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The Last Racketeers - Epilogue

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Back in 1933, an authentic American hero in every possible sense of that word stepped in to rescue the nation from traitors plotting to pull it all down -- Constitution, Bill of Rights, dreams of the Founders, everything, all of us, every last bit of it.

The traitors here were bankers, financiers, moneyed interests. An ocean away, their German peers advanced their own man to the front of the feed trough:  Adolph Hitler, by name.

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The Last Racketeers - Part 3

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"War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious," wrote two-star, Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler in 1935.  He was a two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, and rescuer of the United States from overthrow by fascist bankers and financiers.

The Racket continues.  War is such a profitable plaything for capitalists, all the high priests of the monetary system agree:  Can't wait for the next one, can't wait for the next spree! They are never careful what they wish for; no need -- their hands cover all the controls.

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The Last Racketeers - Part 2

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In his 1935 book, "War is a Racket," USMC Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler observed how commercial interests were too-well served by warfare.  He noted his own position in that machine:  "... I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism."

Definition, one of many around:  Racket - An illegal enterprise carried on for profit.

To help your contemplative workload, it would be easier to ask you to consider some facet of life in the last 50 or so years that was not a racket.  Public, political, business -- everywhere, rackets. The noise of making money.  The noise of humans, alive:  What racket you in?

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The Last Racketeers - Part 1

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Meet someone worthy of as much awe, respect, admiration, and allegiance as it is possible for mere mortals to muster:  Marine Corps Major General Smedley D. Butler. He was under fire 120 or so times, and won the Congressional Medal of Honor -- twice.

Butler also stepped in to save this nation, first-handed, and personally, from slipping into the cesspool of fascism at the hands of scheming, traitorous bankers and financiers who had plotted to overthrow the United States government and take over power in a coup.

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Don't Trust Your Drawers.

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The last unexplored frontier, along with space, is the junk drawer.  There may be six or seven here, but, it could be eight by now, the way these untrustworthy things self-replicate.

Some drawers have better tales to relay. Two showed up that were worth a recounting:  one involved lost jewelry worth millions; the other, priceless fossils collected by Darwin.  Some junk drawer.

Hereabouts, for some reason, it's all electrical tape, in dribs and drabs, spits and starts of it, on short-length, beat-up, battered old rolls.  Pens that don't work -- clicker or ink.  Some paperclips, a few pushpins, some thumbtacks, oddball and interesting bottlecaps, a couple of flaking "emergency-use-only" wine bottle corks.  A couple of pennies, some rubber bands -- elastics, if you please, if you're from, or on, the East Coast.

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