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One Nation, Divisible - Mar-2004
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….in today's telecommunications environment, there is no excuse for an uninformed electorate. These new technologies present one additional means by which voters can become fully informed of political issues and candidates' views.  - Tim Penny

There’s no excuse for an uninformed electorate!  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  After all, 98% of American households have at least one TV set!  Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? After all, we live in a technological wonderland, in which important news just flows into more than 100,800,000 homes every single day!  Seems so simple, doesn’t’ it? After all, we simply click the remote, select the network, and become fully informed voters. No muss, no fuss, no bother.  Yeah, right!

Fact is: much of the American electorate is less informed than ever before in history.  Fact is: on the brink of the must crucial presidential election in recent history, less truth has been told to the American public than ever before in our history.  Fact is: There are those who know, and those who don’t.  Fact is: There are those who know, and those who think they know.  Fact is: only months before American voters go to the polls, we are facing an abysmal information divide.

In a more ordinary time, that might have been unfortunate. In a less crucial time, it might not have mattered so terribly. But in these perilous times it is absolutely frightening that so many people believe the propaganda that the Rove machine has spewed out for three and half years.  It is absolutely alarming that so many people have been taken in by the repeated lies told by George Bush, Dick Cheney, and their cohorts.  It is scary indeed, in this decisive time, that so many people accept so gullibly what they are told.  But it is also understandable.

The truth is that many, many Americans are part of the ‘uninformed electorate’ not because of what they WERE told, but because of what they WERE NOT told.  It is not so much that they were lied to, but that the lies were not exposed by the media, and the truth was not revealed by those who had the power, the means and the responsibility to do so. The public had no frame of reference because they relied on the media for news.  They relied on the media for information. They relied on the media, period.  Big, big mistake.

And yet, from this strange paradox comes an antidote. Print out the flyer that follows.  Get the questions out there.  Reach out to the uninformed, the undecided, and the misled, and show them what they were NOT told. Download and distribute, it might awaken someone Download and distribute, it might narrow the gap. Download and distribute, there’s still time. Surely there’s not much time, but maybe there’s just enough…...



 THE BASIS OF ANY DEMOCRACY IS AN INFORMED ELECTORATE!  HOW INFORMED ARE YOU? contends that the corporate media has deprived many American voters of important information needed to make informed choices in this crucial Presidential election.  Below are lead-ins to some of the most important news stories that were either unreported or under-reported by most of the nation’s news networks. 

See how familiar you are with 30 news stories that have been extensively reported by alternative news sites on the Internet, but not by the corporate media. Then decide whether you have been adequately informed by your news sources, and whether you are part of the informed electorate that America relies on to sustain its democracy.

Directions:  Rate each story from 1 to 5

  1. I know about this story and know most of the details
  2. I know about this story and know some of the details
  3. I know about the story but don’t know any of the details
  4. I heard something about the story but don’t have any idea what it’s about
  5. I never heard anything about this story.

THE STORIES                                                                                                           RATING


  1. Dick Cheney sued by GOA, Sierra Club and Judicial Watch.                       ______
  2. Dick Cheney refuses to reveal information about Energy Meetings              ______
  3. PNAC members planned war on Iraq in mid nineties.                                     ______
  4. PNAC members appointed to key administrative positions                           ______
  5. Iraq war a ‘done deal’ the day after 9/11 attack                                               ______
  6. Condoleezza Rice falsely claims no one knew planes could be weapons    ______
  7. President Bush flies many in Bin Laden family to safety after 9/11                ______
  8. George Bush opposes independent investigation of 9/11                              ______
  9. George Bush opposes formation of Homeland Security Dept. for 6 months______
  10. Bush Doctrine declares right to preemptive nuclear attacks                           ______
  11. Ahmed Chalabi, accused felon, who lived in Iraq in the 1950’s to be head of new Iraqi government                                                                                                           ______
  12. Claims of Iraq nuclear plans based on forged document WMD evidence came from 12 year old paper on the Internet                                                                             ______
  13. G. Bush, Sr. lied to Congress about Iraqi troops murdering babies and amassed troops to get  war powers in First Gulf War                                                                   ______
  14. Colin Powell lies in both speeches to UN
  15. Pre-emptive strike without immediate threat is violation of UN Charter        ______
  16. Women of Iraq most liberated in Moslem world; face oppression after war ______
  17. Toppling of Saddam Statue staged by US                                                       ______
  18. Halliburton, Dick Cheney’s former employer, gets billions in unbid Iraq contracts                                                                                                              ______
  19. Iraqi Ministry of Health ordered by US to stop counting civilian deaths,  estimated to be more than 6 thousand                                                                                         ______
  20. President bars photographs of returning war dead.                                        ______
  21. Numbers and injuries of American and coalition wounded not revealed       ______
  22. President limits funds to 9/11 investigation; he and Cheney will not testify under oath, and will only answer questions by chairman for ONE hour                              ______
  23. Condoleeza Rice refuses to testify at open hearing of 9/11 Commission, and refuses to testify under oath                                                                                                 ______
  24. White House accused of leaking name of CIA operative; Bush refuses to investigate for 12 weeks; Still no answers.                                                                                ______
  25. Bush deletes dire global warming evaluation from EPA report                      ______
  26. Bush to continue use of land mines; refuses to sign treaty                              ______
  27. David Kay admits there were no WMD’s.                                                         ______
  28. US distorted Al Qaeda link                                                                                ______
  29. Kurdish forces captured Saddam; left him for US troops                                ______
  30. Bush first US president to need protection abroad                                          ______


                                                                                                                 TOTAL           _______ 


Familiarity with these important news stories can range from a HIGHLY INFORMED score of 30 to and totally UNINFORMED score of 150. The higher the score, the LESS INFORMED is the voter.   For example, a total near 75 suggests that the voter knows only about HALF of what is needed to make in informed decision!

Please share this with other potential voters. Decide whether you and they have the information you need on which to base your decision at the polls in November. If you do, you are the cornerstone of American democracy.  If not, consider why.  Have you been exposed to these stories by your news sources?  Or, is your news being selectively reported to slant your opinions? 

You have the RIGHT to be informed!  You also have the responsibility to become informed. The fate of our nation depends on an informed electorate. Americans must go to the polls equipped with information that is reliable and complete.  Once voters become aware of the perils of our information divide, there can be no excuse for an uninformed electorate.  No excuse at all! 





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