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Read the stories that TV news networks forget to report! Editor’s Offer to George Bush & PNAC:
I’ll Pay for Your Vacation in Iraq or Afghanistan!

Mr. Bush,

I have heard you, your administration, members of Congress and your PR firm known as the American news media, repeat over and over how much better off the world is with Saddam Hussein deposed. I have however, yet to hear any detailed explanation or see any evidence that validates this claim.

Prior to your decision to obliterate a sovereign nation and deliver the equivalent of 10 September 11th events to the people of Iraq, the people if Iraq were not afraid to walk the streets, go to work or send their children to school. Your actions, which have resulted in the murder of thousands more civilians than all the terrorists in history combined have been capable, has made life in Iraq a living hell.

Peace workers, international aid organizations, visiting relatives and the typical Iraqi school child were relatively safe to live their lives. As a result of your invasion they are not. Iraq was not a free society by any means, and there were many atrocities committed by Saddam, but let’s not forget that we did not invade Iraq to free anyone, we invaded Iraq to “protect our freedom!” (Perhaps the funniest claim of the decade!)

As a citizen, I am fed up with you and your cabal making claims that you do not back up. I am offering you a chance to back up your own words. Here is my offer:

    Out of my personal funds, I will pay for a vacation trip to Iraq or to Afghanistan, for any one of the people listed below. I have been out of work for 2 years, thanks to the wonderful Bush economy that sent my job overseas, but I will scrounge and borrow if I have to, in order to carry through on this offer. I am sure my readers will help finance this effort as well.


  • The person(s) taking the tip must travel there by making arrangements through a domestic, non military or government, travel industry agent.
  • The person(s) will not be permitted to carry any weapons or anything that can be used as a weapon. Body armor will not be permitted on persons or vehicles used to travel
  • The person(s) making the trip will be subject to any and all domestic travel security procedures including strip searches if necessary.
  • There can be no escort or any type of security provided, government or private, American or other.
  • A standard hotel room will be provided, outside any secure location, among the general population. There will be no security at this hotel other than the standard security, as provided during normal hotel operation.
  • No special services will be provided. If there are outages in electricity or water, you will have to make due.
  • You will receive water & meals that are similar in quantity, taste, quality and sanitary value as those provided to our active military in the region.
  • No special treatment or privileges will be granted.
  • If the person(s) traveling are mistakenly picked up in security sweeps and taken to a holding facility, they will be granted the same rights and they will receive the same treatment as others held in that facility.
  • A press release will be made prior to your trip, making public your travel itinerary.
  • Other stipulations may apply. I reserve the right to set the rules if I am paying for the trip.

Eligible Persons:


  • For George Bush and Dick Cheney, this offer extends to any nation on the planet, including America. I will pay for a 1 week vacation for either of you in our own country. The above stipulations apply. If the world is so much safer with you in charge, let’s see you try to test that claim in your own home land.

If the world is so safe, prove it. Personally, I think the world has to be made safe FROM you, not BY you. Remember, you couldn’t even protect us from the September 11th attacks, if they were attacks;-) Right Dick?

Jesse -Editor.

  • Please help fund these trips! Donate here!
  • WHY GEORGE W. BUSH IS THE WORLD’S LEADING TERRORIST! - Is there any doubt at all that the Bush administration committed acts of terrorism when it unlawfully used force and violence against the nation of Iraq to intimidate and coerce its government and the civilian population, in furtherance of the Bush/PNAC political and social objectives.
  • Dr. Bush’s Botched Surgery - Treating a Tumor with a Pitchfork - The Bush/PNAC team chose to remove a tumor from a fairly stable patient. They opted to use a pitchfork, not a scalpel. Their “shock and awe” stabbing motions caused massive bleeding, extensive structural damage to the body and resulted in an uncontrollable array of post operative infections that are rapidly spreading in the region and the world. The tumor was not removed. It disappeared. And far more cells are dying on a daily basis within the patient today than before the surgery.


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