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Don't Listen to This Show Again!


Live Broadcast: June 17th, 2009 - 8:00 PM ET

Deception is the norm these days. It seems like everything we experience is wrapped in deception. What is real and how do you know it is?

We live in a strange world where people will defend their beliefs vigorously, sometimes at their own peril, without the slightest bit of proof, and often in contradiction to their very own experiences. Most often victims of propaganda, they are hopelessly lost in their world of unsubstantiated opinion.

Our guest will be  Keith David Henry, author of DON'T READ THIS BOOK- If You're Right.

Mr. Henry will offer his perspective on  reality and the many things that can blur reality.

As usual, your calls are welcome. 

Guest Bio: Kieth David Henry is a former Pentecostal minister, and have been involved with religious studies since 1980 as well. Having abandoned mainstream Christianity around 1989 he has been studying various metaphysical disciplines since then, and considers himself a self-taught meta physicist.

Me. Henry has been a poet and an artist for almost 33 years, and he has a passion for information, both receiving and giving.

He has an intense interest in particle physics, astrophysics, metaphysics, and medical science, he tries to keep up with the latest information regarding these fields. While he has a distaste for religion, politics, and medical politics, he is generally well versed in the mechanisms behind them and finds the “show” fascinating – particularly the way that people get wrapped up in them


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