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If You Oppose National Health Care, You Are an Idiot

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With all the debate about health care reform (which is NOT what is going on...see below), the epidemic of American idiocy is being totally ignored. The debate about the state of health care serves to demonstrate how economic overlords have completely destroyed the average American's ability to think critically or to see the obvious. American's are fooled into being their own worst enemies on so many levels. But when it comes to the debate on health care, it is absolutely frightening to see how stupid this nation has become.

Let's talk reality here...

Health Care Reform...

Let me make one thing clear right off the bat...there is no health care reform taking place in this nation. What is going in is health INSURANCE and PROFIT reform! All the reform that is being debated by politicians and echoed by the media has nothing to do with health,  - it is all about the money! That's it. It is in no way "health care" reform as the media would have you believe.  In reality, the only thing being debated  is "medical industry finance reform!"

Health Care...

Let me first correct the definition of this misleading and overused phrase. The "health care" industry is not about health, it is about medical treatment and medical sales. So called "health care" providers, institutions and professionals, for the most part, are in the medical service business and supply the application and distribution venues needed by that business. Your "health" is not an issue with these people. Your symptoms, illnesses, defects, syndromes, diseases, flaws, shortcomings and problems in general, are their "business."

Ass Backwards Capitalism

The criminals in the corporate media tell you that any form of national medical care is evil. They frighten you by telling you that if health care changes in this nation you will have to deal with terrible conditions like having to wait in waiting rooms for many long  hours at a time. And, of course, the average American simply believes what is said and repeats this mantra over and over. Bravo, FOX have trained the people well. But what never gets discussed are the realities of health care for profit, which is what American health care. excuse me, medical goods and services, are all about. I want you to really think about a few things here.

Understand that the United States has a so-called health industry that has every reason in the world to keep you sick and not one incentive at all to cure any diseases, reduce the frequency and quantity of your medical problems and issues, or keep you from having medical problems in the first place. Medical costs are out of control because the American medical industry is a for-profit business where the profits of investors and owners come before the fundamental ethics and mission of medical professionals. It is a system perverted by predatory capitalism and has grown into the most exploitative industry on this planet.

Argue all you want, call me all the names in the world, like commie, liberal, even though you probably don't know the definitions of those terms or what aspects of those terms apply here...but the hard fact is that medicine for profit is simply vile and shameful, but worse, it is counter productive. I am not saying that doctors, nurses, EMTs, and everyone in the medical industry do not deserve to be financially rewarded handily, but the system that exists now, here in America is immoral. Nurses and first responders don't drive up health costs, - investors and executives do! And do not for a moment leave out Big Pharma...the evil among evil...where even drug salespeople earn more than E.R. nurses. If you don't see a problem with that you should check your soul.

Imagine standing on a dock and falling into a river. You scream for help to a person on the dock who is holding a life preserver, and that person asks for payment before throwing it to you  Or, imagine that person telling you that you can't have the life preserver at all because he does not accept your insurance. Or, imagine that you can have the life preserver, but you will owe them everything you have in the world. Well there it is...American 'health care'. The only thing missing in this story is the fact that you were pushed into the river, and the guy with the life preserver knows all about the gangs who push people into the rivers but it really does not help his business to acknowledge or address that little reality. That's America.

Getting Your Business - What Makes You Sick?

The truth is that Americans are sicker than ever. We have more problems, more diagnosable diseases, and take more medicine than ever. Nobody asks why? Well, the regular readers of do, as so many of us in the reality based know...the ones who don't live in the fantasy world created by the establishment media.

There are 2 reasons why Americans are sicker than ever.

  1. We are being poisoned. Any toxin or health threat that can be thought up or invented is being ushered into our lives without our consent. From the detonation of nuclear weapons (over 2000 have been detonated on our planet), to adding deadly neurotoxins and undisclosed chemicals into our drinking water (can you say "fluoride and hydrofracking?), to genetically modifying our food supply, to bombarding us with every kind of cellular, radio and microwave transmission...our bodies are under attack down to their DNA levels...and the terrorists attacking us are corporations and their government accomplices.
  2. Wordsmithing. Redefining "symptoms" as diseases has allowed the medical industry to prescribe treatments and medications where no real single identifiable medical issue can be found. Natural age-related problems are now diseases, as are symptoms that can not be linked to any real disease. These new conditions are given nice marketable names and acronyms and sold to society in a way that is intended to make you feel abnormal for not being ill. COPD is just one example. By the is "your RA?" Did you get your RA Fit Kit? If not you can ask UCB Inc for one...they are behind the My RA campaign. And don't forget to tell your doctor to prescribe that pretty purple pill and never mind the deadly side effects. We need your money.

Keeping Your Business - Treat, Don't Cure - How can anyone expect a system, or a business (like the medical industry) to work when accomplishing the objective results in less profits and possible ruin? How can anyone in the cold and flu industry sincerely work towards a cure when finding one would put them out of business? The same can be said about every single illness and condition. ALL the incentives to treat patients with profitable medications and procedure ensure that cures are never found.

Not Good For Business - The business model of the medical industry requires that it keeps you sick. It is like any business...if a car company made a car that lasts a lifetime you would never need to buy a new one, buy new parts, or pay for regular service and repairs. Businesses can never consider the consumer's true best interests because it is in direct conflict with business interests and a threat to it's own survival. The so called "health care industry" is a business, designed to create more business, and that's all it is.

Destroy Competition From Mother Nature - The Mafia-like enforcer for the medical industry, the FDA, has made sure that mother nature has nothing to do with your health and well being. According to them, any natural food or substance that can improve or maintain good health is considered a drug and falls under their jurisdiction. It is amazing that they have not declared water to be a drug because it cures dehydration. Give them time...they will.

Let's take cholesterol as a typical example. There are two major reasons so many Americans have 'bad' cholesterol problems:

  1. Bad diet.
  2. We kill our livers. Unnatural foods and virtually ALL medications destroy or burden our livers. Your liver is the key organ involved in blood health. One important function (among many others) of the liver is regulating cholesterol . It produces cholesterol and purges the body of bad and excess cholesterol. The problem is that when harmful cholesterol is purged (via bile pumped out of our gall bladders into our intestines), it does not make it out of the body fast enough and gets reabsorbed as it sits in the large intestine. Fiber absorbs cholesterol like a sponge and carries it out of your body...quickly.  This is why Cheerios, among other healthy foods, lowers cholesterol. The FDA has warned the makers of Cheerios about letting the public know about this. The FDA is claiming jurisdiction over the natural workings and health of your body when it comes to nutrition and nature. As a result, Americans are assaulted with ads for Lipitor, and Big Pharma makes out like the bandits they are.
The FDA can not allow mother nature or natural health knowledge to interfere with their crime family profits. Cholesterol is just one of thousands of examples. Want to cure strep throat in a few hours? I have done this several times...but if I tell you how to do it...I can get in trouble. But you guys are smart...and you read this entire may find the clue that I left for you. Or maybe you can figure out how to contact me...and I am NOT SELLING A CURE...I can tell you what you need, though...and you can get it on your own.

No Profit, No Product - Stop running for the cure, stop sponsoring your friends walk-a-thons, stop donating to research and the MD telethons. Here is the deal: if, for the first time in history, one of these "charitable" organizations actually used the money to find a cure for something...for anything...(and they never have), who do you think will benefit? Not the patients. They will still have to hope that they can afford the cure or have the right insurance or be lucky enough to have access to the treatments. Your cash will help the investors and owners of the drug company or medical body that has the rights to the cure. And you can be certain that they will exploit their knowledge to no end.

Here is another little reality...if a cure or treatment for something is showing promise, and the active compounds (or approach in general), can not be patented, it will never see the light of day. Very simply, if you discover that the common spice called turmeric, kills cancer cells on contact (throat cancer), it will never be used, applied, subscribed, or suggested for use until some way to manipulate it into a unique patentable form is achieved. A cheap, real, working, widely available substance that cures or helps deal with a disease or medical ailment will never be permitted under the system that exists. No profits...then you can't have it, especially if it interferes with the profits of existing treatments.

Cancer Free? Then We Will Try to Give You Cancer -  Imagine, the primary screening process for diagnosing cancer, along with one of the primary treatments...GIVE YOU CANCER! How on earth, with all of our technology (MRI's), do we allow ourselves to be exposed to diagnostic techniques that use cancer causing radiation for the purpose of finding cancer? Are we all insane? Am I wrong ,or are MRI's the state of the art medical imaging technology? Why are we not using MRIs to detect cancer? At least they don't use radiation! Why are we regularly exposed to radiation? And why are we told to screen more often starting at a younger age! Are we nuts?

The answer, of course, is money. Insurance companies will not pay for expensive, safer diagnostic measures until all less expensive forms of diagnosis have been exhausted. For example: the cost of a radiation emitting mammogram is around $250.00.  The national average cost of a one breast MRI is $5,100..00. Why the hell does medical imaging cost this much? Who is making all the money on this technology? What are the profit margins? Why is this not discussed anywhere?

I don't care how much you trust your doctors...their entire approach towards "health" has been taught to them by the same people who sell you this nonsense. Who do you think funds medical learning institutions in the first place? The same people who own this planet...and this planet is nothing more than a business to them.

Quack a Doodle Doo - According to the FDA, and most medical business institutions, anyone who makes a claim regarding a health breakthrough or discovery, that does not fall in line with the profit business model (no cure, only treatment, patentable), is a quack. People who talk about natural remedies, preventive health practices or cures and treatments to diseases that can not be patented, can not produce huge profits, or pose a threat to the profits of an existing medical treatment industry, are quacks. Regardless of the results...if you are helping people live, and your method for doing so threatens the establishment, you will be attacked relentlessly by the medical establishment.

Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs) - Another Way to Rob You - How do we not see the entire flex spending accounts program as a vile exploitative immoral practice? You are supposed to gamble your money against your future health costs? If you get too sick you lose because you did not gamble enough money and will therefore not be able to get a tax break on your costs. And if you are healthy and don't need the money that year...YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY! What the fuck!!! Why not make all medical costs tax exempt. Or just set a limit as to how much can be tax exempt...why make us risk losing our money at all? Why make us hope that we will neither lose our money or our tax break? How did we allow this to even come into existence? The existence of FSAs is a prime example of how stupid Americans are. We are schmucks for falling for this idiocy.

  1. You are supposed to estimate what your out of pocket medical costs will be for the next year.
  2. If you spend all the money you estimated, and you have no additional medical costs, you win.
  3. If you spend less...SOME COMPANY GETS TO KEEP YOUR MONEY...and then you have to put more money down to play again next year.
  4. If you have unforeseen medical expenses (and they are almost ALWAYS UNFORESEEN), and you have to spend more than you had deducted from your salary, you are out of luck and you have to still pay taxes on your hard earned money (another scam in itself.)

I mean really folks...this is nothing more than a Las Vegas gambling game where, as it is always the case in Vegas, the odds overwhelmingly favor the house and the players always lose.

Those Socialistic Waiting Lists and Waiting Lines - So the bastards who call themselves mainstream media news casters help to scare you into fearing changes in the health care system by telling you that you have to wait in long lines for health care in other nations. Here are some questions about THIS NATION for you frightened folks...

  1. When was the last time you tried to get an appointment with a doctor in this nation? How long did you have to wait for an appointment? Weeks? Months?
  2. How long did you wait in the waiting room when appointment day arrived?
  3. Have you been to an emergency room lately? How long did you have to wait until you were actually tended to? Was your answer given in minutes, hours or days? In NYC you better be on your way to dying or you will be waiting a VERY long time...and I am talking about nice rich hospitals in great neighborhoods like Park Slope or the upper east side.
  4. Were you able to see any doctor you wanted to, or just those who accept your insurance?
  5. Did you ever try to get an alternative treatment only to be told that it is not covered?
  6. When you were waiting in the waiting room, and it is two hours and fifteen minutes past your appointment time, and a well dressed pharmaceutical sales person walks in and hands a business card to the reception person...what are the odds that you will get in to see the doctor before the drug pushing pharma-hooker?
  7. Are you the 1% of the public who can actually afford to go to any doctor you want and get any treatment you prefer? If so...stop reading are probably part of the problem with society. Reading this won't help you anyway.

Our medical care, for the majority of Americans, is dictated by the death panels known as the insurance companies. And this has been made possible by the death panel co-conspirator known as Congress.

Vermin - Actors Selling Medicine - There are a lot of bad people in society. There are a lot of people who prey on the poor, helpless, hopeless and less intelligent. The list of these people is endless, and their goal is all the same, to take your money. And I can think of no more shameful vermin than one who pretends to be a doctor or a patient on television in order to sell you drugs. An actor to pretending to be an ill person for the sake of selling drugs is simply vile. You can thank Ronald Regan for this byproduct of transposing the practice of medical arts into nothing more than a business.

We are told every day, by actors, to ASK OUR DOCTORS if the drugs they are selling are right for us. Aren't the doctors supposed to know what is right for us? Aren't the doctors supposed to TELL US what the BEST ways to treat our ailments are? We have lost our minds people...this is outrageous. Every other nation in the world laughs at us when it comes to this...this one is so obvious...prescription drugs advertised on TV!!! Shameless...and shameless is American.

American Pride - Embarrassing. - Americans continually insult the world with the insensitive and insulting claim of being the greatest nation in the world (how do you think other proud people around the world feel when you, or a US president says that?) Yet we are embarrassingly stupid people. We are blind to the most obvious disconnect between what is claimed and what actually is. Our health care industry has so obviously been completely taken over by profit driven parties yet we allow our leaders to continue this farce. We watch medical costs climb yet we ask not who is raising the prices and what exactly is costing so much? American pride has blinded this nation to almost all of reality. Words need not match facts or history. The flag remains religiously draped over the eyes of our nation as the people continue eat the rancid garbage that is fed to them daily.

SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER? Here is one thought...When a country is established, one of the first things it does is set up an organized militia, or military. Why? To protect the people from harm and keep them safe from those who would seek to harm them. Well, isn't that the mission of the true medical professional? Shouldn't the nation set up a national medical establishment that dedicates itself to the well being of the citizens, to protect their lives, just like the military? I think it should. We should have a health care "foundation", not industry.

If the "health care" industry was really about health care...the people would want it to serve them to their best ability. The people would want all the brilliant minds to work together to combine efforts for maximum results. We would not want to have to speculate about guarded secrets and hidden cures that may interfere with profits. Could you imagine what could be accomplished if all of the medical professionals combined efforts? This can be said for lots of things, not just health care!

A real health care foundation would also protect us by objecting to the things that harm us in the first place. They would fight against pollution, nuclear power, food DNA manipulation, messing with our planet and eco-systems. They would very simply care for our health. And by the way, it would not be an would be a foundation of society, as it should be.

And any real health care foundation would stand wholeheartedly against a government taking part in any type of bio-weapons programs where threats to life on earth could be accidentally or purposely set loose on civilization.

The goal of a real health care foundation would be to keep people out of hospitals, off medications and free of their medical problems. The American system however, thrives on the sick, and needs more customers all the time. It's a bad model for the citizens, a good model for the business owners.

It is just a shame that Americans have been conditioned for generations to shut down their own critical thinking mechanisms and simply accept supposed truths (or nonsense), from authority figures. You can thank religion for that  - for it is the first and foremost tool in the destruction of critical thinking, conditioning your mind to accept all truth from some designated authority, regardless of how little reality supports that "truth."

What is obvious is that Americans can not see the obvious. And because of that they have in large part become their own worst enemies, supporting those who use and abuse them, simply because their authority figures convince them that all is well. Well is time to see reality for what it is...and finally realize that the authority figures you trust are simply the owners of the businesses for which you are the unwitting customer.

Think about it.
Jesse Richard - Founder,

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