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Breaking: Bill Barr Given Mueller Report
At 5:02 pm.ET, the Mueller Report was gien to Attorney General Bill Barr. The 22 month investigation by special Prosecutor Bob Mueller is officially... Read more...
Trump breaks with US policy to recognize Golan Heights as Israeli territory
Donald Trump has announced that the US will recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, captured from Syria in 1967, in a dramatic move... Read more...
Vietnam Veteran Ex-Senator Tells Donald Trump How To Silence Bone Spur Doubters
Former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.) demanded that President Donald Trump present the nation with X-rays of his feet to prove once and for all the bone... Read more...
Trump Seeks Huge Premium From Allies Hosting U.S. Troops
For years, President Donald Trump has complained that countries hosting American troops aren’t paying enough. Now he wants to get even, and then... Read more...
McSally says she was raped in the Air Force by a superior officer
Sen. Martha McSally, a 26-year military veteran, said Wednesday that she was raped in the Air Force by a superior officer. The Arizona Republican... Read more...
Syria: The End Of The 'Caliphate' Doesn't Mean The End Of ISIS
On Friday, en route to Florida aboard Air Force One, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced that ISIS' "territorial caliphate has been... Read more...
Trump’s Bad Deal with the Taliban
Last week, Afghanistan’s national security adviser, Hamdullah Mohib, launched into a broadside against Zalmay Khalilzad, the chief American... Read more...
UN: Civilian deaths in Afghanistan hit record high in 2018
United Nations says the war-torn country saw 3,800 civilian lives taken last year, including 1,000 children. Talks between the United States and the... Read more...
Commander of US-backed Syrian forces calls for 1,500 troops to stay
The commander of U.S.-aligned Syrian forces wants as many as 1,500 U.S. service members to remain in the country to assist with operations against... Read more...
Second Suicide Bomb in Five Days Hits U.S. Convoy in Syria
A suicide bombing has hit a U.S.-Kurdish convoy in northern Syria, making it the second suicide attack to target American troops in five days. On... Read more...
National debt surpasses $22T for first time in U.S. history
The gross national debt surpassed $22 trillion for the first time in U.S. history, according to data released by the Treasury Department on... Read more...
Government shutdown costs the economy $11 billion, significantly dings Q1 GDP growth, CBO estimates
The 35-day government shutdown wiped out $11 billion in economic activity, most of which will be recouped, but the episode will noticeably reduce... Read more...
Hustle, the Political Text Messaging Service, Fires One-Third of Its Staff
Hustle Inc., a text messaging startup that worked with more than 1,300 Democratic campaigns in the 2018 midterms, has fired over 35 percent of its... Read more...
Trump supporter eyes moving factory to Mexico over tariffs
A supporter of President Trump is considering moving his company's production headquarters to Mexico in an effort to avoid Trump's tariffs on... Read more...
Key reading of the manufacturing sector falls to lowest level in more than 2 years
Activity in the U.S. manufacturing sector expanded at a much slower pace than expected last month, according to the Institute for Supply ... Read more...
Ex-White House lawyer Ty Cobb calls Mueller an 'American Hero'
Ty Cobb, the White House lawyer who served as President Trump's lead counsel during the early stages of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe,... Read more...
Cohen took out lines of credit for as much as $774K during campaign
Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen gained access to roughly $774,000 through two financial transactions during the 2016 campaign, The Wall... Read more...
Attorney General Jeff Sessions mulls firing Andrew McCabe
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reportedly considering firing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, just days before the bureau’s ... Read more...
13 Russians Indicted For Allegedly Interfering in Elections
Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office said Friday that a grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for alleged ... Read more...
Trump lists immigration demands that could derail 'Dreamers' deal
President Donald Trump laid out his immigration principles for Capitol Hill on Sunday — a list of hardline policies that could seriously... Read more...
Mueller's office is handing off Rick Gates case to the DC US Attorney's office
Former Trump campaign official Rick Gates’ case before Judge Amy Berman Jackson will be handed off to the DC US Attorney’s Office, special... Read more...
Mueller report: Why so many of President Donald Trump's aides lied to protect him in Russia investigations
The first lie – the first one that was a crime, at least – came on the fourth day of Donald Trump’s presidency, in a White House office down... Read more...
Swalwell on Hicks testimony: 'She's going to have to tell us who she lied for' in Trump admin
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) told MSNBC on Thursday that former White House communications director Hope Hicks will "have to tell us who she lied... Read more...
James Comey: What I Want From the Mueller Report
The country is eagerly awaiting the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Many people know what they want it to say — what they feel it... Read more...
McCain Institute punches back at Trump broadsides
With the late Sen. John McCain unable to defend himself against President Donald Trump’s escalating attacks, the McCain Institute is hitting back... Read more...
The Latest: Six Democratic House chairs demand full report
The Democratic chairs of six House committees are demanding that the Justice Department release “without delay” the full report it has received... Read more...
Senate GOP budget ignores Trump, cuts defense
The Senate Budget Committee on Friday unveiled a 2020 resolution that ignores President Trump's request for turbo-charging defense spending in the... Read more...
Some Democrats want more than just Trump’s personal tax returns
Top Democratic lawmakers are preparing to request President Donald Trump’s personal tax returns, but some liberal lawmakers say they should also... Read more...
White House rejects Dem request for documents on Trump-Putin communications
The White House is rejecting a sweeping request from House Democrats for documents and interviews related to President Trump’s communications with... Read more...
In 420-0 vote, House says Mueller report should be public
The House voted unanimously Thursday for a resolution calling for any final report in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation to be... Read more...
9-year-old US citizen detained at the border for more than 30 hours
A 9-year-old United States citizen was detained by Customs and Border Patrol officials for more than 30 hours this week after she tried to cross... Read more...
Sydney Aiello, who survived the Parkland high school shooting, dies by suicide
A recent graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who survived the Parkland school shooting has died by suicide, the student's mother... Read more...
Betsy DeVos strikes out — in court
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ attempts to swiftly roll back major Obama-era policies at her agency are hitting a roadblock: federal courts.... Read more...
Judge blocks laws passed by Wisconsin Republicans in lame-duck session
A Wisconsin judged ruled to block laws passed by Republicans in the state during a lame-duck session and restored powers to Democratic Gov. Tony... Read more...
FBI joins criminal probe into Boeing 737 Max 8 safety certification in wake of crashes
The FBI has joined the widening criminal probe into how Boeing's 737 Max 8 jets were deemed as safe in the months before two of them crashed in... Read more...
Fourth migrant dies in Border Patrol custody since December
A 40-year-old Mexican migrant has died in U.S Customs and Border Protection custody, the fourth such death since December. U.S. Customs and Border... Read more...
Pompeo: U.S. Will Revoke, Deny Visas for ICC War Crimes Investigators
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that the United States will revoke or deny visas issued to International Criminal Court members who’ve... Read more...
Judge expands pool of separated families who may require reunification
A federal judge on Friday expanded the pool of migrant families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border who may require reunification under an existing... Read more...
Trump Administration Deported 471 Parents From the U.S. Without Their Kids
At least 471 parents were deported from the United States without their children, according to new court filings. The Trump administration ... Read more...
Border aid volunteers who left food and water for migrants sentenced to probation, fines
A federal judge in Tucson on Friday sentenced four humanitarian-aid volunteers for dropping off water and food intended for migrants crossing through... Read more...
Bob Alexander: Night Stalkers
This is how Mrs. Dudley, the caretaker’s wife in Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, warns the new tenants that they’ll be ... Read more...
Bob Alexander: AUTOPSY
One of my favorite movies is director Don Siegel’s 1964 remake of The Killers. It was supposed to be one of the first “Made for ... Read more...
Fusion GPS: The Republicans' Fake Investigations
A generation ago, Republicans sought to protect President Richard Nixon by urging the Senate Watergate committee to look at supposed wrongdoing by... Read more...
NY Daily News: Donald Trump is a madman
After his latest spasm of deranged tweets, only those completely under his spell can deny what growing numbers of Americans have long suspected:... Read more...
You Only Believe the Official 9/11 Story Because You Don't Know the Official 9/11 Story
I don't believe the official story of 9/11 because I know the official story of 9/11!During the past 16 years I have not met a single individual... Read more...
New drug combo shows promise against pancreatic cancer
A combination therapy that uses two drugs could help in the fight pancreatic cancer, a new study says. The first drug blocks the process called... Read more...
Trump officials take bold steps on Medicaid
The Trump administration is pulling out all the stops to encourage red states to make conservative changes to Medicaid without congressional input.... Read more...
Mumps, other outbreaks force U.S. detention centers to quarantine over 2,000 migrants
Christian Mejia thought he had a shot at getting out of immigration detention in rural Louisiana after he found a lawyer to help him seek asylum.... Read more...
Judge rules Missouri Planned Parenthood clinic cannot offer abortions
A federal judge has ruled that a Planned Parenthood in Missouri cannot offer abortions. U.S. Western District Judge Brian Wimes ruled last Friday... Read more...
Trump administration issues rule to strip millions from Planned Parenthood
The Trump administration issued a final rule on Friday that could effectively cut off tens of millions of federal family planning dollars to Planned... Read more...
Students around the world skip class to demand action on climate
Tens of thousands of students worldwide are skipping class on Friday to take to the streets in protest at their governments' failure to take... Read more...
'Monumental step backwards' – the $1bn gas pipeline project dividing New York
A battle is erupting over a proposed gas pipeline on the doorstep of New York City, with environmental groups claiming the project is unnecessary and... Read more...
More than 50 People Missing After Pipeline Explosion in Nigeria
More than 50 people are reportedly missing in southern Nigeria’s Nembe kingdom after a leaking oil pipeline exploded. The explosion early Friday... Read more...
Brutal Arctic Air Mass May Take Over US, From Mexico To Canada Borders
Temperatures as much as 30 to 50 degrees below normal are entering the Northern Plains. Through the weekend, brutal conditions overtake the central... Read more...
Andrew Wheeler confirmed as the nation’s 15th EPA administrator
Andrew Wheeler has been confirmed as the nation’s 15th administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. The Senate voted 52-47 to confirm the... Read more...
Utility bankruptcy could be costly to California wildfire victims
Faced with potentially ruinous lawsuits over California's recent wildfires, Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection... Read more...
Wholesale energy prices dip below zero because of California’s solar power
Solar power shines bright in California, and wholesale energy prices prove it. Last winter and early spring’s dependence on solar drove wholesale... Read more...
Nuclear reactor at Indian Point plant in N.Y. shut down again after leak found
One of two reactor units at a nuclear power plant near New York City has been taken offline for the second time in four months after leakage was... Read more...
Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone
Portugal kept its lights on with renewable energy alone for four consecutive days last week in a clean energy milestone revealed by data analysis of... Read more...
Big Banks Aided Firm At Center Of International Bribery Scandal
No business can operate without bankers — not even the bribery business.British financial giant HSBC and American bailout kingpin Citibank... Read more...
Cruise Ship Off Norwegian Coast Reports Engine Failure, Evacuates 1,300 Passengers
A Viking Sky cruise ship off of Norway issued a mayday call on Saturday after experiencing engine failure. Helicopters and boats were sent in to ... Read more...
Trump undermines Treasury, cancels latest North Korea sanctions
President Donald Trump on Friday canceled the latest sanctions on North Korea hours after he said they were imposed by the U.S. Treasury Department.... Read more...
Boeing to Stop Charging Extra to Install 737 Max Safety Feature After Deadly Crashes
The doomed Boeing jets in Ethiopia and Indonesia lacked some safety features in their cockpits because the company charged extra to install them.... Read more...
Christchurch shootings: New Zealand to ban military style weapons
New Zealand will ban all types of semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles following the Christchurch attacks, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has... Read more...
Dutch shooting: Utrecht police arrest suspect after three killed
A man has been arrested after three people were killed and five wounded, some seriously, in a shooting on a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht.... Read more...
Facebook reportedly exposed millions of account user passwords in plain text
When it comes to Facebook and security it seems there is one potentially damaging lapse after another. The latest comes via an exclusive report from... Read more...
Cyclone Idai Leaves Vast Destruction in Mozambique and Other Countries in Southern Africa
A deadly cyclone that struck Mozambique and other countries in southern Africa has nearly obliterated the worst-affected areas, flooding vast... Read more...
Fox News pulls Jeanine Pirro's show after controversial remarks about Rep. Ilhan Omar's hijab
"Omar wears the hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested," Pirro said during her "Opening ... Read more...
Brexit vote: Theresa May dealt humiliating Brexit defeat as Britain teeters on the brink
Theresa May has lost the second ‘meaningful vote’ on her Brexit deal after failing to win over MPs with a series of last-minute changes agreed... Read more...
Tucker Carlson refuses to apologize after sexist remarks resurface
The Fox News host Tucker Carlson has refused to apologize for sexist and controversial remarks he made on talk radio years ago, after they were... Read more...
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, a guiding influence on Space Force, resigns
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson has resigned to take the top post at the University of Texas at El Paso. Wilson, a former member of Congress,... Read more...
Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Breaks from Trump on Border Wall, Immigration Policies
Officially out of the White House, former chief of staff John Kelly spoke freely Wednesday about the Trump administration and its policies. Speaking... Read more...
Federal judge lifts last of injunctions against transgender military ban
The last injunction blocking President Trump’s transgender military ban from taking effect was lifted by a federal judge Thursday, moving the... Read more...
With women in combat roles, a federal court rules the male-only draft unconstitutional
A federal judge in Texas has declared that the all-male military draft is unconstitutional, ruling that "the time has passed" for a debate on... Read more...
Former Air Force intelligence officer charged with spying for Iran and revealing defense secrets
Federal prosecutors revealed charges on Wednesday that a former Air Force intelligence officer had revealed defense secrets and the identity of at... Read more...
NASA Says Farewell to Mars Opportunity Rover
NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover traversed the red planet for more than a decade. Its photography—simultaneously detailed and panoramic—made a ... Read more...
Trump picks climate change skeptic for EPA science board
A well-known skeptic of the seriousness of climate change will join the Environmental Protection Agency’s science advisory board. Alabama ... Read more...
Climate scientists close to forecasting near-term global warming impacts
One of the biggest challenges of modeling climate change is making near-term and localized predictions. But according to a new study, published this... Read more...
NASA invite to sanctioned Russian official postponed indefinitely
The Trump administration has indefinitely postponed a proposed visit by a sanctioned Russian official to the U.S., a spokeswoman for NASA said on... Read more...
New Horizons has a successful flyby of the Kuiper Belt’s bowling pin
While people around the world were celebrating the arrival of 2019, people at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland were hard at... Read more...
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1 Syria: The End Of The 'Caliphate' Doesn't Mean The End Of ISIS Reggie
2 Trump’s Bad Deal with the Taliban Reggie
3 UN: Civilian deaths in Afghanistan hit record high in 2018 Reggie
4 Commander of US-backed Syrian forces calls for 1,500 troops to stay Reggie
5 Second Suicide Bomb in Five Days Hits U.S. Convoy in Syria Reggie
6 Civilians, US troops killed in blast in northern Syria Reggie
7 Syrian refugees cling to life on Golan Heights as Assad’s net tightens Reggie
8 Deadly mosque blast hits Libya's Benghazi Reggie
9 U.S.-led forces acknowledge killing 50 more civilians in Iraq, Syria Reggie
10 UN: 'Staggering' civilian deaths in Raqqa offensive Reggie
11 US coalition investigating reports of deadly Mosul airstrike Reggie
12 UNHCR: 3,000 fleeing Iraqis seized by ISIL Reggie
13 Scathing report in Britain slams Tony Blair over Iraq War Reggie
14 What Donald Rumsfeld Knew We Didn’t Know About Iraq Reggie
15 U.S. soldier killed, two wounded in Afghanistan Reggie
16 U.S., Russia dominate arms transfers to developing countries Reggie
17 Judge denies new trial bid for ex-US guards in Iraq shooting Reggie
18 The Intercept publishes secret military documents on drone killings Reggie
19 Top general on Afghan hospital raid: US brass behind decision to strike Reggie
20 U.N.: Civilian casualties in Afghanistan reach record levels Reggie

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