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A weekly funny!

Strange Breed's weekly cartoon 

Too funny to delete!:   Another funny from Mary K! This is a real tag piece of an item that was made in the US, as found at a store in France.  The label has the washing instructions in English. Then below that, it has the same instructions in French, with the added 3 lines:

NOTE: From Catherine (Forum member): It turns out that this garment is made by BIHN CLOTHING, located in Washington and California. In spite of threatened boycotts by neoconservatives, they've been doing so well since news of this came out that they've put the label on a t-shirt. - Proceeds from the sales go to a national homeless veterans' charity.


To cool to delete!:


June 22: I had to leave this up! 4s are wild! She weighs 4 ounces, she has 4 toes on each of her hand/feet, and today is her 4th birthday! She’s my little girl, Doolie! Yey! - Jesse, editor,


Her favorite place



Past smiles: (Special thanks to Eva for all her contributions!)

  • Which came first, chicken or the egg...or the mouse? Click here!
  • You’ve gotta know when to hold em, know when to show then know when to walk away, and in this case...know when to run! Click here!
  • Am I wrong, or is there trouble on the horizon here? Click here!
  • Happy birthday 2005! Click here!
  • What do you think he is in for? Click here!
  • Does this dog have spotted fever? Click here!
  • Must have been at the office holiday party! Click here!
  • Maybe this is why my parrot is so crazy...too much coffee! Click here!
  • Computers really changed everything! Click here!
  • Cat food. Click here!
  • Wrong place at the wrong time! Click here!
  • Over indulged on Thanksgiving! Click here!
  • Meet my spell checker! Click here!
  • Convenient cat travel pack. Click here!
  • The only thing missing is the remote control! Click here!
  • Another TvNewsLIES staff member? Click here!
  • Meet part of the staff! Click here!
  • Want’s to be a lion! Click here!
  • Must be an Easter basket! Click here!
  • Reacting to the election results! Click here!
  • Meet our new editor! Click here!
  • If my Mom had a parrot, this would be the daily scene! Click here!
  • I just picture him saying “I am Count Dracula!” Click here!
  • A little sleep, a little static! Click here!
  • It would be a better world if they were in charge! Click here!
  • New species of plant? Click here!
  • A typical American male in the making! Click here!
  • We said litter box, not litter basket! Click here!
  • They are actually battery operated! Click here!
  • Should try eating only at Subway! Click here!
  • All those Aflak commercials drove him to drink! Click here!
  • Bit off more than the could chew! Click here!
  • Could this be Mork from Ork? Click here!
  • Puss-in-boots - Click here!
  • Hmm! I am not sure what to make of this. Click here!
  • They heard about catnaps, so they thought they would try it out! Click here!
  • No worse than watching TV news! Click here!
  • Can you tell that they just had an argument? Click here!
  • Unfair thumb wrestling. Click here!
  • Waiting for the next football draft. Click here!
  • Another shot of Radar O’Reilly’s cat! Click here!
  • Sweet dreams:-) Click here!
  • My family has tried very hard to teach my dad to use a computer! Click here!
  • Take 2 mice and call me in the morning. Click here!
  • Happy together - Click here!
  • Hot dog? No, cool dog! Click here!
  • And the TV is probably still on! Click here!
  • Which isn’t a toy? Click here!
  • Where to put kitty litter. Click here!
  • I know it doesn’t fit, but I want it! Please! Can I have it? Click here!
  • A Strictly timed cat nap! Click here!
  • Catching the last few rays of summer! Click here!
  • This is why they make closets! Click here!
  • Brett Favre’s dog? Click here!
  • Camera shy.  Click here!
  • Also has his own slippers and bath robe. Click here!
  • Dog food? Click here!
  • Cat storage. Click here!
  • Drunk on dairy! Click here!
  • Talk about fantasy football! Click here!
  • Cloning in the camel world? Click here!
  • Not going anywhere soon? Click here!
  • If my nose is not returned, there is going to be serious trouble! Click here!
  • Does not believe in that saying about the hair of the dog! Click here!
  • The three on the bottom are slipper models. Click here!
  • Internet dating? Click here!
  • Please, no autographs. Click here!
  • Space saver dog. Click here!
  • You heard of puss-in-boots? Now meet puss-in-pocket. Click here!
  • Innovation! Click here!
  • Just married. Click here!
  • This is just wrong.  Click here!
  • The game is called “duck duck goose” not “ dog dog duck!” Click here!
  • Ready for the Olympics? Click here!
  • A scene from the feline version of the Matrix. Click here!
  • Good thing that the toilet lid was down! Click here!
  • You should see the tooth fairy! Click here!
  • Go ahead, try to tease me with that string now! Click here!
  • Desperately trying to attract attention from Anna Kournikova. Click here!
  • You have to see this movie! Click here!
  • The TVNL Daily Smile mascot? Click here!
  • They are invading! Click here!
  • Why dogs should not eat pasta. Click here!
  • Birthday wish: “I want my dignity back”! Click here!
  • Not quite Victoria’s Secrets! Click here!
  • Not quite the Iditarod. Click here!
  • How did you sneak into this lineup?  Click here!
  • How to clean up kitty litter. Click here!
  • Obviously desperate for fish! Click here!
  • Honey, does your coffee taste bunny, I mean funny, I mean bunny? Click here!
  • On Halloween they went as sheep. Click here!
  • The worlds largest flea! Click here!
  • Probably reading “Escaping From Mousetraps For Dummies!” Click here!
  • Proving that we all can get along! Click here!
  • Do you ever find hair in your food? Here is one reason why: Click here!
  • Born to snuggle! Click here!
  • Brothers? Click here!
  • Even Pumpkinbelly the cat is shocked at the state of the media! Click here!
  • What the heck? Click here!
  • You never seen them like this until after the wedding! Click here!
  • Doc Holiday, meet Dog Holiday! Click here!
  • See, we can all get along! Click here!
  • Ready for the beach this weekend! Click here!
  • Probably a fan of the Grateful Dead! Click here!
  • Behind the scenes as the TvNewsLIES daily news letter gets prepared. Our editor waits patiently for the latest news. Click here!
  • I wonder if they are decaffeinated? Click here!
  • I am guessing that he is a musician. Click here!
  • Will work for food. Click here!
  • Oh yeah?...Yeah! Click here!
  • Will that be paper or plastic? Click here!
  • I think we know who is in charge of this relationship! Click here!
  • Maybe some decaff would be a better option! Click here!
  • I guess you can call him a Pooper Hero! Click here!
  • These guys have been terrorizing my parrot! Click here!
  • This is just plain silly! Look closely. Click here!
  • Not if he only cleaned windows!!! Click here!
  • Probably inspired by the movie Caddyshack! Click here!
  • The winter Olympics are 2 years from now but it never hurts to practice! Click here!
  • Some of us shampoo and condition our hair, some of us water and fertilize our hair!  Click here!
  • What your cat does when you are not home! Click here!
  • Lovable ham! Click here!
  • Where is the remote control? Click here!
  • Finally a rodeo that is not cruel to the animals! Click here!
  • It almost looks like a mask! Click here!
  • The term is “cat burglar” not “cat burger!” Click here!
  • Product of a mixed marriage! Click here!
  • What, you never saw a freshly washed conure? Click here!
  • Talk about a bad hair day! He can use a vacuuming, a washing, a cut, a rinse, and I am not sure even all that would help! Click here!
  • You think it’s easy being a duck? Training starts early in life! Click here!
  • Improving on nature. Click here!
  • Up close you are not so pretty! Click here!
  • How are we going to get all these spots off of us? Click here!
  • Just a lazy Sunday! Click here!
  • Now THAT’S teamwork! Click here!
  • If they can get along we can all get along! Click here!
  • Determination! Click here!
  • Does your pet measure up? Here is you find out. Click here!
  • The stress even gets to the editor of this site! Click here!
  • You wanna start something? Click here!
  • I have to get one of those mirrors! Click here!
  • The element of surprise! Click here!
  • Who needs stuffed  animals? Click here!
  • Just Awwww - Click here!
  • Innovation at its best! Click here!
  • This just might be worse than those silly white poodle hairdos! Click here!
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks better start tuning out some hard rock tunes if they are to keep the new crop of rodent fans! Click here!
  • Now she won’t have to dry her hair! Click here!
  • Isn’t it supposed to be “duck duck GOOSE?” Click here!
  • Want’s to be a fireman when he grows up. He is practicing sliding down the firehouse pole! Click here!
  • The hair dye cost was just too much so he let it all grow out! Click here!
  • They preferred this to a spin in the dryer. Click here!
  • We brought “democracy” to  Borneo. Now look! they have “freedom!” Click here!
  • Not quite the most intelligent looking creature! Click here!
  • “PLEASE don’t take me to the dog run like this!” Click here!
  • Here is a scene from the new American Idol series that is being produced for the Animal Planet network. Click here!
  • You can almost hear the snoring! Click here!
  • Fabio’s lesser know out of shape  brother, perhaps? Same hairdresser! Click here!
  • Itchy feet? Maybe you are suffering from athlete’s cat? What causes that you ask?. Click here!
  • Evolution is in full gear! Animals are truly evolving! Click here!
  • Having a bad hair day and needs some coffee! Click here!
  • I’ve got a bone to pick with you! Click here!
  • Hip hop hopper! Click here!
  • Another one from Eva... Is this a gremlin? Click here!
  • It’s not quite a hammock, but it will have to do! Click here!
  • Bigsly was surrounded by April fools! Make that year round fools! Click here!
  • Wally thought that he could make it rich by having his family appear in toothpaste commercials! Here you see one of their promo shots. We wish him luck! Click here!
  • The Australian Olympic bobsled team is at a great competitive disadvantage! Click here! (Wait for it, it takes a while to load)
  • Controversy is already brewing regarding the Olympics. The Chinese entry for the clean and jerk is suspected of taking steroids. The Chinese are denying this claim! Click here!
  • Let’s get this straight once and for all! We don’t wear graduation caps, we don’t use monocles and we don’t eat potato chips! Got it? Click here!
  • Did I mention that I play the guitar? Click here!
  • After finding out that he was a bird he was determined to take flight! Click here!
  • Charlie finally found a way to battle those high gas prices! I am not sure if everyone was happy with the solution however. Click here!
  • Few people know about the inventions of Henry Ford’s great grandfather who helped tame the wild west. Click here!
  • I think a set of boots may be more appropriate! Click here!
  • No caption needed. Just pleanty of smiles on this page! Click here!
  • The proud fearsome German Shepherd sure misses the glory days of his breed, before the advent of pet stores! Click here!
  • The CIA should recruit this innovative genius! Click here!
  • I suppose this brings into question the notion that every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day. Click here!
  • Boris was very outspoken about his pesonal likes and dislikes. Click here!
  • When Phil held up his middle finger to Charlie during an argument he had no idea that Charlie has such a bad temper! Click here!
  • With the economy the way it is we could not afford to protect our valuables with a guard dog, so we had to settle for a different less costly deterrent! Click here!
  • The person who created this photo compilation is the target of a class action lawsuit. The caste states that the image is an unprovoked attack on chimps all over the world. The chips claim that it is insulting, derogatory and cruel to be depicted in such an offensive manner. They are seeking compensation for emotional trauma. Click here!
  • Barney tried to intimidate us by flexing his muscles, but I think his overall height and weight disadvantage is too much to overcome! Click here!
  • After several weeks of flirting via e-mail, James finally met his cyber date. Needles to say he will be suing shortly. Click here!
  • Sometimes it is just nice to mellow out with a loved one! Click here!
  • Taking a hint from Flopsy and Mopsy (see past smiles), Henry Hare decided that hopping was too old fashion. Here he is taking his family out in style! Click here!
  • Wally just laid there dreaming of the day he would have enough money for that great hammock! Click here!
  • Flopsy and Mopsy eventually realized that hopping was not the most efficient form of transportation. Click here!
  • After placing his toupee on him his mother carefully reattached his head to his little body. Click here!
  • We hope your weekend is as pleasant and peaceful as this image is! Click here!
  • After returning from New Orleans Myra was shocked to find out that she will be featured in the next Girls Gone Wild video, lifting up her shirt for some free beads! Click here!
  • After weeks of complaining about my mother’s sauce my dad finally found out what the problem was! Click here!
  • Who made this comfortable thing, a big spider? Click here!
  • Forget the Cat in the Hat, here is the Cat IS the Hat! Click here!
  • Even though Wally was not able to graduate with honors from herding school he was very proud of his performance during his final practical exam. Click here!
  • Little Whiskers did not hold it against the men of the house if they left the seat up. It didn’t make much of a difference to her anyway! Click here!
  • Here we see little Rusty resting after taking 2nd place in an exhausting knitting endurance contest. Click here!
  • Another exciting day in the hectic lives of Claud and Martha. Click here!
  • Fluffy was confused when saw who the warden selected as his new cell mate Click here!
  • Cloning is still an imperfect science! Click here!
  • This might be the bravest cat in the world! Click here!
  • I tell you, if I had my contact lenses with me she would have given me her number! Click here!
  • No worries! Sweet dreams. Click here!
  • Once’s a “bird” in the hand that is worth 2 in the bush! Click here!
  • Like the tutrle said...the saying is about a “bird” in the hand being worth 2 in the bush! Click here!
  • It frustrated Mumphry to realize that he had no way of telling his capture that the saying was about a “bird” in the hand being worth 2 in the bush! Click here!
  • 24....37...22....HIKE! Click here!
  • As he prepared for his upcoming thumb wrestling competition Kermit Jr. couldn’t help but think to himself that he may have overestimated his chances of winning! Click here!
  • It’s amazing how popular Budweiser beer is! Click here!
  • We would all sleep better if we had our own guardian sheep looking over us! Click here!
  • Being the Yoda of the amphibians brings a devilish grin to the Lord of the Lilly Pad! Click Here!
  • Um, well, this is a, wait maybe it’s not,  but it looks like, oh, you decide! Click Here!
  • This is not what we thought they meant when they said it was an animal hospital! Click Here!
  • Life is so easy for some! Click here!
  • When not posing for a photo this cat is actually quite intelligent looking! Click here!
  • An answer to an old question. Does a bear, you know what,. in the woods? Click here!
  • It’s kind of a catch 22. The fall may kill him but the alternative does not look to promising! Click here!
  • He is quite angry that there is no salsa at the table She on the other hand is trying to ignore him as she finishes her entree. Click here!
  • Me and my mommy! Click here!
  • Next time don’t ask the barber for the “Art Garfunkle” cut! Click here!
  • It’s a good thing they didn’t use a trackball! Click here!
  • Happiness is: Click here!
  • So close, yet so far! Click here!
  • Eeek! I don’t know if this is a funny or scary! Click here!
  • Nice pants! Click here!
  • Um, waiter...we ordered 3 bowls of food, not one! Cick Here!
  • Click Here!
  • Click here!
  • Click Here!
  • Click Here!
  • Click Here!
  • Click Here!
  • Click here!
  • Click here!

This is my little friend Doolie. She is 3 years old now. She rings like a cell phone, beeps like a microwave oven, makes kissing sounds, hates computer keyboards and will attack any hands that touch them and she is a proficient paper shredder. She knows that she is not permitted on the couch so she waits patiently until I am not looking before she takes here daily trip there. She makes me smile every day.


  • Parrot's oratory stuns scientists - The finding of a parrot with an almost unparalleled power to communicate with people has brought scientists up short.  - The bird, a captive African grey called N'kisi, has a vocabulary of 950 words, and shows signs of a sense of humour.



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