Iraq Reggie
647 Afghanistan demands 'timeline' for end of military intervention Reggie
648 Iraq Ally Lists Were Altered, Study Shows Reggie
649 Father murdered, wife and daughter jailed: killers call the shots in Iraq's justice system Reggie
650 Contractors in Iraq could face charges in earlier incidents Jesse Richard
651 Why the U.S. blinked on its troop agreement with Iraq Reggie
652 US-Iraq security pact may be in violation, Congress is told Jesse Richard
653 Iraq Quietly Dismisses Its Anticorruption Officials Reggie
654 Mask Ban Upsets Iraqis Hired as U.S. Interpreters Reggie
655 Iraq war set to end not on Bush's terms Reggie
656 Top judge: US and UK acted as 'vigilantes' in Iraq invasion Jesse Richard
657 U.S., Pakistan made deal on air strikes Reggie
658 New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food Reggie
659 Al-Sadr Throws Down the Gauntlet on US-Iraq Talks Reggie
660 Counting the dead gets more complicated in Iraq Reggie

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