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The Japanese Learned Nothing From Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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You would think that the only nation to actually learn first hand about the potential horrors of nuclear power would be insightful enough to realize that nuclear energy and life on Earth cannot coincide. You would think that the nation that suffered not once, but twice from the direct results of nuclear energy unleashed by human technology, would be first to understand the risks associated with this unnecessary evil.

Of course money trumps logic, so the profits made by the nuclear energy industry speak louder than the combined experience of the victims of the premier example of what happens when a society's technology advances faster than it's intelligence.

For the price of building a nuclear power plant, supplying it with expensive nuclear fuel and disposing of its eternally dangerous waste, we could probably put solar panels on every home and building on the grid. Maybe then, smaller traditional power plants would be sufficient to fill the rest of any region's power requirements. Maybe then, even wind power would provide enough energy to supplement the electrical requirements for average cities.

But we live in a world where rich capitalist idiots like those in the US, who would rather use nuclear power than wind power because the wind turbines spoil their view of Long Island Sound and reduce their property values. I wonder if they ever consider how a nuclear meltdown at the Indian Point Power Plant would effect those same property values?

I feel for the Japanese people. If any nation in the world can deal with this tragedy with dignity and efficiency it is Japan. They are a proud and honorable people. But this tragedy should not be happening. It was a risk starting at its very conception and, in my opinion, nuclear power was an option that should never have been discussed, let  alone implemented multiple times, each time increasing the risks to so many..

Well, you play with fire...and you get burned.

This little child of a man, with my innocent, "can't we all get along" view of the world, can not for the life of me understand why the people who know more about the potential horrors of nuclear energy built nuclear power plants on their earthquake prone, nuclear bomb scarred nation. I just don't get it. Think about it.

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