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Alex Baer

Checking Our Scripts and Our Voices

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The play may already be over.  In fact, it could have been over the moment you were born, before you had a thought in your head, before you learned how to read.  Everything we say, mere window dressing, just so much air we shove around.

This is more meditation on that nature-nurture, chicken-and-egg, which-caused-what business.

Low-intelligence children, it is said, are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults, according to one study at Brock University in Ontario.  There's more operating here -- and, a cycle, at that.

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Social Security: Some Birthday -- or Bash

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It was for $22.54, that first Social Security check, issued 72 years ago today -- January 31, 1940 -- to Ida May Fuller.  It was check number 00-000-001.  It was a long time ago, as time is reckoned here.

Some anniversary, some birthday.  Leave it to Republicans, it'll be a "Birthday Bash,"  all right -- just leave out the "Birthday."

If Republicans have their way, the agency will become a privatized corporation.  Those of us who have experienced less-than-humane treatment at the hands of health insurance companies, for example, those beacons of private, for-profit enterprises, know that profit must, will, and does occur no matter what -- no matter who's hurt.

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Make Sense for Just Pennies a Day!

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Nothing much has been said about a vanishing species peculiar to our country.  It once had a formidable range, swept the countryside in vast numbers.  It was valued not just for its hide, but, for what it made us all seek.  We are speaking of Facts now, about the few still left.

Oh, sure -- we still have blizzards of chatter, clouds of electronic bees stinging us this way and that, turning and spinning us, hither and -- yawn!  Oh, my, this is dull, perhaps, but it's a murder investigation, too .  See:  Facts got booted from the national car, while it was in motion, and Facts got all roughed up and rumpled, then left for dead in a ditch.  Facts deserved better than that.

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The Great Unknown: the Musical

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It's the easiest thing in the world, feeling twitchy and empty and hollow after listening to, or just watching, what passes for newscasts -- enduring all the blowhards, all the posers and hosers. You can feel like nothing's much left of you but a sack of moist sawdust, and a ripped one, at that.

If you are in the market for recommendations at a time like this, here's an easy one to do:  Turn your life's car keys over to Google for a bit, or whatever search engine you use -- step on the "go" button, turn out for a ride on the electron highway, tool around for a while, see what you can find.

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People vs. Volcanoes: Place Your Bets

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If you have a good bearing, know of human nature, and want to pick up some quick cash, take your laptop and head to the nearest Republican watering hole -- one with wifi -- and chat up some suits.  You're stalking big game and bar bets.

Set up your computer, going on purpose to FOX or some other right wing site, to set the mood, so everyone can see it, displayed right on the screen.  Start up some chit-chat, about good web sites to check things, places that can be trusted.  You might have to suggest some fact-based sites, so be ready to suggest some.  Once there's agreement, go to your next move.

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