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For immediate release: a new website that Exposes the American Broadcast Media’s complicity in disseminating the lies and deceptions of the George W. Bush administratioN! is a website designed to counter the dangerous misinformation and manipulation that now characterize the broadcast media in the United States.  The site was created on March 29th, 2003, as a spur-of-the-motion reaction to the founder’s growing frustration with many of the so-called media “journalists” who had evolved into a collective mouthpiece for the Bush administration. On a personal homepage, he set out to express his rage and bewilderment that more and more news was being withheld from and/or distorted for the public on a daily basis, with no apparent outrage and no available remedy. 


The original site was prepared in just two and a half hours – and focused on three major points: First, it exposed and documented the lies and misrepresentations of the Bush administration to which the media were complicit by refusing to challenge even one.  Second, it set forth a plan of action that could counter the propaganda techniques of the White House spokespersons, and revitalize an opposition that would be able to respond to their deceptive strategies and tactics.  And third, the site hoped to organize an email campaign by which people could demand truth and accuracy from four respected news anchors. 


Almost immediately, comments and articles that had been posted about the Corporate Media were republished on a variety of established and reputable sites on the Internet. Within a few days, the response was so overwhelming that it became necessary to expand the site’s capacity and obtain the current domain name of  As a result of the overwhelming response to his efforts, the founder formed a nonprofit 501(3)(c) corporation, TVNL, LTD.,  in order to officially pursue this vital mission.  As of June, 2003,, the site has had more than 100,000 visitors and has been linked and posted around the world. E-mail response has been enormously supportive, and includes constant requests to copy and use the material on the site.


TvNewsLies now has grown into a comprehensive source of information and activism.  The site includes:

·   A clear explanation of how the TV news media has transformed into the “professional wrestling of the journalism world,” and has taken on the role of infomercial for the Bush administration.

·   Explanations of how to identify the deceptive techniques used by the media so that the public is less susceptible to media manipulation.

·   Several plans of action and free download materials to remedy the problem and helps the viewer to.

·   Detailed reviews of major media outlets and personalities; a consumer’s guide to broadcast news, complete with specific indications of deception for each.

·   Links to reliable alternative news sources.

·   News items ignored, distorted or misrepresented by American broadcast news; sorted by category; updated daily.

·   Observations and analysis of individual news items as well as how the media represents these items.

·   Distractions Du Jour; a list of news topics that dominate American news coverage and the vital stories that remain untold.

·   Free discussion forums for all to participate in.

·   Documented commentary on vital issues facing our world.


The bottom line is this:  if the public knew what was really taking place in this country, there would be tremendous outrage and protest.  Most people, however, know what they know by listening to TV news, on which they rely for accurate information.  They have been betrayed.  The broadcast media are owned by the corporations that finance and support this administration.  They tell the people only what the White House wants them to know.  This has to stop, or democracy and dissent will die a not so slow yet agonizing death. is dedicated to restoring integrity and honor to broadcast journalism, and giving the airways back to the people of this country. – Helping to bring the truth to the people.  Educating the people on and protecting them from media deception. Providing access to information, plans for activism, insight and understanding. Promoting tolerance, understanding and public awareness of the issues. TVNL, LTD. June 2003. Contact:


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