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VIDEO: Energy Policy - MASSIVE Deception From the Left & the Right

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While the American public is being manipulated by the establishment media into supporting an energy policy put forth by either the Democratic party or the Republican party, they are unwittingly supporting the continuation of their own dependence on the energy cartel that controls our government, both parties included.

Regardless of where you hear the debate, the solutions argued always leave the people at the mercy of the energy industry. True energy independence involves allowing the people to have and use technology, which exists today, that can release the public from the slave chains of the establishment energy cartel.


Regardless of whom you "trust" to look out for your best interest, from FOX News to CNN to Democracy Now, you are being manipulated into fighting with your fellow Americans over two sides of an issue which both result in the continued domination over us all by the powerful energy cartel, which is essentially now part or our government.
From free energy to cheap clean energy, technology suppression is being perpetrated by our enemies in both major political parties and by America's worst enemy, establishment media. All you have to do is take a moment or two to look at the big picture, and you will see the massive deception taking place.

Listen as Jesse Richard explains the big picture.


UPDATE: I loaded this video on our Myspace account and it was deleted without an explanation. Myspace is owned by Fox Interactive Media; which is owned by News Corporation; which owns FOX News. Any questions?



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