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400 Horsepower 110 MPG Cars, Come and Get-Em!


Live Broadcast: Wednesday, June 30th, 2008 - 8:00 PM ET.

While the establishment media tell you that 100-year-old auto companies do not have the brain power to design a car engine that dramatically improves fuel econ0my, Doug Pelmea went ahead and outbrained them all...or did he? Did Mr. Palmea invent some mysterious new energy technology or is he just the one person who wants the public to know that this kind of technology is not only possible, but is available now!

According to the HP2G website:

The HP2g is a revolutionary alternative energy solution that will reduce the nation’s reliance on foreign oil, and help keep the environment clean. The engine runs on E85, (a green alcohol-based fuel) that significantly reduces green house gas emissions. In testing, HP2g has exhibited ultra-high fuel economy and outstanding horsepower upon demand. The first production vehicle to utilize the HP2g technology will be the Revenge Verde Super Car, a luxury performance super car from Revenge Designs Inc.

Join our very special guest, Doug Pelmea of H2PG LLC. as he tells us about his revolutionary technology and his quest to share it with the world.

Tell your friends and get ready to learn what the establishment media do not want you to know!

As usual, your calls are welcome.

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