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The TV News LIES Radio Show is Back! We are back on the Monks Media Radio Network!

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 Listen live on Wednesday nights at 8:00 ET.
You can call in to comment or ask questions!

"The Program CNN & FOX News Wouldn't Want You To Hear"
"It's Not What They Say...It's What They Don't Say!"

Do you trust the TV news networks?
Do you believe that talk radio keeps you well informed?
Do you think you can tell when you are being deceived?
Well, think again!

Live show is broadcast on Wednesday nights at 8:00 E.T.

Call in live! 317.565.1392

*Click here for the archive of the new show and the old show.

Listen live as Jesse Richard, the founder and editor of, the Internet authority on media deception, exposes the lies of the mainstream media. Hear the rest of the news that is conveniently omitted by our corporate news giants. Learn who the liars are and learn to spot deception!

Learn to start thinking for yourself again! Tune in and learn how to stay in tune: to reality!

You may need to have Winamp installed in order to listen. You can download it for free:

A Crisis in Journalism


Live Broadcast: Wednesday, June 24th, 8:00 PM ET.

Join us as we hear an inside perspective about American journalism from our guest, Albert Lanier. Mr. Lanier is an experienced independent journalist who believes that American journalism is in a state of crisis.

Albert Lanier has served as a freelance journalist and writer for 14 years. His work has been printed in a number of magazines and newspapers in Hawaii, California and Washington. Lanier's articles have been featured in such publications as HONOLULU WEEKLY, HAWAII magazine, PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS, ASIANWEEK and PUGET SOUND BUSINESS JOURNAL. He also serves as an occasional film critic for the film site  
Albert Lanier has recently done interviews with THE CORBETT REPORT and OUTSIDE THE BOX WITH ALEX ANSARY about his investigation of wind developer First Wind featured in HONOLULU WEEKLY.
People who want to contact Albert-either for freelance work, to schedule an interview or just share theirr insights about the media can e-mail him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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