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Israel arrests more from Jewish extremist group
Israeli police have arrested four Jewish activists from the extremist Lehava group opposed to Arab-Jewish coexistence.The arrests are part of a... Read more...
Dear Chelsea Manning: birthday messages from Edward Snowden, Terry Gilliam and more
On Wednesday, Chelsea Manning – heroine, whistleblower and inmate – turns 27. She has been behind bars for four years and eight months, ever... Read more...
TIME Person of the Year: The Ebola Fighters
For decades, Ebola haunted rural African villages like some mythic monster that every few years rose to demand a human sacrifice and then returned to... Read more...
6,000 tons of polluted soil dug up after southern Israel oil spill
Following a major oil spill caused by a leak in the Trans-Israel pipeline Thursday night, the Environmental Protection Ministry said Saturday that it... Read more...
How the NSA Hacks Cellphone Networks Worldwide
For the NSA, the task was easy. The agency had already obtained technical information about the cellphone carriers’ internal systems by spying on... Read more...
U.S.-led forces launch 13 air strikes in Iraq, three in Syria
U.S.-led forces attacked Islamic State targets on Sunday with 13 air strikes in Iraq and three in Syria, using fighter, bomber and other aircraft,... Read more...
Firms plead guilty to overbilling for food, water for troops in Afghanistan
Two foreign companies have pleaded guilty in court to defrauding the U.S. government by overcharging for food and water for U.S. troops in... Read more...
Taliban attack kills two U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan
The Afghan Taliban killed a Supreme Court official, a dozen mine clearers and several national and foreign soldiers but also suffered heavy losses... Read more...
The Appallingly High Number of Unidentified People Killed in America's Drone War
In September 2009, a Pakistan daily newspaper reported that the commander of an al Qaeda-linked terrorist group had been killed in a U.S. drone... Read more...
A Year After Congressional Testimony, Drone Strike Victims Still Searching for Justice
Drone strikes launched on October 11 of this year in Pakistan's Tirah Valley in the Khyber region and in Shawal in the North Waziristan region... Read more...
Inequality Between America's Rich and Poor Is at a 30-Year High
There are many ways to compare finances, but perhaps a more holistic measure of financial health looks at household wealth, a comparison of what a... Read more...
More Sears and Kmart closings than first announced
Sears Holdings, the parent company to Sears and Kmart, announced it will close another 235 stores nationwide after another quarterly loss.Sears... Read more...
US adds 321,000 jobs, the most in nearly 3 years
U.S. employers added 321,000 jobs in November, the biggest burst of hiring in nearly three years and the latest sign that the United States is... Read more...
How Executive Ended Up With $196 Million in an IRA
Corporate and private-equity executives can accumulate millions of dollars in tax-favored retirement accounts, taking advantage of gaps in the law... Read more...
Seven big US corps pay CEOs more than they hand Uncle Sam in taxes
Seven of the 30 largest American corporations paid more money to their chief executive officers last year than they paid in U.S. federal income... Read more...
9/11 victims: Saudi Arabia’s backing of al-Qaida made attacks possible
As defense attorneys tried again last week to get Saudi Arabia dropped from a massive federal lawsuit accusing it of complicity in the 9/11 attacks,... Read more...
New Yorker Magazine Exposes 9/11 Truth: The Twenty-Eight Pages
On the bottom floor of the United States Capitol’s new underground visitors’ center, there is a secure room where the House Intelligence... Read more...
Three New York firefighters die of 9/11-related illnesses, FDNY says
Three retired New York firefighters who worked at Ground Zero in the days after the World Trade Center attack died on the same day this week of... Read more...
9/11 Myth Huggers: 13 Years of Ignoring the Evidence
The establishment media hold up an apple for your inspection, and they tell you it is an orange. If I try to show you that you are looking at an... Read more...
C-SPAN Interviews Determined AE911Truth Founder, Richard Gage
It's the kind of rare opportunity that members of the 9/11 Truth Movement wish would come more often.Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth... Read more...
President Obama commutes 8 sentences and grants 12 pardons
President Obama commuted the sentences of eight drug offenders Wednesday and pardoned 12 federal offenders.  The drug offenders had received... Read more...
US co-opted Cuba's hip-hop scene to spark change
For more than two years, a U.S. agency secretly infiltrated Cuba's underground hip-hop movement, recruiting unwitting rappers to spark a youth... Read more...
The Koch brothers eclipse the RNC
The Koch brothers and their allies are pumping tens of millions of dollars into a data company that’s developing detailed, state-of-the-art... Read more...
Potential Indictments in George Washington Bridge Probe May Be Handed Down in January: Sources
Multiple sources familiar with the investigation into last year's traffic jams near the George Washington Bridge tell NBC 4 New York at least half a... Read more...
Obama nominates Ashton Carter for Secretary of Defense
Shaking up his Pentagon leadership, President Barack Obama tapped policy wonk Ashton Carter to oversee the sprawling Defense Department Friday,... Read more...
CIA unlikely to punish staff over Senate computer search: NYT
A panel investigating the CIA's search of a computer network used by U.S. Senate staff will not recommend disciplining the agency officials involved... Read more...
Senate Confirms Vivek Murthy As Surgeon General Over NRA Opposition
In a rare show of defiance of the National Rifle Association, the Senate on Monday confirmed Dr. Vivek Murthy to serve as surgeon general of the... Read more...
Senate Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
The Senate passed a $1.1 trillion spending package Saturday night on a 56-40 bipartisan vote, after overruling an objection from Sen. Ted Cruz of... Read more...
House votes to avoid govt shutdown, passes $1 trillion spending bill
The House of Representatives voted to pass a massive spending bill that will keep the government running into next year, narrowly avoiding a shutdown... Read more...
Congressional staffers walk out over Brown, Garner decisions
Congressional staff members staged a walkout Thursday in protest of the recent killings of black men by police officers, both of which did not result... Read more...
‘I felt like a piece of trash’ – Life inside America’s food processing plants
Maria Lopez will never forget that day. It was 2004, the middle of an ordinary shift on the line at Hormel Foods – a sprawling brick-and-concrete... Read more...
Staples: millions exposed in data breach
Staples Inc. said hackers stole personal information from up to 1.16 million payment cards used in the Northeastern United States during the busy... Read more...
Gunman Kills 2 Police Officers; Suspect Dead: NYPD
A gunman possibly bent on retribution shot and killed two NYPD officers sitting in their squad car Saturday in Brooklyn, according to police... Read more...
FBI Mishandled Evidence All Over America
An internal investigation at the Federal Bureau of Investigation has found that the agency mishandled, mislabeled, and lost evidence in every region... Read more...
Ferguson DA Claims He Knew Witnesses Were Lying, Let Them Testify Anyway
Some witnesses were clearly lying when they spoke to a grand jury about the August police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., according to St.... Read more...
US sends 4 Afghans back home from Guantanamo
The United States has returned four Afghans from Guantanamo Bay back to their home country.U.S. officials say the transfer from the detention center... Read more...
The CIA Didn’t Just Torture, It Experimented on Human Beings
Human experimentation was a core feature of the CIA’s torture program. The experimental nature of the interrogation and detention techniques is... Read more...
Feds sue NYC over Rikers Island jail violence
Federal prosecutors sued New York City on Thursday to speed the pace of reforms at the Rikers Island jail complex and address what a Justice... Read more...
Judge throws out black teen's conviction from 1944
A judge threw out the conviction Wednesday of black teen executed 70 years ago for the deaths of two white girls.George Stinney Jr., 14, was... Read more...
CIA torture: health professionals 'may have committed war crimes', report says
Health professionals who assisted in the CIA’s torture programme of terror suspects “betrayed the most fundamental duty of the healing... Read more...
The Rank, Reeking Horror of Torturing Some Folks
"Let me put it plainly: these people do not belong on my television. They belong in prison, for the crimes of theft, torture and murder. They... Read more...
Alex Baer: Digging Deeper into the Cosmic Stuffing
Atheists, agnostics, and religionists can all agree on at least one thing at Thanksgiving: The staggering, blinding, on-target brilliance of the... Read more...
Bob Alexander: Greetings From Planet VeeGah
It’s been over a month since we watched Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret and turned ourselves into veganistas. And It’s been … um …... Read more...
Alex Baer: Aping Nuclear Wisdom with Monkey Business
The fun thing about humanity is that there's always something brand new to deliver ground-breaking terrors right to your front door. Sometimes it's a... Read more...
How Many Muslim Countries Has the U.S. Bombed Or Occupied Since 1980?
Barack Obama, in his post-election press conference yesterday, announced that he would seek an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) from... Read more...
Health study: Half of Dr. Oz's advice is bad
The British Medical Journal examined popular daytime medical talk shows "The Doctors" and "The Dr. Oz Show" for the accuracy of their advice and... Read more...
NY releases planned medical marijuana rules
The state took another step Thursday toward getting its medical marijuana program up and running, with the Department of Health releasing a set of... Read more...
Ebola kills Sierra Leone's most senior doctor
Sierra Leone’s most senior doctor has died of Ebola just hours after an experimental drug to treat him arrived at Freetown’s airport.Dr Victory... Read more...
Stem cells: First therapy approved by EU
A stem cell therapy has been approved for widespread medical use in the EU for the first time.Stem cells can become any type of tissue in the body... Read more...
Air Pollution Exposure in Pregnancy Linked to Autism in Study
Women who are exposed to high levels of air pollution during their third trimester of pregnancy may be twice as likely to have an autistic child, a... Read more...
U.S. Seeks BP Fine of Up to $18 Billion for Gulf Oil Spill Disaster
The government wants BP Plc (BP/) to pay $16 billion to $18 billion in water-pollution fines for the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history while... Read more...
Gray wolf to be placed back on endangered list
A U.S. federal judge on Friday ordered the gray wolf in the Great Lakes region be put back on the endangered list.The move came two years after the... Read more...
Major U.S. cities have passed the 'tipping point' for sea level rise, according to a new study
Washington, D.C. and Annapolis, Md. are already past a "tipping point" for frequent flooding caused by sea level rise, a new study finds.Using... Read more...
Protesters in contempt of court for anti-whaling campaign
Radical environmentalists who threw acid and smoke bombs at Japanese whalers were found in contempt of court for continuing their relentless campaign... Read more...
EPA sets first national standard for coal waste
The Obama administration on Friday set the first national standards for waste generated from coal burned for electricity, treating it more like... Read more...
Oil prices plummet as OPEC decides against output cut
Crude prices collapsed Thursday after the powerful oil collective OPEC said it wouldn't intervene in global markets and cut production levels to stem... Read more...
One dead in Gulf of Mexico rig accident
There is no pollution associated with an explosion on a drilling platform about 12 miles off the coast of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico, a... Read more...
South Korea shuts down nuclear reactor after crack discovered
South Korea shut down one of its nuclear reactors Friday after a crack was detected in a steam generator tube.The nuclear reactor at the Yeonggwang... Read more...
PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Are Energy Hogs
For all their graphical improvements and multimedia functionality, there's one place where Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 are sorely... Read more...
EU court backs ‘right to be forgotten,’ orders Google to take down links
Europe’s top court struck a blow for the "right to be forgotten" Tuesday, ordering Google to delete search results shown to be “inadequate,... Read more...
Australia Police Make Arrest In Killing Of 8 Children
An Australian woman was arrested for murder in the killings of eight children, seven of whom are believed to be her own, police said Saturday. The... Read more...
N. Korea proposes joint probe over Sony hacking
North Korea on Saturday proposed a joint investigation with the U.S. into the hacking attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment, warning of... Read more...
Israel launches Gaza air strike on 'Hamas target'
Israeli aircraft have bombed a site in Gaza, in the first such action since the declaration of a truce in August.The air strike was carried out on a... Read more...
8 children killed, mother stabbed, in Australia
Eight dead children and a woman suffering from stab wounds were found inside a home in a northern Australian city on Friday, police said.Police... Read more...
5.5-Magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan
A 5.5-magnitude earthquake struck off Japan's coast Friday evening at 5:49 p.m. local time.There were no reports of damage or injuries at sea or... Read more...
Judge allows Oklahoma to bar press from seeing executions
A federal judge in Oklahoma has allowed the state to press ahead with its restrictions on press access to executions, dismissing a legal challenge... Read more...
Attorney General Won't Force New York Times Reporter to Reveal Source
Attorney General Eric Holder has decided against forcing a reporter for the New York Times to reveal the identity of a confidential source, according... Read more...
Al Jazeera correspondent dies in Syria
Al Jazeera Media Network has announced the death of its Arabic correspondent in Syria, Mahran Al Deeri, while covering battles in the city of Al... Read more...
Washington Post journalist charged by court in Tehran
After being detained over the summer, a reporter for the Washington Post was charged by an Iranian court Saturday.Jason Rezaian, an Iranian American... Read more...
US journalist killed in failed rescue raid in Yemen
An American photojournalist and a South African teacher held by Al-Qaeda in Yemen were killed Saturday during a failed U.S.-led rescue attempt, a... Read more...
U.S. Navy revokes Bill Cosby's honorary chief petty officer title
The U.S. Navy has revoked Bill Cosby's title of honorary chief petty officer, citing allegations of sexual abuse against the comedian, the Pentagon... Read more...
US Ambassador to Iraq: US forces assured immunity
Washington has an agreement with Baghdad on privileges and immunities for the growing number of troops based in Iraq who are helping in the fight... Read more...
Navy: Submarine women were secretly filmed in shower
Some of the first female sailors to serve on submarines in the U.S. Navy were secretly filmed undressing and taking showers, officials have revealed,... Read more...
Former VA official: Burn pits could be the new Agent Orange
Anthony Thornton has trouble speaking, can’t read anymore and has trouble keeping up with his 3-year-old daughter. He said he doesn’t remember... Read more...
U.S. Air Force pilot killed in crash in Middle East
A U.S. Air Force pilot was killed when an F-16 crashed while returning to its base in the Middle East.The U.S. Central Command, which is in charge of... Read more...
These robots are ready to serve you
A hardware store in San Jose has a new star employee. It can speak English and Spanish, recognise any part at sight, and knows what the shop has in... Read more...
Shocking news: Electric eels exert remote control over prey
Electric eels, those perilous predators of South America, can unleash a potent electrical jolt to wallop their hapless prey. But this zap is not used... Read more...
Orion spacecraft's flawless test flight puts Mars exploration one step closer
White smoke rose in the air and green dye coloured the ocean to guide the USS Anchorage and smaller recovery vessels to the spot where Nasa’s Orion... Read more...
Einstein documents digitization project complete
Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can now explore more than 80,000 pages of documents left behind by the world's most famous physics... Read more...
Intel creates a new tool to help Stephen Hawking communicate
Eddie Redmayne is learning about much more than the beguiling life of Stephen Hawking, whom he plays in the recently released biopic Theory of... Read more...
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601 Afghanistan's 'Guantanamo' poses new prison problem for Barack Obama Reggie
602 U.S. Joins Four Law of War Treaties Jesse Richard
603 Children of Gaza: stories of those who died and the trauma for those who survived Reggie
604 Deadly missiles strike Pakistan Reggie
605 War boosted extremists in Gaza, says U.N. official Reggie
606 UN Sec. Gen. 'appalled' by Gaza's damage Reggie
607 Gaza rebuild 'to cost billions' Reggie
608 South Africa calls on Israel to stop military offensive in Gaza Jesse Richard
609 The IDF has no mercy for the children in Gaza nursery schools Reggie
610 Palestinian Doctor's Daughters killed while he is interviewed on Israeli TV Reggie
611 Iraqi guards said to throw party for shoe-thrower Reggie
612 Gaza op may be squeezing Hamas, but it's destroying Israel's soul Reggie
613 Israeli forces shell UN headquarters in Gaza Jesse Richard
614 Iraq Palestinians see hypocrisy in Maliki denouncing Gaza attack Reggie
615 VIDEO: Israel admits: "No Hamas rockets were fired during ceasefire" Jesse Richard
616 Inexplicable Wealth of Afghan Elite Sows Bitterness Reggie
617 Pentagon denies arms shipment to Israel linked to Gaza fighting Jesse Richard
618 Gaza bloodshed continues despite UN calls for ceasefire Jesse Richard
619 AP Gaza reporter finds hometown in rubble Jesse Richard
620 Gates estimates 2009 war costs at $136 billion Reggie

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