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Jesse Richard's Commentary

Israel & the Media: The Real Anti-Semites

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Let me tell you about the real onslaught of ant-Semitism that few people seem to notice. Let me tell you about the exploitation of Jews the likes of which outweigh the anti-Semitism practiced by Hitler and the Nazis. Let me tell you about atrocities and injustices being committed while their perpetrators hide behind the word "Jews" and allow Jews around the world to take the heat, and face wrath of people they have not themselves victimized.

Let me tell you about Israel, a nation living on a false reputation and claims that are contradicted by reality and history. And let me remind you about the alarming rising tide of anti-Semitism that is targeting Jews in many countries around the globe.

First off, let's get something straight once and for all...Israel is neither a religion nor a people; it is a politically established nation. Opinions, discussions, reports, analyses or commentaries about Israel have nothing to do with "Jews," "Jewish" people or "Judaism!" Once you understand this you can now understand how anyone who stifles accurate commentary about Israel by slapping the commentator with an anti-Semitism label is using, and may I say exploiting the Jewish people by directly connecting all Jewish people with the actions of the State of Israel.

If I chose to write an article critical of Jewish people or Judaism, the words "Jewish people" or "Judaism" would be in the article. I would write about the religion, the people who follow the religion or the Jewish community in general. When I write about Israel or about something done by Israelis I am not connecting that topic to the religion of Judaism or people who identify themselves as Jews. Why is that so hard to understand?

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Clinton Intersects With Bush in Brooklyn

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Clinton Street intersects with Bush Street in Red Hook Brooklyn. I find this to be the most intriguing city planning coincidence that I have ever seen.
Is someone trying to tell us something? Some things just make you go hmmm! -Jesse Richard - Editor,
Here...see for yourself. Link
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When History Repeats

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As the inaccurately named “coalition” forces set up the new American/British capital of their new colony in Iraq, I cannot help but  reflect on the original victim of Anglo-American aggression; the Native American.

I call myself an American and I consider myself a patriot. I am grateful to have been born in America. I am grateful for the freedoms my government protects for me. My criticism of US policy is an example of my desire to correct what is wrong, prevent injustice and encourage the exploration of constructive solutions to our problems; to make this a greater nation. Yet from deep down inside of me, as if a needle were stabbing my conscience, the hypocrisy of my patriotism resounds with the question: whose freedom am I really enjoying?

Our court-appointed President speaks daily of democracy and freedom. At the  same time, he and his administration work feverishly to weaken the very democracy they tout and to eliminate the very freedoms they claim separates us from the “evil” empires of the world. While the world that has been so drastically disunited by this administration ponders the legitimacy of our invasion and occupation of Iraq, we all seem to forget that the Unites States of America is at its core an occupying force. Let us not forget whose land we occupy. Let us not forget that this land was a great nation before the “Americans” decided that they wanted it for themselves.
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