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9/11 Truth Calling Oprah!
An Appeal from

For more than five years now, the entire mainstream corporate news media apparatus has been controlled by a handful of behind-the-scene power brokers.  In all that time there has been a total blackout on any mention, never mind discussion, of the truth behind the events of 9/11.

Despite their credibility and expertise, high-powered and extremely convincing voices of truth have been denied access to the public via the mainstream media.  In the years following the attacks of 9/11, a significant number of knowledgeable people have attempted to alert the nation about the mountain of evidence that has been unearthed by their investigations, and which shoots large holes in the ‘official’ version of events sold to an unsuspecting and unquestioning public.

These people include former Bush administration officials, CIA analysts, FBI whistleblowers, scholars, academics, theologians and eye witnesses to the events of that tragic day.  Not one of these people has been allowed to present his or her individual and collective conclusions that the Bush administration was either totally negligent or fully complicit or in the events of 9/11.

The media blacklisting of any and all members of the independent 9/11 truth community, no matter how impressive his or her credentials, has resulted in widespread ignorance of the huge number of anomalies and inconsistencies in the official version. No questions have been allowed to be raised, and not one shred of evidence that refutes the official version has been presented to the viewing or reading public anywhere but on the Internet.

Recent events, however, suggest that there may be a breach in this wall of silence.  It seems that the only way for the 9/11 truth movement to attract the attention of the public is for well-known individuals in the entertainment arena to come forward and demand the truth.

Sad but true, a large number of Americans believe nothing until they see it on TV! There can be no question about the enormous influence and effect of television broadcasting on public opinion, a very frightening fact in these troubled and dangerous times. It was exactly for that reason that I created and dedicated these past years to exposing the lies and deception emanating from our broadcast news industry.  And that is why I now am calling for help from one of TV’s most popular and respected performers.

Last week we witnessed a five-cent example of how the single TV appearance of a well-known performer, a celebrity if you will, could initiate a terribly important word-of-mouth grass roots movement. The support of one show-biz personality helped the 9/11 research community gain more attention than the efforts of hundreds of less famous people who have been trying for years to gain access to the corporate media.

Last week Charlie Sheen became a legend. He became the first celebrity (to attract the attention of the corporate media) to risk all to ask the common sense questions that formed in his mind when he examined the 9/11 crime scene evidence. Sheen’s brief appearance on CNN’s Show Biz Tonight showed how millions of Americans could be made aware of the convincing and damning evidence that has been hidden from them for years by our corporate criminal media.

Predictably, Mr. Sheen soon became a prime target of people who make the illogical argument that a valid message is not to be accepted if it arrives in even a mildly tainted envelope. As compelling as Mr. Sheen's comments and observations are, there will always be those who ignore his words even as they follow the Sean Hannity illogic of shooting the messenger when you can not defeat the message.

Sorry Charlie, - you will always be a hero to me for your efforts, but what we really need now is a Charlie Sheen heart and head in a bulletproof package.  And I think I know who that package is.

I submit to my fellow 9/11 truth seekers and truth bearers that our effort to alert the public will be victorious if Oprah Winfrey gets on board. If we could convince Oprah to provide a platform for presenting the information that is in our possession, we’ll have it made. Oprah has been a champion for so many for so long that we can only hope that she has just half the courage and sense of duty of our new hero, Charlie Sheen.

Oprah Winfrey is the closest thing our generation has to a Walter Cronkite outside the news field. Her credibility and popularity are unmatched. Her words will ring loudly and people pay close attention to her program.  And she comes without an iota of challengeable baggage.

Therefore, I am suggesting that a powerful, focused effort be made to inform Ms. Oprah Winfrey of the piles of evidence that give lie to the official story of 9/11.  I also suggest that we try to convince this very powerful woman to use her show as a format for that evidence to be presented to the viewing public.

This has to be done carefully. The effort can backfire if a poorly planned, incoherent or unconvincing presentation is made to Ms. Winfrey who can place a nail in the coffin of the truth movement as quickly as she can blow the lid off of the suppression we have experienced.

For starters, here is what I would do if I were to make a presentation to Oprah Winfrey:

  1. I would ask her what she would think if she had a guest on her show whose child had been raped and the following had taken place:  A neighbor of the child had written about the need to hire more local police, but had also written that the only way the people in the neighborhood would agree to that would be if there were a crime such as the rape of a child in the neighborhood! What if it also turned out that this neighbor had a long, complex connection to child molesters and it turned out he had vouched for several child molesters so that they could move into the neighborhood. Then I would ask her if she would seriously consider the possibility of that person’s involvement in the crime?
  2. I would then explain that this is exactly what happened on 9/11 when the members of PNAC, who wrote about the need for a "new Pearl Harbor" were running drills on 9/11 after George W. Bush had called off all investigations into the Bin Laden family and Al Qaeda.
  3. Next, I would implore her to watch the Second Edition of Dylan Avery's DVD, Loose Change.  If that doesn’t do it, nothing will. 

At this point, unless she has been compromised by the power elite of this nation, Oprah’s own intelligence and humanity would come into play.  She could not possibly ignore the evidence if were to be presented to her properly.  Then, if she chose to use her incredible power and public integrity, Oprah most probably could be the straw to break the back of the 9/11 cover story. She owns the forum that can bring inordinate attention to this topic. Exposure of the evidence on her show could encourage millions of people to have serious doubts about what they have been told by their government, and to demand answers to the questions that have been raised about the worst attack on our nation in history.

I truly believe that the evidence is so powerful that it will speak for itselfBut it has to have an avenue to reach the people of this nation, all of whom have a right to see it and draw their own conclusions.

The ultimate goal would be for Oprah Winfrey to dedicate a week of programming to the evidence that has been collected by the independent 9/11 truth community and that has been kept from public view for all this time.

WARNING: If a gatekeeper goes forward with this and proceeds to make an unintelligible and unconvincing case, this effort will set us back to square one. We don’t want a repeat of the scene in A Few Good Men where Demi Moore's character provokes the judge into adding credibility to the opposition’s argument. Simple is better. The message should focus on the PNAC statement, the drills taking place on that day, the collapse of Building Seven and the still-living accused hijackers. The unstoppable force created by the information flow that follows will supply its own momentum.

I am offering my services to review and coordinate a presentation to Ms. Winfrey because I know how to keep the message focused and bulletproof. We cannot afford to be distracted by minutia or a myriad of theories. The last thing we need is to talk about a suspicious flash on a wing when we have authentic videos of the collapse of a 47 story building along with a confession about its destruction by its owner.

So, to those of you who seek the truth, and to those of you who suspect the truth and to those of you who know the truth about 9/11, I ask your help. Send out an SOS to Oprah Winfrey. Imagine if she were to receive tens of thousands of requests for a series of shows that would reveal the evidence that has been accrued over these years.

Please take five minutes of your time to send a message to the Oprah Winfrey Show, and let her know that you want a show about 9/11.  And if you choose to do so, please add that I’d be happy to appear as a representative of the Truth Community.  Here’s where you can type in your suggestion for a future show:

Think about it!
Jesse - Editor, TvNews

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